Please Help Me With A Hotel For A Week

Im raising money for myself, i started to screw up beginning of last years. And this thks year 2020 out did all the 30 years of bad luck things happen . All in less then a year. Wow come to think it less then half the year. I reaĺly hope you guys can get help me people. I im and seeking $2000 dollars. Only because i need a hotel for at least 10 business days . Till i get back pay which i got ahold of unemployment Friday and all the latter in the mailbox..but anyways i have been laid off back in the end of February. I honestly did not think this would be this long and i cant even except to start working till mid july dammit. But that is the way this year is just going for me.. but after one of my dogs ďied in march it has been so hard. But that is not your guys problems have 3 Male dogs right now. Well to sum mu story up i lost my house 2 weeks ago. And have been sleeping on an off in my car for two weeks with 3 big dogs. Not much sleep.. but as 2 of my furs babies are service dogs they dont act up much in the cars. 2 of mine sleep in the trunk right now lol not fully in the trucķ of the car. My back seats are down but thank god for Huskies to be curled up  in 2 balls and and still have so much room to fit things as my other has the hole car to wonder. But once one moves.they all have to move . Which will wake me up. 2 weeks of sleepless nights but from 6 to 11 in the morning i get to take a shower and an sleep if i can..but it sucks during the day . Wnen i needed my so called friends the most only one person has help me out and took my dogs my dogs in while everyone is was at work.. and nobody wants to have 3 dogs and a girl come live with them for a week or two Max, ⁸ but i what i still dont understand ìs dont get how people people can still let go of they're pets. And so what if its a rough a time right now. I living out of my car with 3 big dogs.. i have faith that it will change. But never give up your family. Like i have a newer dog that i got within the year sane day my day my dog died and she an she cane home to rest on April 1, 2020 . My dog came came into into this world april 1,2006 14 years ago. In and out on the same day the same day just 14 years later. Is a little strang. What is was even weirder is the same day i put my put my princess my babygirl. I saw this dog on dog on a leash with a note a note that said hello my name is sam i most likely jumped jumped out the car. Because im out of control and schedule to be put down at 3:35pm April 1 weird thing this was he was scheduled to put down. After being so seeing looking him over and talking to the vet i guess that was the 5th person that brought him back to the original owen and i dont normally just dont come out and say this but i asked if i could i can give it a try.and sure enough i opened my mouth a little to early. But as that sam was now tied up to a pole. I brought up my lab worst thing i could of done.. this dog sam i swear to you, broke his leash to came straight up hump. My my male dog. My other dog does not liķe it at all so he fights back .. knowing what sam is now capable of doing now. After letting this happen for it felt like 10 mins till someone else finally cane up and leashed him up. Thank god those 2 guys got them apart. After all said and down i decided to take him home so come to find out that the days before the passing of my princess my baby girl. She was is in heat . Worst thing i ever should of done was to get him fixed but i couldn't due to covid 19 an every hospital stop doing neutering due how many people were dumping there families and the over crowded shelters and rescues and every thing that closed for covid 19. But omg with ny 2 other dogs and keeping sam out in the back yard. And then my 2 can ì have to bring them to then to front yard while sam wants to jump the fence. Thank god that has not happrn no way in hell i can come pull offf sam i would have had to yell for the neighbors to come out. So i after that i throughout the day, i sat every day for about a week and didn't give my other 2 attention they normally dont get as they were up set that fur sure.but i have 2 days of san hanging out òn the the 3rd day i decided to i needed to try again this time with my lab which sam would kill instantly, But being that the sent of a female in heat lingers alot longer thsn i thought. But thst fact is that they i was able to go get my lab out of harms way . It was a step closer as now. Well later on in the day i said screw it and had a one of my guys so called friends came over to help what im about to do. So i put sam on 30 foot leash/rope. Tied it to a tree. And i asked san sam are u ready fir for this . Counted 1,2,3 and i opened the back sliding glass door.. go figure the my 2 i lab and malamute just go off in pair they taught to be in. So when san cane eye to eye with feeling like he wasn't on a leash they all started to stiff altogether its been amazing sense them..san only problem was besides his jumping at that time was always tired up on 6 well technically 5 foot leash everywhere he ended up. Now that had some problems getting him in side the house. But now morel of the story is never give up.. the 5 people who returned sam just didnt take the time to set and sit with him never deserved him anyways now i back to the beginning of story on April 1 2020 my princess passed away and gave sam a life worth living. Its only take that one person to change someone life . Someone please please Help me get out this cars for a little bit. Ill even pay it forward with what i have left. if guys can't reach my goal. I will still appreciated and still pay it forward please the most and On top of some of my check will be a part of it also. I will pay it forward to anyone else that will, and needs it just like you guys help me out ne an ny my dogs out of this car.. they just look like they hate it now and they are it for sure. And so am i its a dangerous world out here at night.. unless you your doing drugs or homeless you no need for all this and sense my dogs saved my life. Do to a couple hood rate buddy decided to break into cars but i had a guilty feeling i m my stomach as i also always did but i guess i naded off because all i heard next was movement from the my 2 dogs in the back seat.. one dog was lying on my hair. but I didn't think anything of it. Until I'd heard a door handle lift up and a whisper say there is something inside here and it's unlocked. My mistake for leaving it unlocked. The only door without power windows or locks the only door that was actually I'm not after going around and letting the dogs out. So when that happened, the dogs went ballistic and ran out the door and attacked two out of the three men. That were in the riots just a little earlier. Until police arrived my dogs had them. I don't know what they would have done if I was alone. But I probably wouldn't be if I didn't have didnt have my dogs. Im glad they didnt have any guns on one of them had small thing mase and they had left over with needles in their there pocket . So my dogs sure protect me. But there is no way I would ever give them up.. like that but it is definitely telling me to do everything possible get off the streets. Which is why I am coming to you guys


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Joseph Potter 
Suisun City, CA
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