Alternative Therapy Centre

€5,575 of €12,000 goal

Raised by 14 people in 13 months
We are now open! We did it! Whoop Whoop!

Wow, we have been really busy the last few months, myself, Steve & a handful of our most amazing family & friends, we pulled it off. Our opening event was a success! Thank you guys so much.

To our Dharma Angels.
Once again, I am overwhelmed by gratitude...
I have so many people to thank, that I am not quite sure where to start.
My head has not stopped whirling the last three months, from the initial concept, until our opening event just forty-eight hours ago!

Here are some photographs!


Spain is renowned for its bureaucracy, which has indeed kept me pretty busy the last few months. Along with the cleaning, painting, decorating, gardening, business meetings, networking, graphic design, publicity, & social media, phew. However, with some of the paperwork behind me, i am now looking forward to actually getting down to work at the centre.

It was only after the last of our guests had left our inauguration event on Thursday night, that reality struck. We, together have made this amazing project a reality!
I really could not have conceived that we could achieve this much in this short time.

I realised in the beginning that this project was inspired by the universe, the ideas have been streaming continually; future projects, informative workshops, ideas, one after the other where flowing non-stop! Both day & night!

We fell in love with the old building (now the centre), when we first set eyes on it more than twenty years ago. It was then, the local village school. Ive been wishing for the last ten years :) However the dream of renting this beautiful old building was confirmed upon our initial meeting with the owner. He loved our idea! This was when I realised that Centro Dharma would without doubt, become reality.

I would like to thank all of our "Dharma Angels"

To everyone who has donated, not just financially, but also those of you have donated their time, hard work, assistance & knowledge, amongst many other helpful concessions enabling this project to get off the ground.
We have received so much help, personal loans, many gifts, furniture, displays, works of art, kitchen equipment, the list is endless, "I thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

We are still reliant on donations!
So "please", if you are able to donate in any way possible towards Centro Dharma's growth, we very much appreciate your support.
Please share this post with people you know who would be interested in this type of project.

We've started on a wing & a prayer,
with the items that have been donated to us, however we wish to invest further in professional equipment for our therapy rooms, enabling us to offer a high standard of quality to our clients.
We also wish is to amplify the space available to us, by reforming the second half of our building, into a place where we can offer, seminars, or group activities that require a large area, such as Thai Chi, Chi Gong, or other types of relaxation & movement classes.

We have received so much interest from local practitioners & therapists, that we are proud to offer a wide range of holistic treatments,
consult with our professionals, join our informative talks & support groups & insights into natural alternative treatments, nutritional workshops, & more.

Centro Dharma is proud to offer consultations with our following professional team.

Coaching & Personal Growth
Evolutionary Life Coaching
Couples Counselling

Acupuncture * Kinesiology * Theta Healing * Reiki *
Reconnective Healing * Theta Healing * Lymphatic Drainage
Raindrop Therapy & Vitaflex * Deep Swedish Massage * Sound Healing
Bowen Tecnique * Warm Bamboo Massage * Foot Spa & Pedicure
Tibetan Bowls & Feng Gong Chakra Balancing & Sound Journeys

Non-invasive Health Checks:
Thermal Breast Imaging
Bio-resonance Diagnosis
Food intolerance testing.

Informative talks:
A natural approach to healing & benefits
Making the right choice for you as an individual

Future Courses to include:
Recuperate your Eyesight the Holistic Method
Positive Thinking & Personal Growth
An Insight into Quantum Healthcare
Energy Healing
Indian Head Massage - may 2017
Crystal Healing - may 2017

Trusted Services:
We are delighted to offer a professional service, for foreigners who are seeking a helping had when dealing with obtaining licences, applying for residency, renewing your documents, etc. within our local area.
Our trusted consultant can personally accompany you to appointments, such as; contracting services, or your yearly ITV revision. You can be assured you are receiving the best individual service from our English (Spanish speaker). So that you have a complete understanding regarding your given situation.

Eco Gardening: sustainable plants for arid conditions - - Worm Farm Composting.
Recycling: such as Glass bottles - Reclaimed Wood - Sculptures from recycled Iron a & much more!
Natural Remedies: Herbs & Spices - Organic Herb - medicinal plants, flowers & roots. Aloe - Moringa, Hand of Buddha, & others.
Detoxification - Acid Alkaline Diet & Alkalising Products.

Local charities & people in need,
weather they be special needs children, or just your average family down on their luck, we will be involved, as healing is our passion.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have scribbled down in my little note book.

once again, I thank each & every one of you, I feel truly blessed :)

Feeling truly blessed : )

To donate please hit the link above!

Original Campaign Post Below:

My dream is to start a new business in the Spring 2017!

This is a project that I have had in mind the last four or five years however, I know the time has arrived to take action & place my plans in motion.

The knowledge & experience I have gained over the last few years, has lead me to this point in life. I can not express just how motivated I am, I have always trusted my instinct & it's never been more powerful than right now.

I have so much enthusiasm, & I am confident that my business will thrive. However to convert my dream into reality I could really do with some financial help to get started.

Business Overview:

I visualize establishing a “Well-being Centre” offering Alternative Therapies & Workshops within our local community. I have found the perfect venue, located in a small village, in the vicinity of Velez-Malaga. This location is easily accessible from numerous mountain villages in the surrounding area, & towns along the Andalusia coastline.

This is a beautiful old building with rustic character & delightful garden area. Part of the building, has been reformed & compartmentalized. This is the perfect situation, as I plan to offer alternative therapies . This is what I regard as the main body of the business.

There is a well lit reception area, & three professional, private therapy rooms that I plan to rent. I have contacted a of group of like-minded practitioners offering them the possibility to work alongside me, as I know so many professional therapists in this area who can not afford a premises of their own & are eager to rent a treatment room by the day.

The feedback that I have received has been amazing, all positive, & a large number of therapists are interested in working alongside me. Therefore we have a large selection of alternative treatments available to our clients:

* Energy Healing – Reiki - kinesiology – Acupuncture – Chakra Cleansing & Balancing – Remedial Massage – Raindrop Therapy - Ayurvedic Massage - Nutrition Consultations – Shamanic Cleansing – Bach Flower Remedies – Colour Therapy – Resonance Therapy – Indian Head Massage – Sound Journeys with Tibetan Bowls & Gong Therapy - Radiesthesic Pendulum Therapy – TaiChi- Dorn Method – Tui na – Aromatherapy – Face-lift Massage – Reflexology Cacao Ceremonies - & more.

The venue boasts a large communal room, which is a great area to offer our workshops. The themes will be varied & international, offering both skilled professionals & enthusiasts to share their passion, such as:

Art: Sculpturing - Painting - Ceramic – Jewelery – Salvage Wood Décor – Recycled Material Crafts Personal Growth: Guided Meditations – Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Finding your Mentors
Wellness Presentations: Ideas for Healthy Menus – Nutrition in General – Aromatherapy & Herbs
Alternative therapies: as listed above *
Nutritional: Raw – Acid & Alkaline – Detoxification
Children: Yoga & an Introduction to Meditation for children – Nutrition for Children
Music: African Jembi Drums – Indian Bandari Flute – Biodance – Five Rhythms
Recycle & Repair: Bring your items & fix them with the help of our “engineering minded friends”

(There are endless options for interesting & educational workshops!)

Healthy Snacks & Smoothies:
There is a charming garden area, which will be ideal for serving “Healthy Snacks”.
Such as: Fresh Juices – Smoothies - Coffee – Infusions
Light healthy snacks that would change on a daily basis. Gluten free & vegan options available upon request. Comfortable Seating & relaxing music.

This area is also perfect for “Outdoor Social Events & Workshops”.

Local Talent:
I plan to dedicated space to display a selection of paintings & artisan products from talented local artists, I will personally selected the items, & receive “an agreed” commission upon sale.

Charitable Events:
We also plan to offer our venue free of charge for practitioners to offer their therapies for free to good causes, to benefit the less fortunate in our surrounding area, such as; Food & Shelter donation programs for the hungry & homeless. Therapies for underprivileged children.

Hours of business:
Are not confirmed yet, we are currently consulting with our practitioners as to which timetable is most beneficial for our clients.

In General:
I have personal experience of this area, having had a previous successful business, & foresee this being equally successful & a “Hub” for information, social events & activities.

Over the last 50 years, I have gathered an abundant amount of knowledge lol. I have never been a person to push my beliefs on anyone. However, I find myself more & more passionate regarding informing people as to the adverse effects of processed foods & pharmaceuticals.

I feel that with a base from which to practice, I can reach like-minded people on a larger scale, & put this knowledge into practice, by serving healthy snacks that are freshly prepared, running alongside our nutritional workshops, we hope to inspire others to possibly making a change towards a more healthy diet & lifestyle.

I am so passionate regarding nutritional info & offering natural therapeutic methods, which enable us to overcome most "dis-ease" without relying on prescription drugs, & for this reason I would love to be the one to offer this venue to kinship group of people & practitioners.

In return for your help:

I can offer use of therapy rooms.

Use of the "Workshop Area" (communal room).

I would be more than happy to offer “Energy Healing Sessions” from our centre.

I would be happy to offer “Distance Healing Sessions" on a professional basis.
Regarding both types of “Distance Therapies” we would arrange a date & time that is appropriate for us both.

Organic Supplements & Vitamins available at wholesale prices, within Europe. Or plus postage overseas.

We can supply you with an assortment of Veggie & Vegan Recipes. We are always inventing new delicious meals with both traditional & innovative ingredients.

Artwork that is created within the project.

Free access to any future on-line presentations.

Photo shots & videos of our progress & programs.

The donations I receive will be spent on equipment such as:

Sign for the front of the building – Ramps for Wheelchair Access – Window Blinds.
Professional equipment for three treatment rooms.
Media: Advertising Local Publications - Website.
Operating Licence - Insurance – Inspections - Extinguishers.

Snack Bar Equipment & Installation – Garden Furniture.

Service Charges first 6 months.
Cash register – Scanner/Printer.
Hygienic paper dispensers & Water dispenser.

We plan to keep the start up costs as low as possible by:

Fabricating our own sign, & painting the garden wall with an artistic design.

Installations of any form we will carry out ourselves, by our “in house” constructor.

Graphic design: photographer – advertising – logo - website design & maintenance.

Plant the garden with lush green plants, scented flowers & a comprehensive herb garden, we have access to an extensive range of plants, so we wont have to purchase any.

A compost area to recycle our fruit & veg pulp.

Using plates & glasses that we have made by recycling glass bottles.

Launderette will supply our towels.

Art for the walls will be supplied by internationally renowned artist.

Stone, wood & metal sculptures by a talented local artist.

Purchasing comfortable, washable second-hand garden furniture.

We plan to make two or three sofas from recycled pallets, & purchase the cushions.

Making stools & low tables from our natural slabs of Eucalyptus lumber.

Cleaning & maintenance of the premises.

All contributions, regardless of the amount will be received with heartfelt thanks.

If you would like more detailed information about this project, let me know & I will send you the specific business plan.

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read this post.

May your dreams come true also!

Love Tracey xx
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Laurence & Beatrice Stroud

I am touched & truly grateful. I had a smile on my face all day long, so very sweet of you both. Love & light our beautiful friends xx
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Centro Dharma is now a reality! I am feeling so blessed & so very grateful : )

You are welcome to join us for our opening event on Thursday afternoon May 4th 2017! El Trapiche, Velez-Malaga, Malaga, Spain

I would like to express how overwhelmed with gratitude I feel. I wolud like say “Thank You” to just a few of the beautiful people who have made this possible.

I am eternally grateful to our beautiful universe, along with my personal spiritual mentors.

To my amazing husband Steve, for his support, for your hard work with the preparation of Centro Dharma, for giving the centre an amazing face-lift, & & keeping me grounded throughout.

To my amazing friends, those listed above, & those who wish to remain anonymous. I thank you for having the faith in me, both those who have donated financially, & those who have offered me personal loans, making this dream a reality.

To the owner of the property that I have rented. He has been a key factor in realizing our project. He has been helpful beyond my expectations. I am so very grateful for his support.

I am also most grateful to Birgit, Janet, Kirsti, Manfred, Paula, & Maggie, to mention just a few, who have gifted me so many quality items, inc, lamps, a table, a massage table, a desk, a heater, two beautiful sofas! New towels! The list is endless : )

I would like to thank, many of the people who planned to be involved in our project, who's excitement & super lovely wishes has been staggering. This far outweighs the moments when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of work involved during the preparation stage.

Here are some photos of the exterior below. We are waiting for our sign to be made.
Within the next two weeks you will be able to locate us on Google Maps.

I will post photos of the healing rooms in the next few days! As we are still furnishing all rooms, hanging the artwork, etc. I am currently making the curtains lol! I still have to buy plants, new blankets, then I will publish some more photos of the interior!

I have been surprised by the amount of practitioners interested in working from the centre, I have placed a copy of one of our advertisements that will appear in our local magazine in May.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

With love Tracey
"Centro-Dharma" Natural Therapy Centre
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Whoooohoooo! Today I signed the contract & took possession of the keys to the centre!
I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far to make my dream reality! Over the next couple of weeks I will be cleaning & preparing the centre, however I am starting on a limited budget, & I still have so many plans & ideas that I would love to put into place. So to my many wonderful friends, family & acquaintances who plan to donate, I sincerely thank you.
I will post some photos of the centre & a progress report soon!
With love, euphoric Tracey xx
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Received with gratitude!
I am feeling so blessed by the support & response I have received so far. I would like to thank everyone who has kindly made a donation.
I have reached a quarter of my target, so if there is anyone out there who is in the position to donate towards the "start-up costs" of our "Holistic Clinic" I would sincerely appreciate your support.
This is a project that will benefit all involved, our clients, practitioners, & local artists, along with the community & local charitable organizations.
So I kindly request that you please share my campaign as far & wide as possible.
With love & gratitude Tracey xxx
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€5,575 of €12,000 goal

Raised by 14 people in 13 months
Created January 30, 2017
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Laurence & Beatrice Stroud
9 months ago (Offline Donation)

I am touched & truly grateful. I had a smile on my face all day long, so very sweet of you both. Love & light our beautiful friends xx

10 months ago (Offline Donation)
Beautiful Anonymous
11 months ago (Offline Donation)

I wish to thank this "Beautiful" lady for being so very generous, & for having absolute faith in both myself & my project! Love you beautiful xx

Ivan O'Shea
11 months ago (Offline Donation)

Ivan, I thank you for believing in me! Welcome to our crazy family! Much love xx

Sarah Jones
11 months ago (Offline Donation)

My lovely little sister, I am so grateful for your love, confidence & support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

12 months ago (Offline Donation)
12 months ago (Offline Donation)
richard mowbray
12 months ago

my lovely sis! here is to your success xxxxx your bro

Betty Favot
12 months ago

You will make it!

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