Five Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Gyms in the UK

During the first lockdown  many gyms  were forced to shut their doors  to ensure the safety of their clients. This has had a devastating impact on the sector – and which had a huge impact on their finances.With a second lockdown announced, many gym owners are wondering if they can withstand the financial pressure that  shutting their doors for a second time will cause. With many gym goers cancelling their membership or opting to workout at home, lots of gyms have faced a drop in their income, with some even facing closure.

Fortunately there are many gym fundraising ideas for the UK that gyms and their clientele can use to help them survive this pandemic.

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1.Host an online class or charity workout

Even if you can’t keep your gym open, your clients will still be keen to stay fit at home. Why not launch an online class and ask people to pay to take part. This can help keep some income coming in while you are waiting to reopen.

2.Ask clients to keep their membership open

Many people who have a regular gym membership may be inclined to cancel it without giving a second thought as to how it can affect the income of a gym. Why not send an outreach to your current clients explaining why you need their continued membership. You could offer them an incentive such as access to a month long premium membership if they continue to pay during lockdown.

3.Let your local community know that you are fundraising

Gyms are a big part of people’s lives, not only do they help people stay fit, but many people use exercise to help with their mental health. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local community and tell them that you need help. Church pin boards and community halls are great places to ask if they can put up a poster of your fundraiser. Gyms are a vital part of the community – if they close, many people will miss them.

4.Encourage people to launch a fitness fundraiser

People who enjoy going to the gym will most likely be missing their daily exercise, why not ask your staff and clients  to complete a workout fundraiser and ask for donations in return. This could be a virtual half marathon, a walkathon or even a virtual relay with friends. The beauty of a virtual challenge is that it can be completed without breaking lockdown restrictions.

5.Launch a online fundraiser

For all of these fundraising ideas, crowdfunding on sites such as GoFundMe could work for you. It’s a safe and easy way to collect donations from your community, with an easy fundraising site to direct well-wishers to.

Here’s what others are doing

Ironworks Gym

Ironworks Gym in Birmingham launched their online crowdfunder after the government announced the second lockdown. They asked for donations but also asked supporters to purchase supplements and clothes from their clothing range in lieu of not being able to attend the gym. They have raised 3,100 so far.

Norton Gym

Norton Gym in Welwyn Garden City appealed to their clients to help them through this difficult time after fearing they “wouldn’t have a gym to come back to” after lockdown due to the financial impact it would have. They raised more than 4,000 within the first two days of launching their fundraiser.

Two Kings ABC

Just before the pandemic, Two Kings ABC in Chessington noticed that more and more young men were struggling with mental health issues and decided to offer a 8 week training program for anyone suffering with these issues. Unfortunately when the pandemic hit they suffered a huge financial loss. The council offered them a new premises but it needed a lot of work before they could open. Unfortunately due to lack of funds they thought this may not be a possibility. After appealing to their local community online they managed to raise 2,000 to put towards their new place.

Vision Gym

Vision gym in Swalwell appealed to their clients to help them pay their staff as the second lockdown loomed. While opting to freeze all gym memberships, they appealed to their supporters to donate to their fundraiser if they would like to contribute to the survival of their gym.

Help fundraise for a gym in your area

If you would like to help fundraise for a  gym in your local area that could do with a helping hand why not set up a GoFundMe?

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