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Are you a fan of Men's Adventure Fiction? How about the classic pulp adventures of the early 20th century?

 is a pulp-style, dystopian action/adventure series following the exploits of a freedom fighter as he battles a Nazi regime that has turned America into a dark and bloody war zone

The best way to introduce you to the series is to give you a little history lesson:

But, before we begin this journey, it's important to note that this series is in no way a reflection of my politcal persuassion. I don't claim any party and I couldn't care any less for politics. THIS SERIES IS PURE FICTION!


October 2020 - Independent Presidential candidate William Roberts is the man the people are calling "America's Last Hope". With only a month to go until election day, he's making one last campaign push when he is shot by a would-be assassin. Secret Service agent Max Remington saves Roberts' life by taking two of the three bullets meant for him. 

November 2020 - After a speedy recovery, Roberts claims the prize as the 46th President of the United States. 

January 2021 - Roberts takes Office. Max Remington is cited as a national hero and promoted to Deputy Director of the United States Secret Service.

September 2022 - In a horrifying display of absolute power, Roberts outlaws all firearms for private citizens. The systematic disarming of America begins. Armed conflicts begin to pop up all over the nation between private citizens and the President's Firearms Recovery Task Force.

January 2023 - Roberts declares Martial Law. 

March 2023 - President Roberts ushers in a Nazi regime. Taking his Great Grandfather's last name, Mueller, and proclaiming himself the Supreme Kaiser, he creates the Zuerst Reich - the First Empire of the new millennium - and begins a rule of absolute terror from his stronghold in Detroit, his hometown and new nation's capitol. 

Max Remington, along with over half of the Secret Service agents, resigns his post. Kaiser Mueller orders the execution of every defecting government employee... and their families. Max survives the hit, his family doesn't.

April 2023 - The nation is plunged into a bloody civil war, with the Mississippi River as the dividing line between the United American Federation to the west and the Zuerst Reich to the east.

June 2032 - This is where we join the series. It's been nine years since the country fell apart and, with millions dead, the UAF and ZR are still at war. Only now, instead of all out bloody confrontations, the war has devolved into a series of skirmishes as both sides are wearing thin. 

Max has become a legendary freedom fighter - and the most wanted man in Mueller's Zuerst Reich. Carrying the guilt of having been the man who saved Mueller's life, Max can't help but hold himself responsible for the destruction of his beloved country. Fighting behind enemy lines, the seasoned warrior will spend every ounce of his own sweat and blood to take down the man who murdered his family and destroyed America. 

And he'll do it one Nazi at a time. 
Set primarily in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, each episode in the series will reveal secrets or old enemies or allies from Max's past that may have an impact on his war against the ZR and Mueller. We’ll learn more about the rise of Mueller and the ZR as the series progresses (I’m not going to give it all to the readers up front… where’s the fun in that?)

And Max is not super human. He’s going to be treated like a real person. I’m gonna hurt him. Damage him. Make him bleed. He’ll be faced with gut-wrenching decisions, heart-breaking situations, and overwhelming odds. And he'll push through it all with ice in his veins, fire in his eyes, and a gun in his hand. 


He gets occasional assistance from BOSS, the Bureau of Occupied Strategic Services, an underground network of UAF agents and soldiers operating behind enemy lines throughout the ZR. 

One of Max’s most trusted allies is Gabe “Stitch” Moncrief, an old Marine and former Director of the US Secret Service. Stitch was one of the defecting agents whose Mueller’s hit squads missed. Now, he’s a Field Director with BOSS, working out of an old bomb shelter that’s been converted into a bunker somewhere beneath the streets of Metro Detroit. Stitch is a master at building and modifying just about anything with whatever scraps of junk he can manage to ‘stitch’ together… which is obviously where he gets his nickname.

Though there is an underlying story arc that encapsulates the entire series regarding Max’s personal mission to take down Mueller and his twisted regime, each book in the series will concentrate only on a single mission.


I’m an award winning filmmaker and writer. I've been writing for over 30 years and, since 2015, under my BLOOD TYPE "H" label I publish horror fiction which includes three books and six short stories. I’ve also been published in several literary mags and websites.


It seems there's still a market for Men's Adventure Fiction. 

I’m stepping away from horror to write the Nazi Hunter series because I’m a HUGE fan of the pulps from the early 20th century, as well as, the men’s adventure books I read as a teen in the 80’s.

I created Max Remington
several years ago, because I wanted to recapture that magic and excitement I felt as a kid reading those adventures. However, the idea sat on the shelf until recently when I decided it was time to switch gears and flex my creative muscles in the action genre.

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I've been told my writing style is very engaging and visceral and I waste no time with wordy paragraphs and unnecessary, long, drawn out descriptions. (It doesn't take me three pages to describe a babbling brook or the color of a sunset... you already know what those sound and look like, so why waste your time with it?)

The Nazi Hunter series will be written in 1st person point of view so the reader experiences the war against Mueller from Max’s perspective. This way, the reader will get an insight into Max as a character with a chance to connect with him on a personal level. He's cynical, funny at times, but takes his war against Mueller very seriously.

Through 1st person, the reader will discover things as Max discovers them, will feel what Max feels, hear was he hears. And each book will be written as a 20 to 30 thousand word novella, which makes for a fast read. About 160 to 170 pages and you’re done.

Here’s what some readers and critics have said about my current books and style of writing (these, and more, can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, or Good Reads):

“A great collection of short horror stories. Unique… unnerving... downright brutal! Had my stomach in knots, face cringing, and blood boiling.” Wesley Thomas – Amazon Best Selling Author

“Spellbinding and quite horrifying.“ Nicole Castle, EIC - Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror

“("Confession" is) Possibly the darkest short story ever featured on Deadman's Tome.” Jesse Dedman. Owner/publisher Deadman’s Tome online horror e-zine

“This book is written very well… It was action from the start. It didn't haven't any dull parts. If you are a horror fan I would definitely recommend reading it!” A. Manuel

“I found the stories well written and look forward to seeing what types of novels this author may have written.” PS Winn

“I've read the author's work, all of his works... very well put together, great story lines. keeps you wanting more I'd have to give it a five star!” Omega

“This guy has got a hard core, in your face writing style. Very refreshing.” Kindle Review

“A superb collection and my first encounter with this highly skilled storyteller... provocative, and the characters are people we all know. This makes the stories extremely readable. Horror as it should be.” Simon J.

Here’s an excerpt from the first book, A FISTFUL OF NAZIS :

After a ten minute hike through darkened, burned-out neighborhoods, Fraizh and I arrived at a partially destroyed house right across the street from the garage where he kept his vehicle hidden.

He led me through the back door of the house but stopped in the living room and signaled for me to hit the deck. We both laid low.

“Son of a bitch,” Fraizh strapped on his thermal goggles and looked out the window at the house across the street. “What the fuck are those assholes doing here?”

Through my own thermals, the monochrome image revealed the garage sitting at the end of a driveway, partially hidden behind the old, abandoned single-story a house. In the street, two Tac-force SUVs sat almost bumper to bumper - under the moonlight, the Swastikas on the doors glowed bright in my goggles. The glowing silhouettes of three armed Nazi assholes were on the front porch. Standing around chatting and laughing it up like this was the damned Club Med. A faint glowing of light came from the living room window.


It came from the house across the street. Followed by the faint voices of several guys carrying on inside. It was not unusual for Mueller’s Tac-force screwballs to explore and loot these ruined houses. The lack of streetlamps and traffic in areas like this emboldened them to slack off and do stupid shit in the safety of the darkness.

Tonight would be different for them.

Fraizh was scanning the area. “We have to do this as quietly as possible. There’s a Tac-force outpost two blocks to the east.”

“I'll head around, wide to the right," I readied my MP5 with the sound suppressor. "Come around the side of the house next door.”

It seemed pretty straight forward to Fraizh, but I had a plan “B” in mind. I still didn’t know this guy very well and if this was one big sham, I couldn't put myself in a position to be double-crossed if this big lug was trying to collect a bounty on me. I'd needed to be sure I could get away, so, heading around to the right was my way of scouting out possible escape routes.

Fraizh had put away the goggles. Brought up his M4, outfitted with its own scope and suppressor.

I was about to make my move when a woman’s scream erupted from inside the house across the street. Followed by a man’s voice yelling, “Hold her, dammit!”

Fraizh and I looked at each other for a split second and we each knew exactly what the other was thinking. I forgot all about my plan “B” when he said:

“Do it.”

With my goggles on, I rushed outside through the open doorway and into the night , MP5 shouldered and ready to engage.

I reached the sidewalk.

The three on the front porch were cutting up and laughing so loud they never heard the first...

‘POP’ of Fraizh’s M4.

One sentry went down in a shower of blood and gore when the bullet punched him in the eye.

I never took my sight off the front porch. Through the goggles, I could see the two remaining sentries just standing there. Obviously stunned. I guess they never expected their buddy’s head to explode with no warning.

I reached the middle of the street.

They began to scan the darkness.

Fraizh’s M4 ‘POPPED’ again.

Another sentry went down.

I knew the remaining Nazi goon saw Fraizh’s muzzle flash. He started to bring his Tec-9 up to fire.

I distracted him when he finally noticed me running from between the two SUVs at the curb: a black shadow coming out of the night.

Another ‘POP’ from Fraizh!

The goon's body crumpled like a sack of dog shit from the head shot as I sprinted right up onto the front porch.

The front door was closed. I knelt next to it on the opposite side of the porch from the three bodies. Pulled my goggles down around my neck.

I could hear the struggling just inside the door. The woman’s mouth was gagged, or something, because her screams were now muffled.

Then, from inside the house I heard: “Go see what the hell those assholes are doing out there. Tell them to shut the fuck up or they can sit out there with blue balls all night.”


I looked back at Fraizh. Indicated one was coming to the door. Hopefully, we were on the same vibe.

I waited.

The door opened.

“Hey assholes -” The bastard never finished his statement. Naked, he barely cleared the door way when:


Fraizh put his ass down, too.

A second later, I was through the door.

In the glow of an electric lantern, there were three people in the living room: one woman on the floor, bloodied and naked with a sock tied around her mouth and one around her throat; and two naked Nazi punks.

One of them was facing me, holding her arms. I put him to sleep with a tap of my trigger finger. Three rounds sliced through him. 

The other punk, with his back to me, was busy raping her. It all happened so fast, he didn’t even realize the reaper had come calling until my kick to his head sent him tumbling across the floor.

His body slammed against the wall and my death bringer gave him the same business it gave his piece of shit comrade.

I tossed a nearby blanket over the woman’s nakedness and quickly cleared the other rooms.

I keyed my earpiece: “Get in here.”

Then, I returned to her.

With my Kabar, I cut the socks away from her face and neck. Her body was limp. No pulse.

I gave her CPR and by the time Fraizh was at the front door, she was barely conscious.

Through trembling lips she said only one word: “Truck”.

Her eyes rolled and she slipped away again.

“Dammit!” I began chest compressions on her. Without looking up at him, I told Fraizh: “Check the SUVs.”

“That’s not part of our mission.”

“Check the goddamned SUVs!”

He went.

I tried for several minutes, but she never came back to me. I had no choice but to leave her broken body on the floor.

I pulled the blanket up over her face.

As much as I hated it, Fraizh was right. This wasn’t part of the mission. But this was what our mission was all about. Sometimes, I had a difficulty wrapping my head around that.

I was staring at the dead woman on the floor, remembering my wife, when I heard Fraizh’s voice in my earpiece. “In back of the second SUV. Not good. You want to see this or not?”

I keyed my earpiece:



I already own a small production company, SCORPIOS MEDIA, LLC., and currently it's a one man operation. One of my future business plans is to launch a publishing company under the Scorpios umbrella, called PULP SHARK, that will cater to pulp-style books in the adventure, horror, and, possibly, the sci-fi genres. One of the PULP SHARK projects will be an anthology magazine that will feature adventure stories written by both men and women.

Your funding will enable me to offer writers at least a small advance of sorts for their manuscripts, pay my editor for cleaning them up, and cover production and marketing costs.

With a goal of at least 10 books in the Nazi Hunter series (possibly more if it's a hit), the first five are already mapped out and A FISTFUL OF NAZIS is nearing completion. The plan is to put out at least the first three books this year. Not only is this time consuming, but can be costly. I will be writing full time to create the series. Covers have to be designed, books edited and formatted, promotional materials and website created, marketing and promotions have to be done, book tours, etc.

I welcome any donations and I thank you in advance for helping my dream of being a full time writer/publisher come true. There are perks for higher donation levels, however. Such as: A NAME chosen by you as a character, Signed copies of A FISTFUL OF NAZIS, Signed collection of my other books, a Signed copy of the "I Helped Launch" poster above.


Graphic Novel, Web Series, Netflix or Hulu. My original idea was to make this a web series with an ultimate goal to turn it into a series I can pitch to Netflix or Hulu.  I also have a friend - a former illustrator and character creator for Marvel and DC - who has expressed interest in a future collaboration on a Max Remington graphic novel.

But, for now, I’m concetrating on writing the books in an effort to gain an audience and establish the Max Remington brand

This will make acceptance by Netflix or Hulu much easier. Plus, the books will serve as a blueprint for the web series, when I’m ready for that to happen.

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$5,000 goal

Campaign created 10 months ago
Created March 4, 2018
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