Learning to Dim Local Gravity

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Jerry Decker  45900

Update 10/27/14

Out of funds so doing what I can with what I currently have.  Problem is amplifier isn't strong enough (I think). Pretty sure once I hit it and can tune it, the power needed will be almost nothing to mimic the brute force method.  Have received several new pieces of information worthy of investigating.  One involves a gong, another the mass chord plus 40,000. Will have a custom gong cut and give it a shot. Some interesting effects are posted at; Interesting physical vibration experiments  Note video #5 and how he strikes it to make it vibrate then rubs it to build it up to a very high level. I never knew you could do that.  Reinforcing amplitude by frictionally generated harmonics. More later...

Update 09/27/14

Ran one test on limestone cube, one test on heavy metal alloy, no results. Not enough power getting through to the neutral centers. Next test will use a 150 watt amplifier. I have several experiments to try. Hoping I can do it with the amps I have. - Jerry

Update 09/12/14

I had ordered about 30 parts through ebay. Just got a note today saying they had refunded my money for an igniton coil because of non delivery??? 

Then the smart frequency counter I ordered sent me an email wanting me to cancel and order through their other site?  I filed a dispute, just return my money and I'll find an honest seller...sheesh!!!

Such an easy thing...they offer, you pay, they send, you receive, everyone happy but no, we have jerks playing games.

An interesting story about a flying man in Spain, carrying a powerful light and wearing a crown no less...hmmm... 09/12/14 - Flying man with 'crown' in Spain

Still waiting on parts, now have to find ignition coils locally at auto junkyards which are mostly in Guadalajara...onward and upward. - Jerry

Update 09/05/14

One Million Euro Prize to demonstrate antigravity;

Goede Award - one million euro to overcome gravity;

I sent them an email about my dimming gravity project and asked them to confirm that, if I won the prize by showing them a working levitation device that they would not claim to own any rights to it or try to patent it. I'm not in it to get rich and want it to be free to use by anyone in the world without limits. It might be nice to win that money to fund so many other projects but I will release it freely with or without it. Getting rich and famous is not my goal.

Update 09/04/14

Wouldn't it be a HOOT if I can discover gravity control on less than $500 and give it to the world?  I forgot how much I love working in a machine shop, cutting metal and the smell of welding. Here is my completed beam balance.

At this point, I don't care how much weight is 'lost' but that it MOVES when stimulated. From that point I can tweak it to learn how to control it. The 8" limestone cube was $200 in Texas, the beam balance was $1300 pesos (~$99USD) parts and labor included by my welder friend Saul.

I also have a 10" granite cube that cost $300 in Texas and other heavy items to test. Still waiting on the parts for my exciter circuits. I will be testing 5 different methods. Hoping one of the will cause the stone to lose weight and my beam balance will tilt. Closer and closer and I'm excited about this whole project! - Jerry

Update 08/27/14

Gave up on my carpenter. He seemed 'dazzled' by my beam balance as too complicated so took it to an iron worker friend and he snapped to it instantly. I made a little functioning wood model with dimensioned diagrams so asked him to think about it and he might be able to improve on it. He is fascinated by the project and wants to see it work.

I also had second thoughts about it all being made of wood because the stones are so heavy and if they fall, they might crack or be damaged so making it mostly of iron will be better even if it will cost more. Did you know a 2x4 of pine wood costs 300 pesos ($23USD) and for the wooden design it would cost over $240 just for material? In the US, the same piece of wood costs about $3.

But I'm pleased with his ability and that he wants to see it work. We used to drink beer together with Alejandra in a local bar so have known the guy a long time. He speaks some english and understands more. He showed me his notebook, chock full of notes and diagrams and quoted Archimedes, "Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth." Just so.

It is possible to learn to control gravity, take off the blinders, realize gravity is not a suction but a pressure from space holding us all to the planet, we can block this pressure and reduce weight by any amount we desire, so please contribute to  this very worthy cause. Thanks!

Update: 08/23/14

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Marketing isn't my forte' so I've had this link posted many times on Facebook and Twitter but most people either don't get it, don't believe it's possible or don't have extra money to donate.

The carpenter is still working on my 8 foot long beam balance and it takes about 3 weeks to receive mail here in Mexico so another week or so and I'll have the rest of my parts for my exciter circuits.

Here is a really good, very old story that you might find amusing, it is worth the read and would make an excellent TV movie or Indie film. A Tale of Negative Gravity

Many scifi novels have suggested giant, airtight caves on the moon where people could fly like birds in lunar gravity. Much like using a big balloon and letting kids go bouncing over the terrain on earth. By learning to dim gravity, anyone could jump around like the Hulk or use wings, fans or jets to push themselves anywhere.  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of 2d thinking and so ready for 3d transportation.

Update: 08/15/14

We are now building a very large beam balance to detect weight changes in our test masses. Waiting on electronic parts to complete the half done exciter circuit and the control software has been written and tested.

The 8 foot beam balance will be half wood and half iron and have to be in my living room to avoid air currents that might disturb the delicate balance. The idea is to stimulate my test mass using a variety of means and monitor for the slightest changes in weight as shown by the beam movement. We could certainly use more funds if you want to help this project with a contribution. Thanks! - Jerry

I am seeking funding to re-discover how to control the flow of gravity into local mass to produce weight reduction for practical use, based on my own discoveries of gravity and how it works.

NASA and other space companies have failed to focus beyond primitive rockets. My approach is radically different and I have numerous correlations from reported antigravity experiments that my theory is correct.

I have purchased and used equipment and materials for tests but can no longer fund these tests on my own.  I need higher power and custom machining to continue.

So please give up a few meals and make a donation or more as you wish.

The sooner I can acquire the equipment I need, the more tests I can carry out in this quest.  No more teasing about flying cars and getting out into space, using brute force thrust or rockets.

We must learn to use the natural properties of gravity.  People will be stunned when they find how easy it is to do and how little energy it takes after determining the correct geometries and velocities.

Imagine how the world would be rejuvenated when we discover how to reduce local weight (and inertia) in any transport mechanism, cars, buses, trains, jets and airplanes, rockets, boats as well as the ability to fly ourselves without an aerial craft surrounding us.

With gravity control we could easily access parts of the planet to develop and live in what were 'wastelands'.

With gravity control we could work in cities and live hundreds, yes even thousands of miles away where living expenses and homes are much cheaper.

With gravity control country borders would eventually dissolve as anyone could easily enter any country via air.

With gravity control mankind could finally explore and colonize space and other planets.

With gravity control and our easy access to other planets, mankind would be assured of SURVIVORS WHEN the earth faces any cataclysm which in the past has almost destroyed life on this planet.

If you are a fan of Star Trek, in all its incarnations, you realize the incredible opportunities mankind would have by going into space to discover alien races and share in their discoveries.

Along with gravity control, not only do we learn to engineer and manipulate the aether/zpe influx, but we will also learn how to use this infinite non-combustible energy source to provide us with 'perpetual batteries' that never discharge and that will work anywhere to power our devices. No more grid power, just a perpetual battery in each appliance.

The benefits of practical gravity control are many and those who have played a part in making it happen, not only by saving mankind but in rejuvenating all aspects of science, culture, exploration, colonization, recovering and using wasted territories, creating new industries and jobs as the technology is applied on many levels. And everyone will be able to use reduced gravity and  inertia in all forms of three dimensional transport.

What's in it for you, you might ask?

I have no interest in becoming fabulously wealthy or profiting from this discovery.  With a successful prototype I plan to freely post a "proof of principle" document on many sites and forums and other media sources, that will show anyone how to reduce the weight of a local test mass. 

I plan on youtubes to show how to do it yourself and if you choose to scale it up or go into business using the technology, go for it. My goal is to let this discovery change the world.

Contributors who help me bring this about will receive quarterly emails letting you be the first to learn what has been tested and results.

Your contribution will include first notification of where to find the proof of principle construction and test details once completed.

Fantasy and wishful thinking? Not in the least as history has shown us from many cultures in the form of hieroglyphs, paintings, carvings, descriptions, legends and myths.

Those who don't understand technology often relegate it to miracles, gods and magic when the simple fact is a demonstration and practical use of superior technology not known or accounted for using orthodox science.

Quite simply, Gravity is NOT a pull, Gravity is a PUSH from the zero point energy field of space into mass.  A pressure from space pushing mass together.

Think of it as bubbles under water where the water is pressing on the bubble trying to implode it.

In the case of matter, zero point energy pushes into the neutral centers of mass to not only create it but also give it materiality by creating a standing wave in space.

We are held to the planet like wind pushing flies against a wirescreen. As zero point energy flows into the neutral centres of mass, the effect of gravity and weight are produced.

As you can see there are multiple approaches to test; causing gravity to pass around us as with metamaterials, reflecting it back onto itself, reducing its penetration into matter, etc..

Just like a light dimmer, we can RESTRICT this flow using technology to reduce and even cancel 'weight'.

Let's go beyond rockets and rediscover what is being shown to us in so many ways by the ancients. 

You've often read speculation about the pyramid and other megalithic stones being lifted by sound. So I have a 10 inch granite cube and an 8 inch limestone cube, plus iron ball bearings and more to experiment with. Here are my stones and my balls.

I know $50,000 sounds like a lot of money but this is a private research effort without the goals of money, fame or ego, so there is no way to estimate how much it would actually cost to achieve this goal.  It's not just what you are doing, but what are your motives?

After all, NASA and big, often government enriched companies spend billions on flight technology, so this is a drop in the bucket that I will augment and amplify with "out-of-the-box" thinking and actions.

Best of all, I'll give it away so everyone can have it and use it as they will.

So make a generous donation and be the first on your block to learn how to fly things or yourself around like balloons.

Something for you to think about;

"Stone floats in air as Iron floats in water."

Elishas' floating Axe Head

Thank you for helping our planet evolve and advance. - Jerry

This could be you and your friends...wearing gravity dimming belts with waist mounted variable gravity dimming modules.

...Think gravitic variable permeability...GVP as the future...

One day, hopefully soon with your support, we will see real people flying around like these R/C models are doing.

Please make a contribution and help us make this a reality so we can give it away. Eventually anyone can build them, use them, sell them, whatever, just GET IT OUT! No more suppression of antigravity technology!

You can email me  with questions or comments and thanks for your interest and support! - Jerry
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Update 12
Posted by Jerry Decker
16 days ago
04/06/17 - posted an update and this new setup didn't take it will try again... damaged amplifier I think I have it working, will test this weekend...hoping I get some lift out of it. Saw a spook video about nasa saying they had flight technology 50 years ahead of what we see in the air..claimed to be crashed alien tech...been reading that for years.. There was also a video claiming Trump had ordered the release of about 1000 suppressed patents that dealt with health, free energy and gravity, so if thats true, we will see some fun things in the next few years.. Have some errands to run for the test so will report in if it works! - Jerry @ keelynet.com y mas (and more)
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Update 11
Posted by Jerry Decker
15 months ago
01/25/16 - Having recovered from an electrical shock, I am now trying a different approach using 5 different ways to stimulate mass, ranging from resonance to bucking fields. The idea being gravity is caused by incoming aether/zpe into the neutral center of mass, so it should be possible to increase or decrease this influx to make anything heavier or lighter.

I dream about flying several times a week since I was 11 years old, so it keeps me stimulated to look for ways to make it happen in the real world. Many clues in history and accounts of sightings of UFOs, flying machines and flying men, many of which correlate to reinforce my theory of aether/zpe influx, based on Keelys discoveries.

So still at it, still at $750 which I appreciate. Of course could always make things happen faster with more money but it is what it is.

At 62, I don't have a lot more time to be screwing around and would like practical gravity control to be my contribution to life for all to use and enjoy.
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Update 10
Posted by Jerry Decker
20 months ago
08/18/15 - Found an interesting phase adjuster that cost about $130 with shipping. Will let me expand my experiments. Should get it in a 2-4 weeks.

Had a glitch with my ignition coil circuit so repaired that and have 4 different antenna types to test with it.

Next test will be with the 500w amp and 30amp power supply. Have neighbors so can't be making lots of noise from weird experiments. They sure make plenty of noise and often the smell of pot but as they tell us 'you are a guest in our country.' Liked it better when older retired people were my neighbors, much more pleasant.

I keep having dreams of flying. They always seem to show me new things such as how you won't be able to travel far using batteries for power, if just you flying without a ship around you, will get damned cold that increases with speed and various ways to build a flying machine with one or more props but with the ability to reduce weight...

this would temporarily misdirect people as I test the thing publicly. They would see the props, driven by electric motors or me peddling a modified bicycle frame and think wow, ain't he strong...lol...

once I have all the details out so anyone can duplicate it, I can do the big reveal...as by then anyone can build, test and soup it up as they wish. Or this hovercraft style with distributed lift for more power, except mine would fly many feet above the ground...would need a gyro for stability. Thanks for your donations, they really help! - Jerry
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Update 9
Posted by Jerry Decker
21 months ago
07/04/15 - Happy 4th of July everyone! Have been experimenting with very noisy wideband spark gaps and trying different 'effectors' (the current robotic term) to see what happens. As eager as I am to figure this out, I realized if its been done before, it was never released for people to use, but there are so many stories and clues in history, I truly think my theory is the answer, so still have many other tests to run. I dream about flying every 2-3 nights and always marvel about swimming through the clouds. I think its cellular memory when our ancestors could do this. - Jerry
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John Fagalde
32 months ago

Good luck with your project Jerry. I wish you the very best!

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$770 of $50k goal

Raised by 12 people in 33 months
Created August 6, 2014
Jerry Decker  
14 days ago
pat price
24 months ago

Let's get those flying platforms lifting off. cheers pat

Bang Nguyen
25 months ago
Lorenzo La Rocca
26 months ago

Hope you succeed!

27 months ago
Abraham Lee
27 months ago

Let's do this together! Good luck with your experiments!

28 months ago
32 months ago
32 months ago
33 months ago
John Fagalde
32 months ago

Good luck with your project Jerry. I wish you the very best!

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