Important Update to Our Content Guidelines

** Updated on September 17, 2014 **

We would like to thank all those sharing their reactions to the recent updates made to GoFundMe’s Terms & Conditions. GoFundMe’s decision to block campaigns that directly fund certain activities is based on a standard of content that we feel is appropriate for our wide and varied audience. Much like a television network enforces certain content standards within its programming, GoFundMe also requires that our service is used within the bounds of our terms.

The GoFundMe Team is comprised of members with many different beliefs and views on all issues. Our team feels very strongly that participating in any of the legal activities listed in the prohibited items list is perfectly within a person’s rights as they apply to their own individual lives. For example, GoFundMe does not allow fundraising campaigns that directly fund the purchase of a firearm. In doing so, however, GoFundMe takes no position on a person’s legal right to own a gun. The same argument can be made for any of the legal activities included in the prohibited items list.

In many cases, campaigns relating to, but not directly funding any of the prohibited activities listed below, will remain permissible. Adding to the above example, a campaign that is funding a book about gun history, or a group interested in attending a firearms conference will be permitted since the specific purposes of either campaign does not involve the purchase of a gun.

Accordingly, we have updated some of the language below to further clarify exactly what the prohibited use cases are.

In light of the revised policies, we understand that GoFundMe will not be able to accommodate every person and their unique fundraising needs.

With over one million campaigns created and $450M raised, GoFundMe is a rapidly growing service that will continue to evolve its policies and processes according to the increasing scale at which it operates. Visitors are always encouraged to report any campaigns that they feel violate our terms and GoFundMe will review all submissions on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you,

-The GoFundMe Team


GoFundMe was launched in 2010 to help people raise money for the things that matter to them most. During the last four years, we’ve seen nearly $450M dollars raised by 7M donors for some pretty incredible causes. GoFundMe’s growth has been especially rapid during the last few months with no signs of slowing down. As we scale, it’s important that GoFundMe is used in ways that our community and company can be proud of.

While the vast majority of fundraising activity we see is both heartwarming and inspiring, there will always be those who attempt to challenge GoFundMe’s existing Acceptable Use Policy. In an effort to foster the most positive environment possible, today we’re releasing a detailed list of subject matter that is not permitted on GoFundMe.

As GoFundMe is an open fundraising platform, visitors should not expect to agree with every campaign that they encounter. However, anyone who feels that a campaign is in violation of the content guidelines set forth below is encouraged to contact us:

Our team would like to thank all of the campaign organizers, donors and supporters who have chosen GoFundMe to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Thank you,

-The GoFundMe Team


What’s Not Allowed on GoFundMe

Prohibited Content & Usage Guidelines:

  • Sexually explicit material

  • Sexually suggestive material

  • Adult services or products

  • Pornography of any kind

  • Material relating to adult industry

  • Campaigns in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts

  • Content associated with hate groups or terrorist organizations

  • Campaigns including inflammatory or accusatory statements

  • Underage consumption or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics

  • Drug abuse, products or paraphernalia

  • The purchase of marijuana, legal or otherwise

  • Offering equity or return-on-investment

  • Pyramid or ponzi schemes, “get rich quick” schemes

  • Purchases of annuities, investments, equity or lottery contracts

  • Offshore banking or currency exchanges

  • Betting, gambling, raffles, or sweepstakes

  • Exchange of unrecognized or crypto-currencies

  • Offering monetary rewards, including gift cards

  • Non-medical or violent bodily mutilation

  • Non-prescribed drug use or purchase

  • Graphic content of injuries or procedures

  • Procedures conducted outside of an accredited medical institution

  • Directly funding an abortion (human or animal)

  • The purchase, transfer or production of non-FDA approved ingestible or consumable products and services

  • Hurtful or hateful language

  • Violent or hateful material

  • Materials including bigotry, racism, sexism, or profanity

  • Supporting or inciting treasonous behavior

  • False, misleading, dishonest statements

  • Blood, gore, graphic material

  • Sorcery, unexplained sciences or absurd claims

  • Funding or planning an assassination, suicide, or assisted suicide

  • Ending the life of an animal

  • The purchase, transfer, or exchange of weapons of any kind including guns, knives, explosives and ammunition

  • Campaigns in support of rebel groups, militias, gangs, or any organized violence

While these guidelines may not cover every unique scenario, GoFundMe will always review questionable campaigns on a case-by-case basis and will take appropriate action where necessary.

NOTE: Campaign organizers will not be penalized for unwanted and inappropriate comments relating to the items above posted to their campaigns by others.



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