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If you need a financial boost to start pursuing your passion, GoFundMe can lend a hand. No matter what form your art takes — from painting and photography to film and music making — we’ve helped countless creative minds. By starting a GoFundMe for your artistic endeavors, you can spend less time worrying about finances and more time stoking that creative fire. Take a look at a few examples of creative success stories below.

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Success Story: Art Installation Fundraising

  • Romy, Oklahoma-based artist
  • Amount Raised: $177,000+

Romy, an installation artist, used GoFundMe to transform a desolate city block in her hometown of Enid, Oklahoma into an otherworldly sculpture park. She raised over $117,000 to build the massive wing-like sculpture that she hopes will provide a magical space where residents can relax and create memories. more

Success Story: Mural Fundraising

  • Dan, Bay Area muralist
  • Amount Raised: $25,000+

After more than three decades of wear and tear, the iconic giraffe and zebra murals under the 580 freeway in Oakland needed a little TLC. The original artist, Dan Fontes, turned to GoFundMe to raise over $25,000 for restoration costs so the wild animals could be returned to their former glory. more

Success Story: Music Fundraising

  • La Chamba, musical group
  • Amount Raised: $5,000+

Peruvian Surf-Pop band La Chamba succeeded in recording their first full-length album but needed funds to package, promote, and distribute their tunes. The fans they had gained through their garage and backyard performances rallied around them, and the band was able to raise nearly $6,000 to bring their album to life. more

Success Story: Documentary Fundraising

  • Sophia Serghi, music professor
  • Amount Raised: $10,000+

After becoming enthralled with street musicians in a few Eastern Mediterranean countries, fellow musician Sophia Serghi wanted to share those unique stories with the world. She teamed up with a documentary filmmaker to turn her vision into a reality, getting help to the tune of over $10,000 thanks to her GoFundMe. more

Success Story: High School Symphony Fundraising

  • Miller Grove High School
  • Amount Raised: $25,000+

Members of the Miller Grove High School Wind Symphony were ecstatic when they learned they were selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City, a prestigious but costly opportunity. The tight-knit group of musicians sprang into action and created a GoFundMe, which raised nearly $26,000 dollars for their cause. more

Success Story: Dance Fundraising

  • Breaking Barriers dance studio
  • Amount Raised: $12,000+

The folks at Breaking Barriers dance studio didn’t miss a beat in giving low-income dance students the opportunity to jump, twirl, shimmy, and shuffle during their summer dance intensives. The cost of sponsoring 15 students wasn’t cheap, so they turned to GoFundMe and raised over $12,000 to give dancers an unforgettable experience. more

Success Story: Comedy Tour Fundraising

  • Zach and Viggo, comedians
  • Amount Raised: $7,000+

After becoming best friends at a world-famous clown school in France, comedy duo Zach and Viggo hatched a plan to tour the world as comedians. They set their sights on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world, and raised almost $8,000 through GoFundMe to get there. more

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