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Paige Kutilek
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Here at GoFundMe, we see a large number of fundraisers for people fighting cancer—either on behalf of a specific person or against the disease more broadly. Even though cancer is about as serious a subject as it gets, it’s not uncommon for people running cancer fundraisers to give themselves surprisingly fun or funny team names.

Funny cancer fundraising team names make it easier for crowdfunding team members to reach out to friends and family and share their fundraisers—because the name can make the subject of cancer, and the fight against it, seem less scary and intimidating.

In our experience, cancer fundraising teams that have a fun, funny, or inspiring name raise more funds than those that don’t. Even when people choose a serious name for a cancer fundraiser, it’s usually best if the name sets itself apart in some way, perhaps by being personal or inspirational.

The name of the cancer-fighting team game

One of the benefits of using a light-hearted team name is that it sets the tone for the words of encouragement and support the beneficiary receives and can give supporters a way to connect through humor and encouragement. It’s one way to help make things less somber and more uplifting.

We’ve compiled a list of fun, funny, and inspiring cancer fundraising team names to help you kickstart your brainstorming session and come up with your own moniker.

Team (first name last name) rhyme game

Including the name of the individual you’re supporting in the title gives the team name an undeniable link to the beneficiary (and makes it easy for supporters to find the fundraiser on GoFundMe). An end rhyme is a great way to complete the team name—for example, Team Tim Carter Crushes Cancer Harder, or Team Olivia Lear: Melanoma Outta Here!

Cancer curesaders

If you are looking for a name that rolls off of the tongue, try alliteration—repetition of initial sounds. This team name highlights the purpose of the fundraiser within its name, to find a cure for cancer, while also adding some levity and a pun. You can also add a personal twist with a title such as Christina’s Cancer Curesaders.

Pirates of the cure-ibbean

Puns are one key to coming up with a cool team name, and can be a great way to grab people’s attention with cleverness. Just make sure your pun isn’t too groan-worthy (test it with friends before you commit).

Hawaii cure-o

Tap into existing popular memes and themes, such as a famous TV show, to create a fun cancer fundraising team name. Riffs on TV shows, books, movies, or song titles can also inspire costume or team uniform ideas—and there are few better ways to raise team morale than silly outfits.

Too inspired to be tired

A more serious inspirational name packs a punch of motivation. The fight against cancer requires a never ending will to succeed, and team names that take this tack encapsulate that need to keep pushing forward, regardless of difficulty. Combine a bit of humor with inspiration, and you’ll have a powerful name that makes the best of both worlds.

Other commonly used cancer fighting team names we’ve seen include Tumorators, Cancer Stompers, Lords of Radiation, Oncolobusters, Cancer Spankers, and Cancer Cops.

Cancer fundraisers on GoFundMe

Here are links to a few GoFundMe cancer fundraisers, all of which use their titles to generate interest and motivate teams and donors:

Other cancer crowdfunding resources

Obviously, choosing a fun team name is only one aspect of running a cancer crowdfunding fundraiser. You’ll find a wide range of resources to help you on our crowdfunding platform. Perhaps you’ve wondered what to say to someone with cancer, or how to help a friend with cancer. There are also a number of available resources and trusted financial help for cancer patients. We have tips for specific types of cancer, including lung cancer fundraising. And if you’d like to raise funds for a breast cancer cure, check out our guide to raising money for breast cancer research.

Team up and start cancer fundraising

If you’ve got a funny cancer fundraising team name ready to rock, we’re ready to help with GoFundMe’s free crowdfunding platform. As with any fundraiser on our site, we have a 0% platform fee. Start a free cancer fundraiser today. And if you’re in need of more inspiration, we have many more fundraising ideas.

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