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Diapers and formula and strollers, oh my!  Planning for a new baby is exciting, and can also be a little overwhelming.  Friends and loved ones are eager to help, but where to start?  When most friends and family think Baby Shower, adorable newborn onesies come to mind.  Beyond clothes and stuffed animals, though, new parents will need items they haven’t even considered. GoFundMe is a convenient way to collect baby shower money online, giving new parents flexibility on purchases beyond the first few months.

Baby showers are great ways to bring together friends and family from near and far, and for some, half the fun is watching the mom-to-be open her baby shower gifts.  But packing and transporting baby-gear boxes for a long distance baby shower can often be cumbersome for guests and the mom-to-be.  Using GoFundMe, guests can donate to an online baby fund instead, without worrying about traveling logistics or shipping fees. Using the Comments feature, friends can send links and pictures to a variety of favorite products and suggestions.

The fact is, many new parents aren’t sure exactly what they’ll need until after the baby arrives.  Having a site for an online baby shower fund lets parents raise the money needed to purchase accessories and clothes as needed.  Using donations from their GoFundMe baby fund, parents can buy the humidifier they hadn’t thought about, or the stain-resistant seat cover they just discovered.

So how does an online baby shower fund work?  In about a minute, parents-to-be can set up a personalized donation page, and easily update it with sonogram pictures and cravings reports.  Through easy-to-use sharing tools, friends and family can stay informed via Twitter, email, and Facebook. GoFundMe’s Comments and Updates features are great ways for expectant parents to keep loved ones far and wide up-to-date, and for family to provide advice and encouragement.

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