Coronavirus Fundraising for the NHS: How You Can Help

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The spread of the coronavirus pandemic around the world is one of the most significant events of our lifetime. On the frontlines of this crisis is our National Health Service (NHS). From doctors and nurses, to administrators and cleaning staff, these essential workers are helping people through this testing time.

At this critical phase, it’s easy to feel helpless, but there’s plenty you can do to help. Crowdfunding for the national health service is easier than you think – and we’ve got some suggestions to help ease the pressure for this vital institution and its staff.  

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How is coronavirus impacting the NHS?

The impact of coronavirus on NHS workers has been profound. From practical issues, such as a lack of vital respiratory equipment, intensive care beds and personal protective equipment (PPE) – facemasks, gowns, goggles and visors – to the emotional toll on staff working long hours in a highly pressured, high-risk environment, our health service is being pushed to its limit.

How can I provide coronavirus relief for the NHS?

Fundraising for the NHS is one of the most meaningful ways people can show their support during this challenging period. Elsewhere, key NHS staff working away from home need help to cover basic food and accommodation costs.

As the impact of this disease is being felt across the world, here are some ways in which your efforts can provide relief to our NHS.

1. Grow a beard

Hair today, gone tomorrow. With restrictions and curfews in many parts of the country, some people are using this time to either grow out hair or shave it off entirely. A radical hair change is a great opportunity to raise funds for your local hospital. Stay motivated and encourage donations by setting a target, such as the re-opening of your local pub or return to the office, before removing the excess body hair. Using GoFundMe to raise funds for the NHS during coronavirus has never been so simple.

2. Run a marathon (or a mile)

Take inspiration from Elisha Nochomovitz. The 32-year-old Tolouse resident was supposed to run the Barcelona marathon, but when it was cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Nochomovitz ran an estimated 6,000 laps on his balcony, totalling 26 miles, in a challenge that took him six hours and 48 minutes. If you have a balcony or a garden, consider setting yourself a running challenge and using GoFundMe to encourage friends and family to donate to a coronavirus fundraiser for the NHS.

3.     Help feed NHS workers

Louisa Walters’ fundraising efforts for the NHS during the coronavirus are two-fold: as well as organising fresh and tasty food for busy NHS staff, the funds she raises will also help support independent restaurants to produce and deliver food to seven major London hospitals and doctor practices, a list she intends to expand if she reaches her goal. Contribute to this COVID-19 fundraiser here, or create your own GoFundMe page to create a relief fund that benefits both NHS workers and our hospitality industry.

4. Hold a virtual quiz night

Stimulate the grey matter with a virtual quiz night for family and friends. Taking turns as the quiz master, you can test the knowledge of your loved ones on subjects as varied as film, sport or geography. There are plenty of quiz questions available for free online and participants can contribute any money they would have spent on drinks and travel to a ‘real life’ pub quiz. Creating a GoFundMe page for your local hospital simplifies giving and ensures any funds raised for Covid-19 relief can be easily donated.

5.     Support the physical and mental wellbeing of NHS workers

Take the lead of community groups such as Your Southend who have started a campaign to get care packages to frontline NHS workers.

Take action today 

Fundraising for our national health service using GoFundMe is a simple and effective way to have a big impact at a crucial time in our nation’s history. Using our platform is free of charge, meaning the funds you raise can go directly to coronavirus relief funds for the NHS. Sign up today and start making a difference.

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