Taylor Swift’s $50K Donation Results in Raised Giving Limit

On July 7th, a young girl battling cancer named Naomi got a huge surprise when her favorite singer, Taylor Swift, donated $50,000 to her GoFundMe campaign. Naomi and her family were understandably surprised and grateful for such a generous gift.

“Taylor Swift’s donation was so generous that it required us to increase the donation limit on the platform,” said Rob Solomon, GoFundMe CEO. GoFundMe’s previous donation limit was set at $15,000, but has now been increased to $50,000. There are never any limits on how much a campaign can raise.

Including gifts to other campaigns, Taylor Swift has given more than any other donor in GoFundMe history. Solomon added, “What Ms. Swift has done for Naomi and others can inspire the next generation of giving.”

To visit Naomi’s campaign and see her reaction video, please visit this link.

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