Save The Devil Strip

The Devil Strip is the first community-owned news cooperative in the country, and this is your chance to save it from the brink of bankruptcy.

As a beloved part of the Akron community for seven years, this paper, and the people behind it, have been creating important, independent journalism you can't read anywhere else.

If this paper is going to continue — and we think it should! — we need your help and support.
All proceeds from this campaign will go to The Devil Strip.  If successful, the organization can bring staff back to work, partner with members & community to develop a sustainable model going forward, and continue to deliver high quality, independent journalism well into the future.

We hope you can join us to save The Devil Strip and donate today.
For the love of Akron,
Emily, Richelle, and Katie
Board of Directors, The Devil Strip News Cooperative



Katie Robbins 
Akron, OH