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Frequently Asked Questions
1 When should I report a campaign? 43 %  ASKED
You should only report a GoFundMe campaign if you believe the organizer is committing fraud or breaking the law. Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.
2 What is considered fraud on GoFundMe? 31 %  ASKED
A campaign organizer may be committing fraud if:
  1. They are intentionally including factually incorrect information on their campaign.
  2. They have not used the funds that were raised for the stated purpose within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. They are impersonating someone else or have copied a campaign that already exists on GoFundMe.
3 What if I have a personal dispute with the campaign organizer? 27 %  ASKED
GoFundMe will not get involved in personal disputes. Instead, personal matters should be handled with the help of legal council or local law enforcement.
4 Can I direct law enforcement officials to contact GoFundMe? 18 %  ASKED
5 Will my information be shared with the person I’m reporting? 14 %  ASKED
6 Will I be updated on the results of the investigation? 9 %  ASKED
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