Creative Ideas for Charity Challenges in Australia

Are you looking for a creative way to raise money for charity? Here are some of our favourite charity challenges to inspire giving to important philanthropic causes.

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Creative Ideas for Charity Challenges in Australia

Raise money for Australians in need

Australians are some of the most charitable in the world, ranking fourth on the Global Giving Index in 2019. With bushfires, drought, flooding, and now COVID-19 putting Australian charities at risk when they are needed most, charity challenges in Australia are on the rise. In turn, charities on the frontline of the big issues impacting our country are benefiting from much-needed financial support.

Whether you’re an Australian registered charity looking to find new donors and tap into Aussie generosity, or an individual looking to back your favourite charitable cause, GoFundMe can help. GoFundMe’s charity fundraising feature sends the funds directly to your chosen charity, with no platform fee.

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Charity fundraising in Australia

Creative Ideas for Charity Challenges in Australia


What is the GoFundMe charity fundraising feature?

The GoFundMe charity fundraising feature simplifies charitable giving in Australia, making it easier than ever for Australians to start a charity fundraising challenge or donate to a charity campaign on GoFundMe.

Creative Ideas for Charity Challenges in Australia

How does it work?

GoFundMe provides Australians the ability to create or donate to a certified charity campaign on GoFundMe. It’s to set up a charity fundraiser and the automatic donation delivery feature means you don’t have to worry about handling any funds—donations are automatically sent to the certified charity selected on the GoFundMe.

For more information about how funds are delivered, please visit our Help Center and review our charity campaign withdrawals page.

Creative Ideas for Charity Challenges in Australia

How do I start a GoFundMe for my favourite charity?

This GoFundMe charity feature eliminates a step in the fundraising process, by removing the need for the campaign organiser to be the third party and delivering the donations. As PayPal Giving Fund is a registered charitable body, all donations above $2 are tax deductible.

All you need to do is decide on the charity fundraising challenge you want to complete and choose which charity you want support. From there, simply launch your GoFundMe page and share with your social networks!

  • 1. Go the extra mile

    Marathons, long cycles, and kayak adventures. Non-stop for 24 hours or spread across numerous days—no athletic challenge is too big or too small. If you want to take on a physical sports charity challenge but need some motivation, why not sign up as a team. The Kings Domain Football Club have taken on a challenge to run 1000km in 48 hours—take a look at their GoFundMe.

    Grab your colleagues, school mates, family members, or social clubs and get fundraising together. Moriah College students did this and gathered their classmates to run a push up challenge at school.

  • 2. Get creative with your facial features

    Shave or grow, which way will you go? Thousands of Australians have thrown their usual appearance out of the window, opting to shave off their long locks or grow a moustache in support of their favourite charity. What sacrifice would you make? If you need a little inspiration, check out Tegin’s GoFundMe.

  • 3. Thirty days of challenges

    How long could you sustain gruelling pain, or forgo your morning latte in exchange for donations. If you’re like George Hunter, 30 days is the answer. To raise money for a local charity called the Albatross Nippers, he took on one new challenge every day. From eating cereal blindfolded to drinking vinegar, George did it all to raise funds for his local nipper surf lifesaving program for children with special needs.

  • 4. No more luxuries

    We have all been guilty of sneaking a few extra chocolate bars in our basket while faced with lockdown. But how long could you go living off the essentials only? Give up chocolate, alcohol, or coffee for one week and donate the money to your favourite charity instead. Then, get your friends and family to match the donations to see how long you can last.

  • 5. Donate your talent

    Talent comes in many wonderful forms—from skiing, to painting, to the musically talented. You can use your talent to capture the attention, hearts, and wallets of those who are in need of your skill.

    We’re not all opera singers, but if we were, we might want to follow in the footsteps of Fiona Cooper Smyth who has been entertaining those in lockdown in Perth by singing the Phantom Of The Opera outside their homes. She’s providing entertainment in exchange for a donation to her GoFundMe.  She has raised over $1,500 for her charity, SerenAID, in the process.

  • 6. Make and create

    Put your handiwork to good use by making items that you can sell to others and donate the profit to your charity fundraising campaign. Whether it’s a traditional lemonade stand, birthday cakes, Christmas cards, or designing and making scrubs for doctors, the options are never ending.

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Australia is one of GoFundMe’s fastest-growing giving communities in the world, with more than two million Australians helping each other by supporting GoFundMe fundraisers. In 2019 alone, we witnessed over one million donations from generous Australians—and during COVID-19, community members have taken their charity fundraising challenges in Australia up a notch. You could be the next to benefit from this inspiring giving network. Crowdfunding for your favorite charity is and you can start in a matter of minutes.

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