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Every grad deserves to be rewarded for their hard work, and an online fundraiser is one of the fastest and most collaborative ways to do just that. Grads and their friends and family can easily start a graduation GoFundMe to celebrate this milestone and fund the road ahead.


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Celebrate with these graduation fundraising ideas

Get inspired by these graduation fundraising ideas

1. Gifts and fun

Akka knew that GoFundMe would give friends and family a fast and simple way to celebrate her daughter’s graduation from college without the hassle of snail mail. She collected all the GoFundMe donations, tucked the money into a pink envelope, and presented it to her daughter on graduation day. Raksha was moved to tears by the generosity her community showed her through nearly $7,000 in donations.

Kingston, NY
Driven by immense self-effort and with astounding grace; Raksha Boiteau will ...
Last donation 1w ago
$7,054 raised of $5,000
$7,054 raised

2. Trips and experiences

Chance’s family knew they wanted a quick and simple way to celebrate their daughter’s dedication to studying French for six years. It was only fitting that she spend a summer in Paris putting her well-honed language skills to use and making lifelong memories, so they started a GoFundMe. Their fundraiser for Chance surpassed its goal in less than two months, and now Chance is on her way to making her Paris trip a reality.

Reseda, CA
Chance has been studying French for six years and we'd love to send her to Par...
Last donation 1mo ago
$3,705 raised of $3,000
$3,705 raised

3. College survival fund

Telling your story is an amazing way to inspire generosity in your community. Take Jawuan, a high school graduate who worked overtime to achieve his dream of attending The Juilliard School of Drama. Creating a GoFundMe let him compile his hard work, volunteer acts, and love of theater into a narrative that resonated with friends and family. As a result, Jawuan’s community overwhelmingly supported him on his journey to Juilliard.

Dumfries, VA
Hi my name is Jawuan Hill and this summer I will transition as a graduating sen...
Last donation 2d ago
$48,815 raised of $35,000
$48,815 raised

4. Tuition help

Being able to easily share your GoFundMe on social platforms is key to fundraising success. Just ask Dahlia, whose GoFundMe for tuition costs raised over $20,000 after being shared over 300 times on social media. Thanks to the incredible support from friends and strangers alike, Dahlia will soon be able to achieve her dream of attending Binghamton University to study English. 

Bronx, NY
My name is Dahlia Bekong. I'm currently a senior at the Bronx High School of Sci...
Last donation 3d ago
$22,045 raised of $22,000
$22,045 raised

5. Essential supplies

Giving a heartfelt thanks to the people celebrating your graduation couldn’t be easier with GoFundMe’s fundraising tools. Nico took this show of gratitude a step further and thanked friends and family members by creating original pieces of art for them on a new iPad purchased with GoFundMe donations. Thanks to the iPad, Nico is able to continue a digital art career.

Ellicott City, MD
Hey! I’m graduating this May! Instead of a graduation party (thanks COVID) and...
Last donation 1mo ago
$1,840 raised of $1,700
$1,840 raised

6. Post-college expenses

Sometimes you need to raise money quickly so you can focus on what really matters. Stasya realized this when working numerous jobs while preparing to graduate. She started a GoFundMe so she could focus on her final exams instead of worrying about moving expenses, rent, and other post-college costs. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, Stasya got more than halfway to her goal in less than a month.

Eugene, OR
Hi everyone. I'm starting this fundraiser to raise funds for post-graduation mov...
Last donation 4w ago
$2,485 raised of $4,000
$2,485 raised

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