Honeymoon Fund

After setting the guest list, choosing the flowers, and the music, and the food… many couples see the honeymoon as the exciting light at the end to get them through all the planning.  Whether it’s bungee jumping in Sydney, touring the pyramids in Egypt, or simply relaxing on a tropical beach, the honeymoon is that magical first vacation as a newly married couple.

Everyone knows about the gift registry to help the couple furnish a home, but what about honeymoon gifts instead?  For those who value the trip of a lifetime over furnishings, honeymoon donations can be what truly make the start of their lives special.  GoFundMe allows couples to create a honeymoon registry and collect wedding donations online using a secure PayPal account.

When planning a vacation on one’s own, money is always on the mind, and many spectacular activities are skipped in order to stay on budget, especially for those who have just gone through a costly wedding.  Choosing to put wedding gift money towards a honeymoon registry affords newlyweds the chance to go on the extra adventure, to stay the extra day, to try that amazing restaurant they’d read about.  And for those who donate honeymoon money online, they know that they are helping their loved ones live out their dream.

Changing tradition is never easy, especially for those used to a traditional registry.  Etiquette has evolved, though, and most guests and loved ones would rather give a gift they know couples will truly cherish, as opposed to one that will likely sit on a shelf. Using the Update and Photo Upload features on GoFundMe, couples can post lists and pictures of their wish list. Even after couples return, using the variety of sharing tools on GoFundMe, the couple can tell everyone who contributed to their honeymoon what they were able to do using their online honeymoon donations.

Setting up a personalized online honeymoon fund is quick and easy.  In less than a minute, couples can match the color theme to their wedding colors, upload photos, and post a summary of their dream honeymoon for friends and family to see via Twitter, Facebook, or email.