Have You Been Affected by a Hurricane? Get Help

The Weather Channel and GoFundMe have teamed up to help people in the path of a natural disaster be prepared and recover quicker than ever before. 
If a hurricane has impacted you or someone you know, you can start a GoFundMe to get on the road to recovery.

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People using GoFundMe to rebuild and recover

You’re not alone in asking for help—millions of people have turned to GoFundMe
to find the support they need.

    Success stories

    Helping a friend recover

    “Thank you all for helping Lynn through this time. She has found a place and is getting settled. This is possible because of all of you!”

    Success stories

    Rebuilding after the hurricane

    “Thanks to our supporters we are now in a new house and out of hotel rooms.”


    Finding shelter after the storm

    “Your generosity has helped cover hotel and food for a month while we were displaced in a city 3 hours away from home. We now have water and electricity. Thank you for being a light during this dark moment for me.”


    The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel is committed to helping keep people safe. In the everyday, and in the moments that matter most. The Weather Channel is helping connect the victims of severe weather with GoFundMe, to aid them in finding relief. For breaking weather news and the latest on the storm, go to weather.com.

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