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The Story He’s Weaving...
Thank you so much for visiting my project page! God is doing some amazing things and I want to give you the opportunity to share in this glorious encounter, so here’s the background story so you can make an informed decision about being involved.

For as long as I can remember, people have inquired when I was going to put out an album. For years, I didn’t have an answer - as I was waiting on God for His perfect timing. Even when pressured by others that I should record, I knew I could not step outside of God’s seasons - for I firmly believe the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. The Father has spent the last several years guiding me through transitions of laying music down, and picking up deeper relationship choices in Him so that HE could have my heart rather than music having my heart. He’s had to get music aspirations out of my system - because in His wisdom He knew it had become a deeply ingrained part of my identity, rather than having Him as the one and only source for that by which I am defined.

I also have purposefully waited because I’ve seen so many in ministry call themselves, rather than waiting for heaven to usher in a divine invitation. Their goal is a platform, their desire visibility, and their motive ultimately is widespread recognition and fame. I have gone through a process where God asked me to put all my aspirations aside and in the last few years I’ve actually found He fully removed the desire to be a travelling musician out of my system as my eyes were opened to the way of life it can often be for an artist - which includes many parts that are not glamourous. I find it interesting that now that the romantic notions of ministry have been removed from my paradigm, NOW He seems to be saying, “Will you do it for Me? Will you do it whether it’s easy or whether it’s hard? Will you do it whether it’s romantic or not, will you do it - pure and simple for My sake?” I’ve had some hard prayer times in the last year in which I came to the place where I laid myself down on the altar, and picked up His cross instead and said “with Your help - yes I will.”

How this project was birthed...
Fast forward several years and several healing processes later - and we arrive at last fall. In October 2013 - I had bartered some studio work with a friend of mine - and after we laid down 3 demos that were never really meant to go anywhere  - God gently whispered to my heart “It’s time Carlene. These three songs you just recorded are actually meant to be the start of your first album. Trust Me, follow Me for I have many stories to weave through this whole process. You’re to do it here, and you’re to do it now.”

As so the story began. I had no idea how God would make it come to be as I had no finances to contribute to the process, and with this studio being out of state - it not only meant money was needed for studio time, but money was needed for travel as well. I told the Lord in keeping with His Scriptural integrity I would not go into debt personally to do this project and I believe He has honored that decision to keep me in alignment with His Word. I thought I would be lucky if I somehow got extraneous funds to travel back and record the second segment within a year or two - and was preparing my heart that this album could very well take up to several years to complete at that kind of pace. But my heart was determined to be willing to walk out a long obedience in the same direction - if that's what it would take.

“But God!” (smile!)  In His amazingly strong kindness on my life - He has allowed me to travel back 5 times in less than a year - and every single cent of travel and studio time has been generously covered by donations of friends - all unsolicited support. I simply shared what God was doing - and I kept meeting up with the same reaction “I’ll be praying for you - and I want to sow into this - I HAVE to be part of what God is doing.”  

I have been moved so deeply to see how others have taken this project as personally as if it was their own, giving above and beyond, because they feel so apprehended by the Spirit’s leading to pour into this. In the studio sessions - miracles seem to keep happening. I’ve seen every single guest musician come in, have some kind of encounter or touch - and walk out refreshed by the process, with a different countenance and sometimes even a changed heart. The words “supernatural” have been uttered by some, and we’ve lost track of the many God-moments that were too powerful for words. Many of the musicians have donated their time and talents which is a BIG deal. Others, when they received payment for their session, have turned the check right back into the studio as they felt they were to be even further invested in what God was pouring out. Amazing.

The Need...
Recording, producing, mixing, and mastering, an album is expensive, especially when it's done with excellence, AND when I’m doing it long distance. Not only are funds necessary to complete this project, but funding is needed for basic ministry start-up costs on various fronts. Being mid-way through the process, we are unsure of the exact amount it will take to finish but with other ministry costs involved, we’re estimating $35,000.

Here’s where you come in! Often people think if they can’t give on a larger scale, their contribution can’t do much to make a dent in the overall need. Please let me assure you, “yes it can!” We need only to look at the miracle of what one little boy’s lunch did to feed over 5000 men, women and children. I want to take these songs that the Father has poured into my heart, and feed them as “fresh bread” to the crowds in the world that are desperate to know “there’s got to be more to life than this.” We need Jesus - the world needs Jesus, and yes the church needs Jesus - and it’s a vital time in history. This means it’s imperative that we put a final death blow to thinking that a small amount can only make a small impact. Maturity in Him comes to recognize that in God’s economy little becomes much, and much becomes much more!

So here’s where we are.  I’m asking for the faithfulness of friends to come alongside, to share in heaven’s heartbeat for this project, and to join with me to serve Him “shoulder to shoulder” (Zephaniah 3:9) I can’t do this alone, nor do I want to. The Father is all about relationship, and I can’t think of a better way to get this off the ground than to link arms with others in the Bride of Christ, His glorious Church, and do this thing together.

Ways To Help...
PRAY! We either believe prayer can do all, or it doesn’t work at all. Prayer is powerful friends, prayer truly can move mountains. Even if I could get this project funded in one fell swoop, I would not want to do it without the backing and covering of prayer. This is the most important aspect of the entire project - and on prayer’s hinges, the door to God-moments truly open before us all.

GIVE! - obviously this is an expensive undertaking but from how I’ve seen God usher in provision thus far, I believe getting to the finish line in expedited timing, and full completion is possible! Don’t underestimate what your portion can do. You never know if you will be the one to help us reach the “tipping point” where that next deadline or critical need is met.

SHARE! - we’ve seen it over and over - social media is a HUGE help in spreading the word and stirring up passionate involvement in things that matter. If you have friends or family that you know would pray about and help invest in prophetic worship music ministry - please let them know about this project!

Thank you!
None of us will know until the veil has been fully removed, and we go from seeing in part to seeing in whole, how our little yet faith-filled steps have impacted others and ushered in indescribable glory to His Name. Whatever you are able to do, I put it on Father’s tab, asking Him to immensely bless you for your generosity. I pray Proverbs 11:25 over you “A generous person will prosper...he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” God bless you and keep you my friend!

For the sake of the call,
Carlene “CeCe” Prince

P.S. If you'd like to hear an interview to learn more about this cd project, you can listen to an interview recently aired by Your Network Of Praise on the podcast page:




Also, you can find me on my official FaceBook page at:

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For those not on Facebook

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! I sit by my fireplace this Christmas, & look outside-a beautiful snow-flocked scene. Evergreens standing tall, w/snow-laced branches & my front yard undisturbed w/ fresh snowfall. The holy hush outside matches the holy hush in my heart as I reflect on recent important events.

For 2 years, I’ve been working on my first album. I had no plans for any album EVER, for Father asked me to lay down my aspirations for this years ago. It was my “Isaac” & He asked me to lay it on the altar. I went on w/life sitting at His feet, & learning to hear His heart through all circumstances. I was void of understanding that the next few years of trials, healing, & redemption where all going somewhere-to an eventual outcome of ministry in helping wounded hearts heal by speaking & singing life over others. I was in a 15-year curve of training, although I had no idea that was the undercurrent & eventual mission.

The fall of 2013, I was clueless that a couple-hour barter session w/a friend would result in a “suddenly” of God. He spoke, “Now is the time & you’re to record a full album here in this studio.” I was shocked. Life was busy enough. I lived out-of-state from this studio, I had no time or finances to devote to this. But that day, the miracle of release in my heart to follow God – even if it seemed impossible & crazy – burst onto the scene, quickened my spirit to obey, & resulted in a series of miracles for the next two years.

People who knew of the project would ask me the status, & I was surprised sometimes that some of those inquiries were presented w/ an attitude of impatience, or implication that I was silly for not attempting to get a record deal, or go on American Idol – as a way to get instant success. Well-intended folks, kept pushing unintentionally, to go about this in ways that “made sense” – but Father was leading in a completely different way. He wanted to do this HIS
way, not man’s. Man is concerned w/ fame, but God is concerned w/ faith. He wanted the stories to be
there of how something shouldn’t have happened, but did, because it was brought about His way, in His
timing, using His people, in the chapters HE wrote – not the chapters men wrote.

If it’s by man, it’s easily explainable. But if it’s by Father, the element of miracles, divine timing, resourcing, & complete sovereignty can’t be explained, for He in all His wisdom refuses to be watered down to a formula & that’s what just adds to the breath-taking dimension. It’s all about the journey & like any other holy plan, there are many parts of this story that only God could pull off & that’s what I love about it. It takes all attention off me, & puts all focus on HIM – as it should be. I’m not the warrior, He is. I’m not the planner, He is. I’m not the outcome bringer, He is. I’m not the provider, He is, etc.

That brings us to today. Remember that “Isaac” that for years, was tied to that altar? As Eugene Peterson would put it – “long obedience in the same direction.” Well, I had no idea that approaching Christmas, I would hear a commotion beside me, look over, & see a ram caught in the thicket – which would be the very God-provided ram that would be used in a divine exchange – so that the ram would be sacrificed, not the “Isaac” that God all-along intended for me to give out to the world. It was time.

We had the final stage of mixing & mastering to do on this album. My producer was booked for this month – so we had plans of picking up early next year. A “suddenly” took place – something was unexpectedly cleared from the calendar & he was able to dive in, thanks to the HUGE faith of two special women who had already provided significant funding for this last phase.

There was a ton of pushing, long days & nights, but as one friend prayed, we were given the special ability to have “hinds feet on high places” to quickly and sure-footedly scale the heights, & the big news! At 7:56pm, MST, on Wed, December 23rd, 2015 - “Songs From Jacob’s Ladder: Ascending” – was “born”!!! We trusted, that if we took our hands off, allowing God to put His hands on, & learned the stretching, beautiful process of relaxing into the tempo & pace Papa set, this album would be “delivered” right on time, and so it has. Just in time for Christmas!

Here is where I must thank all of YOU for making it happen. Many of you have prayed for me, encouraged me, & strategically – gave sacrificially on a financial level. This project was started, sustained, & ultimately finished by Christ, & His bride, the body – which was what my heart’s desire was all along. I didn’t want a record label to “own” me or this project, I wanted Father in place to Author those directions. What you gave allowed me to do it that way-unfettered. I cannot thank God enough for the prayer, prophecy, provision, & providence that this album was birthed in.

So -the album is done, but the release date – is yet another date we are allowing Father to set, not us. I have a personal desire of early next year but that is up to Him to set/change. We have used the funds we had to get this far, so the next prayer request is for provision for business start-up expenses as we get the over-seeing umbrella of Carlene Prince Ministries underway & for all other aspects to come together – lots of graphic design stuff, the actual CD duplications & manufacturing need to be funded as well. I ask that you partner w/ me in prayer to see the ultimate fulfillment of this album come to pass. Remember, this is a 2-CD debut release – so the sooner we get the 1st album released, we can start using CD sales & other
processes to fund completion of the 2nd bookend album: “Songs From Jacob’s Ladder: Descending”! I’m even more excited about the move the Spirit takes on CD #2, so I’m very excited about this whole adventure!! (Btw, CD #2 - is already recorded – so we only need to mix and master that one – and it too will be complete!!)

I must give tribute to the most critical people of all in this process. First, to Scott Jibben of Pulse River Studio. I have never seen anyone work as hard, as diligently, or as bravely as you! Your dedication to excellence always leaves me shaking my head that anyone could be so personally devoted to the vision. Your family is also to be heralded for their sacrifice was great, as you were in the studio for hours on end. Seriously, you meant everything to this CD - these songs are only what they are because of you.

To Jeanne, our studio intercessor, cook extraordinaire, & like a spiritual mid-wife. You fulfilled your call w/ the most incredible faithfulness, precision & attitude I have ever seen. God used you in powerful dimensions, & just like the artist you are in real-life, He used you to paint masterful strokes of comfort, prayer, protection, & counsel – in bright colors & in just the right spaces on this great canvas.

To my business soldiers & partners, & also cooks extraordinaire-Chris & Marisa- you got the call & answered. When Father asked “Whom shall I send?”– you jumped & took your place & heaven-sent position. Thank you for walking this road w/me.

To dear musicians who gave beautifully of their talents. You will impact many!

I have never worked so hard, nor poured myself into anything so much. I thank Him for this moment of birthing & completion!
Scott Jibben, a crazy-talented Producer
Jeanne, our in-studio intercessor!
Chris & Marisa - business soldiers!
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What if compassion was contagious? What if breakthrough was normal? What if joy really WAS our strength? What if Kindgom mentalities, and healed hearts and passionate lifestyles were a result of something God was birthing?

That is indeed what we've seen displayed time and again behind the scenes the last two years while I've been crafting my first two debut CD projects in the studio.

We are SO excited to deliver into the earth the beautiful music the Holy Spirit has been releasing on these projects. But we need your help to make it happen! I believe the manifestations that have been happening in private while recording these albums will begin to appear in public as this music washes over hearts and lives.

Will you help us? Thank you for being part of an answer to prayer and shifting us into the high gear of completion. TOGETHER, we can tap into a place in the Spirit where He is beckoning - and joining Him in HIS journey, always, always transforms ours!

God bless you!
The breaking of the dawn.
The day we recorded a song of the Lord
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Hello dear friends -
It's been a few weeks since I've posted an update, and recently a friend prompted me that it's time to post again, so the incredible story of what God is unfolding can continue.

A few short weeks ago, I made another trip to the studio - and in short, God was with us literally every step of the way. He strengthened what was already laid down, gave us the vision for new things to yet be added and enhanced, and even gave us the gift of testing - which to be vulnerable I will say was incredibly hard to walk through, but in the end God redeemed and I believe the test was purposeful to reinforce in our hearts an understanding of just how deep this work is - and the double strength it will now have on it because I feel we passed the test. ALL of this - only by His hand, only walked through by His grace, and all because of His incredibly deep love and abundance of affection to reach lives (ours and many, many audiences yet to come forth as a result of this music and ministry.)

In that trip - we finally finished laying down ALL instrumental and vocal parts of a large volume of songs, and since then we've gone deep into the mixing process! My producer and I have been incredibly moved at the generosity of people that have literally given on very sacrificial levels to make all this happen....because they recognize God is doing something unique with this story. We thank you so much!

I am nothing special, and recording music is not a new art form, but I am convinced each time He calls a person to go deeper and higher in Him, it is for the sake of a Great Commission that must be fulfilled because He has individual plans for that individual to reach whomever He will place in their path. I'm wondering if you'll help me go deeper, and higher.

He has given me the humbling gift of some of the songs of His heart to sing over the unsaved - so they can come into His grace, and songs to sing over the saved, so they can go much deeper into His heart and be strengthened for the present, as well as the days to come. This is an incredibly critical time in history, and we have no time to lose.

We've come SO far in this work friends. We have more distance to go however. Will you help me run this race? I'm not asking you to go...I'm asking you to send. We need more prayerful and financial covering as there's much more cost to cover to finish this album, as well as business start-up expenses that will make full ministry launch happen with the release of these projects.

God continues to call me, and confirm it over and over. There has been no shortage of signs and jaw-dropping moments. Some of the journey will be joyful, some of it, I already know at a deep heart level, will cost....but with pillars of support around me in the Body of Christ - we can ALL go forward in His glorious might to fulfill the missions He places in front of us.

Would you be willing to be part of my team? Do not let me compel you...let Him. I'm not worth doing it for...but He most definitely is. All I ask is for you to pray an give to Him, from the heart...for HIS heart.

Please check out my Go Fund Me page to donate, and a friendly reminder - if you contact me and give to me directly w/out going through that page, it does save me a processing fee so I am able to utilize the full gift you give.

Thank you SO much dear friends. God bless you.
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"When you were singing...I felt absolutely HELD by that song."

This is what one precious woman told me, with tears in her eyes, after she heard me recently sing. Of all the things someone could express, what a beautiful way to describe it! She felt HELD by the song.

I've always prayed the Father would use my music like lullabies for the heart and soul....that everything from the melodies, to the instrumentation, to the lyrics, to the dynamics, would rush into lives and help them heal, and inspire them to reach deeper in the Father for His absolute best experience in the living, breathing Holy Spirit.

This experience and testimony happens of course in live performances, but what I long for is to have these kinds of testimonies as a result of many people getting to replay recorded music over and over - anytime they're needing a fresh touch of the Lord...hence my burning desire to see this CD finalized, and released!

It's been a long time since I've posted about the status of my upcoming debut album project. Honestly, I've not felt prompted to say much, but now I feel it's time to begin asking for prayerful and financial support.

I continue to have a fire burn in my heart for this project which the Lord has birthed in the last several months and it's time to go back into the studio to lay down the last handful of songs. We are calling these songs "the dessert pieces!" :) ... these are the fun, more upbeat numbers that will round out the more contemplative pieces on the project.

Would you be willing to help us complete the dessert portion of the project? Just think! You could be the chocolate frosting on the cake! :)

I will be heading back into the studio June 1st. As has been the journey in the past, the Lord is asking me to follow Him and trust in faith - so we have booked the studio for a couple of weeks and need to see $7k come in to cover. This will provide the funding needed for those sessions as well as overflow to begin the mixing process which is the next crucial step.

Please know EVERY bit helps - and it especially helps if you contact me OFF-LINE to contribute. I'm glad to accept donations on this site, but it does charge me a fee so if you are able to send your gift personally, I'll be able to utilize the full extent of your gift.

PLEASE PRAY with me...mighty things happen when we trust God and work together!!

Thank you friends!
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$29,653 of $35,000 goal

Raised by 80 people in 57 months
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