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Paige Kutilek

I'm keen on creating meaningful and thoughtful content that will have an impact. I'm a dedicated individual with a creative touch who is always eager to learn more. Lover of cats, avocados, and tea.

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Where to Turn When You Need Financial Help

Need financial help after unexpected medical bills? You’re not alone. Have you found yourself worrying about paying for unexpected medical…

|6 min read

Financial Assistance

How You Can Get Help With Burial Expenses

After a loved one passes away, we’re confronted with the costs of funerals and memorials, as well as cremations or…

|3 min read

Financial Assistance

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The Top Ten Donation Request Tips for Beginner Fundraisers

Thanks to crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, it’s easier than ever to get support and raise funds for your cause. A…

|6 min read

Fundraising Strategy

What to Say to Someone With Cancer

It’s hard to know what to say to someone with cancer. Even when your heart’s in the right place, it’s…

|7 min read


birthday candles on cake

How to Create a Birthday Fundraiser

Any fundraiser runs over a defined timespan. One question to ask yourself is whether any important dates, for you or…

|4 min read

Fundraiser Promotion

Auto Draft

|0 min read
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How to Get Donations From These Five Types of Donors

Are you looking for ways to get more donations for your fundraiser? It’s helpful to ask yourself, what drives people to…

|6 min read

Fundraising Strategy

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Top Online Fundraising Trends From 2019 That You Can’t Miss

Studying trends can give us insights into how people interact with the world. Once we understand why people are acting…

|7 min read

Fundraising Strategy

Helping Out in the Farm Cafe

Charitable Giving: 12 Easy Ways to Make an Impact

Charitable giving is a fundamental part of American culture. A recent survey by Bankrate found that 96% of Americans have…

|6 min read

Fundraising Strategy

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