Dog rescue sanctuary in Mexico

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Raised by 7 people in 7 months
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We recently had to change our fund raising campaign to another site. Please make any donations to this new site:  www.fundrazr.com/stvincentshome  .

We need help with food, cleaning supplies, newspapers and other items . If you would like to send a sizable donation, let me know by email and I will provide you a way to send a check directly to our bank in USA.
Thanks for all of your help and understanding.

Im a retired American living in Guadalajara almost 25 years where I have been rescuing dogs, abused and abandoned from the streets. We have over 300 in our care. We are a registered non-profit animal protection agency under the laws of Mexico. We have all kinds of little, medium and large breed dogs. We have little chichuahuas, french poodles, dachounds, maltese, pit bulls, labs, golden, German, Belgian & English Shepherds; every kind you can think of. Since moving further outside of the city, the number of dogs people have been brining us has trippled, so much so that our expenses are exceeding our income. We  dont get much financial  help from anyone to speak of, We pay for all the vaccines, food, medical coverage, spaying & neutering and we are running out of money. We have several veternarians here who help  with adoptions, but Please subscribe to my monthly updates. We also have another www.facebook.com/adopcioneslawrence  with many more photos and videos and detailed information.. WE NEED HELP. We have contacted so many recue groups and news media in USA trying to get some help. Either they pass the buck or dont reply at all. I include a photo of some of our dogs in my office here. If you would like to see them on skype, let me know. Please tell people about our work here. We urgently need to find homes for some of our larger dogs and need financial help.  We need help with medical bills, dog food, and housing.  It costs  over $500 a week for 50,  50 pound bags of dog food. People visiting Guadalajara can visit and adopt one of our  dogs to take back to the US. Our medical bills are very high. The spaying an neutering, medicines for sick dogs, emergency surgeries for injured dogs from the street and cremation for those that die. We have 7 full time employees, but welcome volunteers who wish to help sometime.   We are a NO kill sanctuary; there are NO cages here. If you love dogs and other animals , please pass my message on to others. Over the years I have asked NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and CNN do do one story about our mission. They never reply. One good story may help  get past all our  bills with some donations. SEE our facebook page: Saint Vincent's Home Guadalajara for much more information and photos.  All donations will be acknowledged by me personally. My name is Lawrence and I approve this message.

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Today is Friday 2 February 2018
This is the latest news and views from our digs to yours.
Things are still not going well for our dogs. They are always starving. We had only a little food yesterday morning and nothing since then. Some of our previous donors and volunteers have stopped coming around and so there has been a lot less food than before. The dogs are so hungry, they eat their own poop. I started giving the Doxicyclina & Vitamin B complex medicines on 6 January and since the medicine kicked in we havent had any dogs dying as before. The last two Sundays volunteers and two veterinarians came and brought medicine for the mange, called sarna here and also a type of Frontline to kill off ticks and fleas. This has been helping. I havent seen any more ticks for the past week since they started putting these medicines in our dogs, but they could not get to all the dogs in one day. They will be back this coming Sunday.
I hope we will finally be able to get this problem under control. Some new volunteers have been taking a few of our most sick dogs to various clinics to try and make them well again. We had four adoptions last month, and other adoptions happened with some of our other dogs with volunteers who have been foster care givers to puppies that were left here a couple months ago. I dont have all the paper work in on those adoptions yet, but I understand they are all adopted into very nice homes.
The past few weeks we have been hounded by various government inspectors from both state and local agencies. Some disgruntled former volunteer has been making many anonymous phone calls to these agencies claiming our dogs are sick, starving, and dying all in an effort to harass me personally. Since the same person keeps making the phone calls, different inspectors get the report, so different ones keep coming around, not aware of the same reports given to other inspectors.
They do not coordinate their reports at all, so they keep coming around.
We urgently need food to feed our dogs. If you live in our area and can help with food, please come only in the mornings between 10 am and 12 p.m. when our workers are here to lift the bags and put the food out. I am not able to lift the bags myself, even though I do all the time when people come late in the afternoons sometime. Since I had a minor heart attack 3 months ago, the doctor said not to lift any heavy things, but it seems thats all I do all the time. Bags, and dogs.
I saw interesting report on NBC news last week about a new scientific study in which people only eat food between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and then stop eating anything else for the rest of the night. So I have been trying to do this diet in an effort to get rid of my bulbous pot belly . So I have been starving myself and only drinking water after 4 p.m. They said in the report that during the later hours the body burns up the fat. So I am waiting to see what happens. I need to get some vitamins today when I go to the store. Since I dont eat meat, Im not taking in enough food .
Some previous volunteers and more recent ones keep saying we need to put up fencing, divisions to separate the dogs. I keep saying yes and fine, but all they do is talk. It never gets done. They keep saying they can get the work donated, but so far all I get is talk about it but nothing is done and they keep telling each other that I am against the idea when in fact I welcome it.
Last night I gave a bunch of our littlest dogs canned food, feeding them separately one at a time in the kitchen. I had a case of canned food I keep for emergencies, so I gave them this food since they were starving and its all I had. I havent paid my workers in 3 weeks, so im hoping some money comes in soon so I can pay them. They ask every day if im going to the bank. If I dont pay them, after awhile, they walk.
So Im still trying to sell some things on ebay, with very little success.
Its been freezing cold here during the night and early mornings. I put large blankets on the floors for the dogs that sleep in the house. A lot of the other dogs prefer to stay outside and in the little houses we have in the yard. I wish another carpenter would come along and make a few more houses for them.
Since the past two months, I have refused to take in any more dogs or puppies. We cant care for them and they get sick and die, so I have turned away many people trying to give me more dogs and puppies. I have referred them to some other people who might help them. We just dont have any more money to feed them or pay the vet bills . I hope you will tell your friends about our mission. We really need more financial help to keep going.
Im looking for an electrician also to fix the lights in the kitchen and bathroom. Both need to be replaced and not working. We still have many nice dogs for adoption.
Thanks to those who have helped in the past. I hope things will get better this year.
some of our dogs in the yard & shade
Some past volunteers who helped .
feeding time in the rain last year.
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Today is Wednesday 27 December 2017.
If you are new to this site, please subscribe to my updates so you can receive a monthly update if you would like to. You can also peruse all past updates which have lots of information and photos about our mission.
A volunteer from the Red Cross came yesterday with a small truck full of dog food, some cleaning supplies and other insidentlies ....-what a surprise. I was so happy to get the food because I was wondering how I was going to feed the dogs, since they hadent eaten for almost 3 days I had no money to buy anything and no donations of food came for the past 3 days. Since my workers didnt come, I had to move all the boxes and bags of food by myself. It took almost an hour. I thought I was going to have another heart attack. So I now have enough food for the dogs to last till about 7 days.The donations they brought, I was told were left over from donations to go to Mexico city after their big earthquake. Maybe they will bring more things in a few weeks to help. I lost 3 dogs over the weekend. The last of the little puppies died, and two others were attacked by the other dogs. I have been so depressed because of all these things. I can NOT receive anymore dogs here until we get rid of the ticks and fleas . People coming almost daily with dogs and puppies they want to give me , I am referring to other people for help.
A couple weeks ago and old friend, Padre Bernardo , a traditional Carmelite, came and visited with a priest friend of his. The friend is from here, but was only here visiting his family . The next day he had to return to Guatemala where he has a mission church.
Padre Bernardo gave me a bunch of newspapers we needed. I gave him some used vestments I had here. Each time he visits I like to give him some things like that which are donated. Last month I gave him a lot of altar linens. He has some small mission s where he visits each month. I am including a photo of him here with me and his friend.
For the moment we have enough dog food to last about 10 days and newspapers for about 3 weeks.
What I always needs is money to pay the bills and the workers. The señoritas who work here did not return to work for 4 days. The house is very dirty inside and I do what I can to put out the food, wash the blankets, and put out water for the dogs. This is a big problem. The workers care more about money then they do our dogs and myself. They just dont show up when ever they feel like it and if they do show up, they are always late. Its hard to keep a proper schedule when they dont care about the time or their job.
I got an email from my banker in USA letting me know she got a check from my aunt in NY , a lovely gift for Christmas. It came at a perfect time. I have been stressing about how I would pay the electricity before the end of the month. So the check will just cover my bill. If the bill isnt paid on time, they waste no time cutting off your electricity here. I see on the news that is really cold up north in USA. Its only cold here at night. During the day its hot in the sun.
With out my workers here for 4 days, I have not been able to go anyplace. I never leave the dogs alone. I always have to have someone here to baby sit when I go out. I think with all the dogs dying each week, we may be down to about 250 dogs now. I have everyone trying to find the medicine we need to save the dogs. Its called Doxicyclina . If you know anyone in the medical field you can ask, lease try and get this medicine for us. Its the only medicine that will cure the erliquia.
Again I was sad that I was not able to play the pipe organ in the Expeatorio church during Christmas.
For me, its the worst thing about living here. No priest will permit me to practice the pipe organ, even when I offer to play for free. There are only a handful of churches that have pipe organs here.
Thats about all the news thats fit to print. Please tell your friends about our mission. We need all the help we can get. Hope you and your family have a great New Year. Please pray for the success of our mission. Thanks. Lawrence
If you are in our area and would like to volunteer to help clean or can bring food, newspapers, or cleaning supplies, please call our # (33) 3826-2657. thanks & mazel tov.

Padre Bernardo & friends
A poster one of our volunteers made
Just a few of the dogs we care for.
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Today is Sunday 26 November 2017 .
If you are seeing this for the first time, please sign up for my updates so you can keep track of whats going on here and you can read all my past updates which have photos and some videos .
Im sorry to say things have been getting worse by the day. More puppies and a few dogs have been dying each week, either from erliquia from the ticks, or gardia, or from being attacked by the other dogs.
Since I have no veterinarian to help, there is no medicine to help with these problems.
My workers have quit on me again. They always want money, if they wont wait for their payment, they quit.
Today my best worker didnt show up, so I have been alone trying to take care of the dogs, feed the puppies and sick dogs with canned foods. There is no krokettas for the dogs today. Maybe someone will bring some bags of food tomorrow. The private trash collector hasnt been here for two weeks and the bags of poop have been piling up and the guy never answers his phone. I paid him all the money I owed him for the past month and then he doesnt show .again. We need the medicine Doxicyclina to treat the dogs that are dying from erliquia, but this medicine is hard to find, when available, and a prescription is needed to buy it. It will take a lot of this medicine to save all the dogs that are sick right now. Anyone who can help with this medicine, please let me know.
I received 4 little puppies a few weeks ago from one of my former workers, ; little french poodles. One of my volunteers is foster caring for them in her house, unfortunately one has died , but the others are doing well so far. I am including a photo of them taken at the time. I still have 4 little puppies that need vaccines, one seems to have epilepsy, I have 4 other puppies with numonia, and a dachshund puppy needs vaccines too.
I had a few small sales the past two weeks and was able to pay my previous veterinarian what I owed , my workers, and the garbage and also the usual utilities. Some days we go with out food for the dogs for two or three days where there is no money to buy and the volunteers are not able to bring any food all the time. With the money I got from my meager sales, I was about to buy 10 big bags of food last week because the dogs were starving. They are starving every day, because even with the occasional donations of food and dry day old rolls, there just isnt enough to feed them all.
Here I enclose a photo of one of my vintage sterling silver chalices, which comes with a paten and case to sell to raise money to buy food for our dogs. IT is $2,999. Anyone care to buy this, please let me know. Its really very nice in person.
Im in a constant state of depression because of the death of so many dogs and the puppies I have to send to the crematory almost every day.
I called a vet I knew 15 years ago, who calls himself the Pet XPert. I told him of my situation and he sounded eager to gather friends to come and help. He was going to come the next morning. He didnt, so I called and he said he had surgery and would come the next day, I waited for him and he was a no show again. I called his clinic and was told he was in surgery again but would come after he was finished. I waited all day. He never came and never called since. This was last week. I guess he decided this would be too much of a challenge for him or one of my enemies got to him and scared him off. Either way, It was a big let down because it is painfully obvious he isnt going to come and help me at all, even with the offer of payment for helping.
All but two of our past volunteers have stopped coming. I think it is because they just dont like seeing all the thin dogs dying and sick. There isnt much that can be done with out medicine and money. I do what I can, but im by myself most of the time and its hard to be in 3 places at once. Im expecting a little more money by the end of the week from a recent sale. I will have to use it to buy more food if no one brings donations soon. Two of my workers should be here tomorrow to help clean. It will be double the work, since the other woman and her daughter didnt show today. While im tring to type this one of the little puppies has bee screeching all after noon. Doesnt seem to like the large caged in area they are in. I already gave her canned food a little while ago, but she is still yelping and I cant keep my mind on this epistle with all the noise in my ear.
As things go, our dogs are slowly dying a few each week, and so eventually there wont be any left at this rate. Im trying to save all the littlest ones with canned food ,and those that are very thin from starving. I feed each one individually in the kitchen, one at a time. It takes a couple hours to get it done.
We could use some more volunteers to come any day or one day on saturday or sunday to help clean the yard. If you can help with food, please bring bags of food , or canned food, puppy food, in the mornings before 12 p.m. We need lots of food all the time and also news papers.
Please tell your friends about our mission.
Sorry for any typos or errors, im always tired all the time, so I try to get this done before I take another siesta. Thanks to all of those kind people who have made donations each month to help. Please remember, make your donation here: www.fundrazr.com/stvincentshome, not gofundme.
I hope I can write something more positive soon.
Thanks. Lawrence
One little one died, the other 4 are ok
these 2 puppies was adopted by a worker
This is one of many items 4 sale
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Today is Thursday 2 November 2017 All Soul's Day.

Im sorry to sound like a broken record, but we still need help with food, newspapers for our 300 rescue dogs. Im looking to hire new workers to clean the house. I fired the other workers for continuing to not show up for days or always showing up late. If you live in our area and want to work helping clean the house, please phone at 3826-2657. I would prefer a couple of middle age woman to do this work. Must be dependable and know how to tell time and show up for work promptly at 9:30 am every day.
Slackers will not be tolerated.
Our dogs had no food yesterday and I am waiting for one of our volunteers to bring some large sacks of day old dry rolls. Our dogs are still very sick and very thin from not eating well. The problem with fleas and ticks is a big problem but there is no money to pay the veterinarian. I still own the vet and 12 months of back rent, and the workers I pay as soon as a little money trickles in, I give them what I can. But there is never enough to cover the bills every month.
Please subscribe to my updates below. So you can receive my latest notes on whats going on around here.
DO NOT make a donation to our gofundmepage.
This NEW page is where to make all donations:
www.fundrazr.com/stvincentshome .
Thanks. Lawrence
Just a few of our 300 dogs in need.
Just a few of our 300 dogs in need.
some our dogs in front of the house
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Raised by 7 people in 7 months
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