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Last Chance 3 Daddy Daughter Dances

This dad doesn’t have much time left, so his daughters are planning an event to have the father-daughter dances they’ve always dreamed of.

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Support Pervez’s Road to Austria

Donors have raised $2,500 to help get this athlete to the Special Olympics Winter World Games.

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Help Eliza Taylor Build Her School

A big shout-out to friends & fans of Eliza Taylor who have raised $125k to help her build and run a non-profit school in Thailand.

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The Happy Head Project

These two are on an amazing mission to help young hospital patients through the power of virtual reality. #RandomActsofKindnessDay

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Help Aiden see the world!

Aiden’s friends and family are fundraising to send him to @Disneyworld before he loses his eyesight entirely.

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Conjoined twins: Our butterflies!

Even though these conjoined twins have been successfully separated, they still face years of check-ups, hospital visits, and bills that their parents are already struggling to afford.

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Birthday Wish for Chloe

A 13-year-old is going above and beyond to help save her best friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.

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College Students Increasingly Turn To GoFundMe To Pay For Tuition

GoFundMe Releases New Tools and New Data to Help Students Pay for College

REDWOOD CITY, CA | February 15, 2017 — GoFundMe today released a new guidebook highlighting the growing trend of college students who are turning to GoFundMe to pay for tuition and other costs associated with college. In the last three years alone, over 130,000 GoFundMes have raised $60 million from over 850,000 donations for college tuition and related campaigns.

The GoFundMe Guidebook includes three sections:

National Data:
New national data about the growing trend of students using social fundraising to pay for school.

Step-by-Step Instructions and Tips to Launch a Successful GoFundMe:
Step-by-step instructions and important tips for students about how to create a successful GoFundMe to raise money for college.

State-Specific Data:
State-specific data about the cost of college and information about students in your state who have turned to GoFundMe to help reduce their college costs.

To view the guidebook, click HERE.

GoFundMe today also released a new college fundraising hub, which will serve as a resource for students and their communities. We want to make it as easy as possible for GoFundMe donors to find students, as well as giving students and their families the tips and tools they need for a successful campaign. Students and donors can visit the college fundraising hub here:

GoFundMe has made these new resources available to all students, parents, faculty and staff at college campuses across the country to show how easy it is to reduce a student’s bills. GoFundMe will continue to share tips and best practices directly with students to empower them to start campaigns.

About GoFundMe
Launched in 2010, GoFundMe is the world’s largest social fundraising platform, with over $3 billion raised so far. With a community of more than 25 million donors, GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives.

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Timmy’s Fight

Since Timmy can’t make it to school on Valentine’s Day, his community is coming together to make it a day he’ll never forget filled with cards and love.

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Valentines Day for the Homeless

An L.A. business owner is on a mission to make homeless women in her community feel loved this Valentine’s Day by passing out handmade gifts.

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