Your GoFundMe Charity Page: Three Email Tips that Drive Action

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Your GoFundMe charity page makes it easy for people to discover and support your organization in any way they choose–by starting a fundraiser, sharing, or donating directly to your charity. With a strong email campaign, you can leverage these powerful features to help your network easily raise money for your cause. In this article, we offer three key tips to help your organization share and communicate the value of your GoFundMe charity page, and we cover how to encourage supporters to take action.

1. Use an audience-first approach

In your communication, focus on how your charity page makes it easier for readers to support your organization. Consider incorporating language like:

  • Start a fundraiser in under two minutes
  • Donate safely and securely
  • Take action in just a few clicks
  • Connect with a community of fellow supporters
  • Our charity page is a centralized location where you can support our organization at any time, however you like
  • Donate, fundraise, or share from one easy, centralized location

Adopting an audience-first approach ensures your messaging resonates with your supporters and compels them to visit your charity page to take action. 

2. End with a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Ending your email with a clear ask helps your supporters understand how they can help or what they can do next. Aim to keep the CTA clear and concise, with one primary ask per communication. Use clickable buttons or links at the end of your email to make the ask stand out. For example:

  • Support [enter your charity name here] and donate $25 today
  • Start a GoFundMe for [enter your charity name here]
  • Check out [enter your charity name here] on GoFundMe

These are samples of different call-to-actions you can use. For more inspiration, look at other charity email examples and decide whether the CTA works for your email. Because every nonprofit’s audience differs, it’s important to experiment with different CTAs to see which ones resonate best with your supporters.

3. Keep it simple

Opt for brevity. If your email is too long, readers may feel overwhelmed or unclear on the ask. If your email is too short and lacks context, readers may not be inspired to take action.

To help you strike the right balance, read through your draft and answer these three questions:

  • Is every line in this email meaningful and interesting?
  • Will readers feel compelled to take action?
  • Will readers know exactly how to take action?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you may want to consider revising your email.

Email your supporters today

Before hitting send, make sure you’ve linked to your charity page throughout the body of your email so readers can easily take action. For reference, you can find your charity page link in your charity dashboard. Once you’ve sent the email to your supporters, use your dashboard to monitor engagement and access key reports.

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Written by Jeff Chambers