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People use GoFundMe to raise money online and deliver immediate financial relief to those they care about.

Hurricane Sandy Relief
In 2012, Hurricane Sandy inflicted widespread damage across the U.S. Fundraising efforts on GoFundMe helped raise over $1.5M for those affected.
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Believe in Boston
Tragedy struck the 2013 Boston Marathon when two bombs exploded, killing three and injuring many others. Over $3M was raised on GoFundMe for the survivors' recovery.
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Oklahoma Tornado Relief
Oklahoma was ravaged by a series of massive tornadoes in May of 2013 that left thousands homeless. GoFundMe users raised over $350K for relief efforts.
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Colorado Flood Recovery
Heavy flooding hit many Colorado cities in September of 2013. The event marked Colorado's heaviest rainfall in recorded history - thousands of people were evacuated.
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Typhoon Haiyan Relief
In November of 2013, one of the strongest typhoons in recorded history devastated the Philippines. Many took to GoFundMe to aid the country's recovery.
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Help Ferguson Rebuild
In November of 2014, several businesses in Ferguson, Missouri were damaged during massive protests. Nearly $500K has been raised on GoFundMe to help those businesses rebuild.
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Nepal Earthquake Relief
In April of 2015 Nepal was struck with a magintude 7.8 earthquake. Fundraising for relief efforts is currently under way.
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Flood Relief in the Carolinas
Hurricane Joaquin brought record-breaking rainfall and disastrous flooding to the Carolinas. Fundraising relief efforts for the devastated homes, towns, families & communities are underway.
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Southern U.S. Storm Relief
In December of 2015, extreme weather struck the southern U.S., including three tornadoes that left 11 people dead. Donations poured in from around the globe to help those affected rebuild.
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Flint Water Crisis Relief
An emergency was declared in Flint, Michigan, after it was discovered that there were dangerous levels of lead in the water. Many people came together to help provide safe drinking water.
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Ecuador Earthquake Relief
In April 2016, Ecuador was devastated by a powerful earthquake which left hundreds dead, and thousands injured. Within hours, kindhearted people started creating campaigns to help the victims.
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Alberta Fire Relief
In May 2016, raging fires broke out in Alberta, Canada, destroying thousands of homes and displacing even more people. The GoFundMe community sprang into action immediately to help.
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Competing in Rio
Athletes across the nation and around the world have created GoFundMe campaigns. The GoFundMe community sprang into action to help these athletes fulfill their dreams in Rio.
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