Dog rescue sanctuary in Mexico

$5,501 of $250,000 goal

Raised by 23 people in 15 months
Saint Vincent's Home Guadalajara Mexico Facebook 
We recently had to change our fund raising campaign to another site. Please make any donations to this new site:  www.fundrazr.com/stvincentshome  .

We need help with food, cleaning supplies, newspapers and other items . If you would like to send a sizable donation, let me know by email and I will provide you a way to send a check directly to our bank in USA.
Thanks for all of your help and understanding.

Im a retired American living in Guadalajara almost 25 years where I have been rescuing dogs, abused and abandoned from the streets. We have over 300 in our care. We are a registered non-profit animal protection agency under the laws of Mexico. We have all kinds of little, medium and large breed dogs. We have little chichuahuas, french poodles, dachounds, maltese, pit bulls, labs, golden, German, Belgian & English Shepherds; every kind you can think of. Since moving further outside of the city, the number of dogs people have been brining us has trippled, so much so that our expenses are exceeding our income. We  dont get much financial  help from anyone to speak of, We pay for all the vaccines, food, medical coverage, spaying & neutering and we are running out of money. We have several veternarians here who help  with adoptions, but Please subscribe to my monthly updates. We also have another www.facebook.com/adopcioneslawrence  with many more photos and videos and detailed information.. WE NEED HELP. We have contacted so many recue groups and news media in USA trying to get some help. Either they pass the buck or dont reply at all. I include a photo of some of our dogs in my office here. If you would like to see them on skype, let me know. Please tell people about our work here. We urgently need to find homes for some of our larger dogs and need financial help.  We need help with medical bills, dog food, and housing.  It costs  over $500 a week for 50,  50 pound bags of dog food. People visiting Guadalajara can visit and adopt one of our  dogs to take back to the US. Our medical bills are very high. The spaying an neutering, medicines for sick dogs, emergency surgeries for injured dogs from the street and cremation for those that die. We have 7 full time employees, but welcome volunteers who wish to help sometime.   We are a NO kill sanctuary; there are NO cages here. If you love dogs and other animals , please pass my message on to others. Over the years I have asked NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and CNN do do one story about our mission. They never reply. One good story may help  get past all our  bills with some donations. SEE our facebook page: Saint Vincent's Home Guadalajara for much more information and photos.  All donations will be acknowledged by me personally. My name is Lawrence and I approve this message.

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Today is Sunday 21 October 20018 . Its dark and drizzling outside today and most of our dogs are huddled up inside. Only a few prefer to hang outside or stay in the little houses. Our finances havent gotten much better. We go from day to day wondering how we will get enough food to feed our dogs. We ran out of food yesterday and hoping someone will bring a bag or two till I can get to the bank tomorrow and buy some more food. We need financial help all the time. We also need cleaning supplies like laundry detergent, clorox, fabuloso and newspapers . If you live in our area, please bring these items if you can. call 3826-2657 to let us know you are coming. We receive donations and visitors only in the mornings before 2 p.m. every day. We have many nice dogs for adoption. Some nice folks in USA are offering to help transport some of our dogs there for adoption in the coming weeks. Please tell your friends about our mission. In case you missed it, here is a more recent video of our place:
Some friends are preparing to make a new video soon.I will keep everyone posted once we have this new video. Thanks to all of you for helping.
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Today is Thursday 21 June 2018
For those of you who have been following my monthly updates, you know our problem here. Food. we need food to feed our dogs. No money is coming in and donations of dog food has dwindled down to nothing. Each time I get a little money , I go running to costco to buy dog food. This past week I was able to buy one bag one day, a few days later I could buy only two bags, and today one bag. The dogs can not live on this small amount of food. our 300 dogs are slowly dying of starvation. Many of the dogs have been getting thinner each day. One little dog died last night. When we put the bags of food out, its a stampede of the dogs trying to grab a few krokettas each. I have been living on crackers and cream cheese and cereal & almond milk myself. My workers wont show up every day when I dont pay them, so I cant even leave to go to the store unless someone is here to stay with the dogs.
I have been thinking this can not go on any longer. I must contact the government to take some of the larger dogs. I just hate to see them slowly starving and there is no hope of any more money coming in. I still owe our workers for over a month of pay and I havent paid the rent in nearly two years. The government will most likely kill the dogs I ask them to take, but its better to lose a few rather than see all the little ones dying. Please sign up for our updates so you can read previous updates. We need more adoptions. If you have any friends looking to adopt, let them know we have really nice dogs available. If each person who is subscribed to these updates would donate $5. a month, there would be enough to buy food each month for our dogs. A film crew from a local university has been making a movie about myself and our dogs to enter in some film competition all last week. I am hopeful it will gain some new benefactors, but it wont be available and ready for a couple of months. I will post it in my updates when it is ready. Thanks to all those who have tired to help with small donations. I really appreciate your help and concern. Check out our other donation site www.fundrazr.com/stvincentshome. Please do not give money or dog food to anyone , except contact here directly, because some people who have been collecting for us is not giving us the food or money. Thanks. Lawrence
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Today 9 June 2018. The news is no better than the last time i wrote. Our dogs are still very hungry. We havent had any food for 2 days. The donations of food have slacked off due to the vicious attacks made by former volunteers against us on social media with vicious lies and slander. The Gang of 4, Francisco, Katherine, Claudio and Jocelyn and several others have tried to scare off potential donors. They took a number of our dogs with the promises of making the sick ones well, and doing spaying and neutering and then refusing to return our dogs. These people and others have been working in collusion with each other to systematically come here pretending to want to help, only to steal more dogs.
They sent people here with cheap dog food only to make our dogs more sick because the food was so cheap and such poor quality that it caused some of our little dogs to have intestinal bacteria. All our dogs are doing fine now, only hungry due to the lack of food. I spent my Social Security check every month just to buy them food, but is just never enough.It takes about 10- 25 lbs. bags of food a day to feed them, and I have only been able to put out 6 bags some times and other times we have nothing. Each bag costs around $25 usd . We still have around 300 dogs in our care.
Please subscribe to my monthly updates. Then you will know whats going on here. We have over 1,000 subscribers. If each of you could donate just $5 per month, our food problems would be solved. Donate here: www.fundrazr.com/stvincentshome . Our workers didnt show up yesterday and only one will come today . We havent had the money to pay them in a week, so they just stop coming until the money is here to pay them. Their loyalty and care for the dogs extends only as long as there is money to pay them. Their excuse for not to showing up is that they havent money for bus fare. Without any veterinary care, some of the puppies got older and became pregnant since there is no one available to do spaying and neutering. We had 3 dogs pregnant last month, two had to have C sections, and all the puppies eventually died in the clinic. Some kind friends helped pay for that. Only one puppy is here that has survived. I feed her pediasure each day since the mother doesnt want the puppy. We havent had any adoptions last month. Very few adoptions any month. A couple weeks ago a large fat, slovenly man driving a wreck of a car asked to adopt a large dog. I asked him if it was for his home, he said no, I asked what for¿He said something in spanish I didnt understand , but held his both arms up as if he was shooting a shot gun. He said he hunts ducks. With that I said absolutely NOT can he adopt any dogs from here, and gave him the " bums rush".
I once saw a bumper sticker that said " Love animals, dont eat them". That sums up my position on the matter.
My sales of ecclesiastical liturgical supplies have been very slow. If I had a few good sales , I could get ahead of the bills a little. Even my ebay sales are dead. I sell only a few old books once in awhile. There just isnt enough money coming in to pay the bills.
Still asking for more legal help to try and get back some of our dogs that we taken from here under false pretenses. If you can help, please let me know. We still need medical help as well. Thanks to those few who help each month with a donation. I will write more on another day. Lawrence
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Today is Sunday 20 May 2018.

The residue of this life. ...In 1973 I had a friend, actually an acquaintance, rather than a close friend. I knew him for a couple of years , but rarely saw him in person, but spoke over the phone.

One day I got a phone call from him and he said he was in the hospital and was told he has cancer. I could hear in his voice that he was really worried. The doctors said it was a rare form of cancer and there wasnt any cure for it. I tried to cheer him up and said not to worry, he would be ok. He called to tell me that he was leaving me $1,000 in his will to help me out since I wasnt doing so well at the time.

I felt bad later that I did not go and visit him in the hospital, because I found out a few weeks later that he had died. Some years later I realized that his mysterious cancer was actually AIDS which was just starting at that time and doctors didnt know what it was or how to treat it.

To make a long story very interesting. I received a copy of his will in the mail and the executor who was handling his Will was not a very nice fellow. In the Will it said I was to receive the thousand dollars and any left over personal belongings that were not sold. It referred to these things as the "residue of this life" . The man told me that there would be nothing left over to give me and that everything would be sold. I suspected all along that he had his friends and relatives buying the good things for peanuts so he could resell the items later after the court was satisfied he sold off everything and the money would go into the estates funds. I asked him if he would send me the $1,000, but he wanted me to wait for months till the end of the probate was finished with the court. I wrote a letter to the probate judge of the court asking him to direct the man to release the money to me, of which the judge ordered him to citing that there was more than enough money in the account to cover all debts my friend owed. So I received the check, but nothing else of the property was given to me as he was supposed to.

I mention this because I am near the end of my time in this life and I am pondering the "residue of my life". For years I used to collect things; often things I really didnt need. I loved to buy things at estate auctions, mostly antiques and later hoped to sell them at a profit, but I bought such large items, they turned out to be white elephants. Later many of my most precious and beautiful things I had for years were all stole by thieves.

I watched on PBS t.v. a few times Dr. Leo Buscaglia, a wonderful motivational speaker who always talked about love and kindness. He has been dead almost 20 years now. Please take a peek at one of his videos on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08cYINwQYts&t=107s .

He once spoke about getting rid of all the clutter in our lives. He said: Simplify, simplify, simplify in one of his talks. For awhile I really got the bug to do just that. Get rid of all the junk I had collected. It only lasted a short while and then went back to my old ways of collecting things and spending money I wish I never did. Now I look at all the junk I have here and wish I didnt have it, or at least wish I could sell it to raise money to feed our dogs. I think about when its time to go. What will the residue of my life be when I depart¿ Yes, a lot of junk someone else will have to deal with, a lot of nice things I wish I could sell, someone will get to take. But also the dogs I have tried to save. People will consider them the residue of my life too. I dont know what will be come of them. If the word gets out fast enough that I kicked the bucket, all the people who once tried to help me with the dogs will come running to take all the cutest little ones,and the rest I dont know what will happen to them .

Many of the people who used to bring food and help with the dogs have all left due to unpleasant events of some who took many of my dogs with the assurance they would take some sick ones to the hospital for cures and return them or at least do an adoption and bring me the adoption papers as I always have insisted on. But no, a bunch of these people conspired with each other to come and take the dogs, but never return them or provide me with adoption papers. This is in legal terms called "theft by deception".

I have been speaking with several lawyers to help get the dogs back or get the adoption papers for any they claim were adopted.

These people refuse to provide the papers or return the dogs here. So we lost a number of people who used to help with food, but had stopped coming because of some of the people slandering me on facebook and amongst themselves to scare off any good people who want to help.

So the donations are very few and my sales arent so good either, so not much money is coming in. I havent enough to pay for food or medical bills.

Today I went to Costco and was able to buy 5 bags of food which left me with $5 in my checking account here. Last week I was able to by 11 bags of food which left me with $2 in my US checking account. Its no fun being poor.

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$5,501 of $250,000 goal

Raised by 23 people in 15 months
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