9th Annual Community Thanksgiving

Despite fighting ovarian cancer for the last 20 years, this amazing lady hasn’t stopped organizing and hosting her town’s community Thanksgiving. This year, she raised nearly $5,000 to feed the less fortunate a delicious holiday meal.

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Help This Homeless Man & Best Friend

David refused to leave his best friend behind, so now he’s camping on the streets until he can find an affordable pet-friendly home. A kind stranger heard his story, and now she’s fundraising to help put a roof over his head this holiday season.

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Keep Andy & Phyllis Together

Andy and Phyllis have been together for over 23 years, but after their rent was raised, 25 miles and red tape keeps them apart. All Andy wants is to be reunited with his love, so he’s reaching out to his community for help.

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Help Granny Get Back To Work

After having a mild stroke, this 102-year-old granny is recovering and can’t wait to get back to work. With the support of her community, she’s raised over $10k to get out of the hospital and start teaching again.

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Wood Man’s Widower fund

After selling wood for years with his wife by his side, Kenneth now stands alone—but thousands of supporters are making sure he doesn’t feel lonely.

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Mackenzie’s Mexican Wolf Fund

This 12-year-old aspiring zoologist is foregoing her Christmas gifts to help bring two young wolf pups to her community’s zoo.

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Calling All Charities: GoFundMe Teams Up with PayPal Giving Fund

With the holiday fundraising season just around the corner, we at GoFundMe are thrilled to announce a new partnership with PayPal Giving Fund that will give charities and nonprofits an exciting new way to boost donations. It also empowers ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference by starting a GoFundMe for a charity—with more than one million charitable organizations so far to choose from.

What’s more, as part of GoFundMe’s #GoBeyondGiving Challenge, any campaign started on behalf of a charity before December 9 will have the chance to win a $10,000 donation—all you have to do is add the hashtag #GoBeyondGiving and have at least 10 unique donors.

Read on for more about how you can go beyond giving this season with our partnership with PayPal Giving Fund.

I work at a charity. What does this partnership and #GoBeyondGiving Challenge mean for me?

Great news! Thanks to this new partnership, you now have an additional way—and a very special reason—to rally donors to your organization.

Here’s how to get your supporters involved in #GoBeyondGiving: Visit this page and you’ll be prompted to enter your name, email address, and the tax ID of your charity. You’ll then receive a custom link and social media copy that you can send to your audience so they can fundraise on behalf of your charity. By adding the hashtag #GoBeyondGiving to the campaigns they start, your supporters will be entered to win a $10,000 donation toward your charity.

I want to give back to a charity this season. What can I do?

Glad you asked! We’re encouraging everyday people to #GoBeyondGiving by starting a GoFundMe for charity. Thanks to this partnership with PayPal Giving Fund, you can now find over a million charities to fundraise for on the GoFundMe platform. Just start here and we’ll walk you through each step of the process.

What are some of the charities I can find on GoFundMe?

Though there are over a million worthy charities on GoFundMe, here are 10 charities that are are among the most popular on our platform—and all are 3 or 4 star rated charities by Charity Navigator. Start a campaign for one of these organizations to give back today.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (3 stars)
Doctors without Borders, USA (4 stars)
ALSAC – St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (3 stars)
American Refugee Committee (4 stars)
Make-A-Wish America (3 stars)
Water for People (4 stars)
Equality Florida Institute (3 stars)
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (4 stars)
Helping Hand for Relief and Development (4 stars)
Susan G. Komen for the Cure (3 stars)

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This holiday season, we’re challenging you to #GoBeyondGiving and start a GoFundMe for someone in need, a community project, or a charity to make a difference.

Start a GoFundMe between now and December 9th, and it will be entered to receive a $10,000 donation from us.

Or, if you’ve already started a campaign to help someone else, simply add #GoBeyondGiving anywhere in your GoFundMe campaign description for a chance to win.

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2fVB8JP

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Support for Logan Paul

Little Logan is battling unexpected medical issues, but his family’s insurance benefits haven’t kicked in yet. Loved ones want to make sure Logan’s parents can afford the immediate attention he needs, so they are all chipping in toward his hospital bills.

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The New York Times and GoFundMe Collaborate to Raise Funds for Those In Need

For more than 100 years, The New York Times has raised funds to help those in need. Generous readers contribute to The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund to provide direct financial assistance to individuals and families going through a tough time. To raise awareness of the fund and show its impact, The Times shares the stories of some of its beneficiaries.

GoFundMe believes in empowering people to help people and we are excited to collaborate with The New York Times to help raise money for this important fund. For the first time, The Neediest Cases Fund campaign on GoFundMe allows readers to easily donate and share comments online.

How to Donate

The 2016-17 campaign runs from Nov. 13, 2016 through Feb. 3, 2017. The fund distributes its donations to eight nonprofit organizations who serve people of all ages and backgrounds in New York and beyond. You can donate directly to the fund here:

On Sunday through Thursday, The New York Times will profile individuals who have been helped by the fund. Each story will include a GoFundMe campaign, allowing readers to contribute directly from the story. We are already seeing generous readers take action and help those in need. In the first week of the campaign, the GoFundMe community and The New York Times readers have contributed over $95,000 to the Neediest Cases Fund.

Empowering People To Help People

Charitable giving isn’t a new phenomenon. What’s different today is the ability to help just about anyone in the world in just a few clicks—and GoFundMe’s social fundraising platform does just that. We are continually working to make it possible for anyone to quickly raise funds for those in need. In minutes, you can donate to or create a GoFundMe campaign, share it on social media, and encourage your online networks to do the same.

GoFundMe makes it simple to lend a helping hand. Thanks to the generosity of the GoFundMe community and Times readers, we believe we can continue to spread empathy and to help more people than ever before. We’re excited about this collaboration, and we hope you consider donating to The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund.

About The Neediest Cases Fund
Established in 1911 by Adolph S. Ochs, publisher of The New York Times, The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund has raised $288 million since its inception. The Fund’s 105th annual campaign runs from Nov. 13, 2016 through Feb. 3, 2017. Each profile illustrates the stories of those who benefited from the fund and shows the difference that even a modest amount of money can make. The money is distributed to individuals through the fund’s eight participating organizations, often in small amounts targeted to specific needs.

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