Big News: Signing Up is Now Free

After much thought, careful consideration and insightful feedback from our users, GoFundMe has changed the way it does business. Beginning today, we’re doing away with our $9 monthly subscription charge for new users – allowing folks to sign up for the service for free.

In place of monthly subscriptions, GoFundMe has introduced an automatic 5% fee on each online donation a user collects. The fee is deducted automatically from each donation as they happen – no bills, no worries. As you might imagine, the donation fee will be used to improve the service and develop new features, while helping GoFundMe continue to provide fantastic customer support.

Of course, if you’re already a GoFundMe customer, no changes will be made your account, and no additional fees will be deducted from any of your donations.

We wouldn’t even think about making this change without ensuring that our donation fee is clearly understood by everyone. Below you’ll find an illustration of what happens to a typical $50 donation on GoFundMe. As always, each and every donation goes directly into your very own PayPal account in real-time.

GoFundMe Fees
Above is the breakdown of a typical $50 online donation on GoFundMe

Note: This chart was updated on 12/29/2010 to reflect reduced rates for GoFundMe users.

For more information about PayPal’s fees, please have a look at the PayPal Website.

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