Support the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps

Due to the huge financial impact of the pandemic, the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is asking for support from the public and have launched an emergency fundraising appeal to help them continue their incredible work.

Despite this financial blow, volunteers have continued to work tirelessly during the pandemic to support the community by transporting people to get their Covid-19 vaccines, bringing supplies to people who have been isolating and other essential volunteer work.

Your donation will go towards running costs of Order of Malta Units across the country, and help fund first aid supplies, uniforms, fuel for emergency vehicles and other operational costs.

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    About the Order of Malta

    The Order of Malta is one of the largest providers of first aid and voluntary ambulance services in Ireland, with more than 3,000 volunteers operating across 80 communities. The charity usually receives donations for providing first aid and emergency care at concerts, festivals, sporting events and private corporate events. Since the beginning of the pandemic, most of these events have been cancelled or postponed, which has halted this essential stream of income. 

    John Wright, National Director of Order of Malta said:

    “For many voluntary organisations, the last year has been a challenge when it comes to fundraising for our services. Despite some of our regular duties being cancelled, I have been very proud of how our volunteers have taken on extra responsibilities in their communities. We have seen volunteers transport people to get their Covid-19 vaccines, young volunteers bring food and other supplies to people who have been isolating, and a large number of other essential voluntary work take place over the last 15 months. We are asking members of the public to make a small donation, if they can, to help us continue this great community work.”

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