Let South Sudanese Voices be Heard

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You can be part of really changing history in Africa--and saving the most persecuted people in the world.

The people of South Sudan and the marginalized people of Sudan (Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains, Abyei and Darfur) are being persecuted 1) for their faith, 2) in an effort to erase their history and 3)  in order to keep the current regime in power.   

Millions are on the edge of starvation--food is used as a weapon. If they support the corrupt regime in South Sudan or denounce their faith they are allowed to eat and go to school. If not, they can be killed, sold into slavery--the women and girls used as sexual slaves.

    Nuba Mountains native Nazar Suliman at White House protest over genocide in Darfur 2011

They are pleading with the world to listen--and join their effort to let  their voices be heard from the misery that is South Sudan and the East African refugee camps.  Help them make a noise loud enough so that the UN and the US will demand that free, fair elections be held as promised in this year 2018.  

             Headlines on South Sudan crisis 2015-2017

South Sudan's regime is using chaos and terror to stay in office. It is allowing in terror groups like al-shabab and Al Qaida. China and Russia are both on the ground wooing her leaders with promises of cheap money and erasing millions in previous debts. It is doing business with the Islamic government of Sudan in hopes of getting support--and Sudan's President al Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity!

The young of South Sudan are pleading for a chance to change their future from hopelessness to self-determination which can happen with elections--the only legitimate way to get rid of the corruption. 

They are taking their cue from America....many don't have electricity in their homes, but they do have cell phones.  They walk miles just to charge their phones so they can  pass along to their  people in America  what is going on back home. 

  Let their voices be heard:  Bol Gai Deng of Southern Sudan Project, keynote speaker at Nuba Mountains genocide protest at United Nations, 2012

Southern Sudan Project and and its coalition have been protesting and testifying at Congressional hearings for many years about the attacks on the South Sudanese and marginalized people of Sudan.   It is time for the world to hear more than words...to see up close the thousands of suffering people in East Africa.   

Suffering that is man-made.   Suffering caused by a corrupt regime who is trying to stay in power and from the country to the North who would once again like to get its hands on South Sudan's resources and impose Sharia law on the largely Christian country.

Young South Sudanese don't want military dictators who know only war.   They don't want to live under Sharia law.
    The excitment and hope on young Sudanese faces     during  Southern Sudan  Project's 2008 trip to Sudan.

They want to be encouraged by a new vision they have created together with a younger generation of leaders who have lived under democracy and free enterprise; who bear witness that oil can be drilled without pollution, good roads can be built, schools opened; and their farmers, free from violence, can plant their rich lands to fulfill their potential to become the breadbasket of the entire region.  

                           South Sudan refugee camp
                            (courtesy theadvocate.org)

Won't you please give them hope?  Help them raise their voices? Help them generate enough noise from  rallies in the camps and in South Sudan  to make the world aware of the people's plight:  murder and gang rapes allowed by corrupt leaders, the constant threat of Islamic domination, and of having to choose between eating or worshipping their God.

Desperation reigns in South Sudan--a far cry from the euphoria of 2011 when it was birthed as a free country made up of a largely Christian people, proud of a history they can trace back to 3000 BC. The Kingdom of Cush, mentioned numerous times in the Bible, had a reputation for peace and a rich, vibrant trading culture where women played key roles in governing of the Kingdom, almost unique in the ancient world.

The faith of the South Sudanese and marginalized people of Sudan is being sorely tried.   Their pastors are isolated, their flocks are starving and being lured from their faith by offers of  food, treats, and schooling.
Southern Sudan Project's founder Bol Gai Deng with Pastors Tawor and Kua recently  freed from Sudanese prison.   Dec 2017
They are putting their hope for their future in making the world listen to them and to a new generation of leaders  who have been groomed to lead.  People like Bol Gai Deng.  He  was sold into slavery at age 7, escaped from his owner three years later and made his way to refugee camps, and was finally allowed to come to America.

A young Bol Gai Deng (l) with friends at refugee camp after his escape from Arab slaveowner.

Bol worked, learned English and earned degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University--all the while founding organizations, including Southern Sudan Project to help other refugees, especially women, learn to read, write and speak English so they could get better jobs.

    Bol Gai Deng, co-founder of Aweil Youth Assn/USA 

Bol and other Lost Boys in America organized the 45,000 Sudanese across the United States, and thousands of others  in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the East African refugee camps. 

They have set up a communications network  via social media to encourage their people. They are in constant touch and together are forging a vision for South Sudan--built on their Cush heritage of freedom, peace and commerce.   

Now the people in Africa want those who have enjoyed the  benefits of democracy to come  home and face to face, together LET THE WORLD HEAR THEIR CRY FOR FREEDOM

Southern Sudan Project has planned a series of rallies this month at several East African refugee camps.  Thousands are joining together at each camp to show that the South Sudanese people want to choose their own leaders through free, fair elections in 2018 as promised in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. 

The Southern Sudan Project is also sending a delegation to IGAD's (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) Peace Revitalization talks re-convening May 15th in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  They will push for fair elections to be scheduled in South Sudan this year.  Legitimate elections will force an end to the current corrupt regime and give the country a chance at peace.
This effort costs money for plane tickets and to provide security in this very dangerous part of the world.  That is why we need your help to help make this happen.

Freedom and peace will allow humanitarian groups to come in and feed the people.  They will allow farmers to plant their crops for long-term food security.  They will allow medical clinics and schools to re-open.  They will allow the nightmare to end and life to become normal and safe again.

There are high hopes riding on this effort--forcing President Kiir to submit to free, fair elections as he pledged in the 2015 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The United Nations and US diplomats need to hear the people's voices so they will push for elections in 2018. It means providing security for candidates, voters going to the polls and secure absentee ballots for those in the camps and overseas.  

The funding is small when one considers the billions that America and other countries have poured into Africa.  However, it is the only solution that would create permanent, positive change.

    Rabak,  Sudan oil spill, courtesy United Nations EP

South Sudan is a man-made disaster and it will take people who care to help end it.  Won't you help to lighten the load? To show the refugees and people of South Sudan that we, the most free country in the world care about them?  It needn't devastate your wallet: maybe consider forgoing that special cup of coffee one morning and pledge your savings to Save the People of South Sudan?
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Let South Sudanese Voices be Heard!
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I was also deluged with many letters from South Sudanese refugees. Here are snippets from a few of them:
We are receiving tremendous response throughout social media, phone calls and even snail mail from South Sudanese we met on our trip.
From Uganda:

You're brave... I promise to stand behind you to the end, the Yirol people where I come from are known for speaking once and sticking to their words. We'll continue together in the midst of struggles until success finds us
God bless you.

Another from Daniel Deng Kueth Madhan:

"Turning 20 years old this December. Am a man who believes in myself that I can make somethin good for my people and country. We once formd a Secondary schools league under SPLM last year... I was appointed to be the information secretary. And our chairman was really happy for my work. Just wanna let you guys help me understand how politics is though am this young. I believe that future is us. I want the best for this country and its people. I believe you Kush can make it coz you r all youths who are educated. Who know the meaning of life and it's importance..."

This from Jacob Kout in Egypt:

"Great move Chairman, keep up your visit around the world. It will be better then those whom were carrying the guns to kill innocent people. We are behind you. God is great our future president. God selected you, please never give up. you are popular. The way you begin is very interesting. Look forward, we are behind you. Let them talk, the God knows."

Athieng Garang from Kenya:

"Great thanks to you Sir, your visit to East Africa.. Make positive life to many south Sudanese who are here in kenya. Many sent me (FB) friends request. Some call me and write to me and I talk with many on the street of Nairobi. They wanted to know more...I'm ready to tell them all the things you told me during our three days together. I can now tell you Kush party will challenge all the SPLM and other parties in South Sudan at all levels from local government to National government. People are ready to be MPs, state governors on Kush ticket. God bless for making it reality."

Dhieu Ariik from Uganda:

"Thank God for taking you back safely. But before that congratulations upon winning the trust of S. Sudanese in East Africa and beyond . We always seeing the media dominated by your campaigns."

Angok of South Sudan in Uganda:

First and foremost, I would like to register my appreciation to God Almighty for tirelessly standing with you in your continental trip, especially across East Africa....bringing and returning you back safely to US in the midst of ruthless and diabolic men (the so called unknown gunmen) of South Sudan. It was great protection and for that, we give thanks to God Almighty for the great job.

On a similar breath, I would like to register my sincere and heartfelt appreciations to yourself in particular for the great mission you embarked on fearlessly and also, for giving all the South Sudanese youth an opportunity to meet and share their views with you openly...great hospitality, responsibility, concern and determination in you to change the lives of young men in the Sudan for the good of their livelihoods in generations to come.

Personally, I must say, I was very honored and privileged to have met you in person. It was a great pleasure to have met and shared views with you despite being short lived. But I believe another great opportunity will come and we shall even do much bigger things together than this. You're great, brave and focused, I salute you, comrade. Your trip has been wonderful, I must admit and that's generated you and our party massive support by the masses from all walks of life.

I want to tell you that your trip has changed many things and many of the masses you have met on the grassroots are far hoping for a change they will see, fell and benefit on, not just words. Many have already know that there's a party called KDM who's ready to bring the unprecedented sufferings of our people to an end. We're only being held back by fear but honestly, everywhere lives our supporters and all these was brought forth by your trip.

We're beating the odds and we can surprise the world. It's a matter of belief and determination, comrade. We can do it."

Our campaign has ignited a spark of enthusiasm among the younger generations of South Sudanese who never thought to see themselves safely back in their native land. They are reacting positively to the thought of American-style democracy and methods to get their country on its feet and moving toward peace and prosperity. The young man pictured wearing an American flag on his shirt wanted to show his support for our vision. The United States of Kush dedicated to preserving true African culture and history while moving forward to join the modern world on its own terms.

Please help them reach their vision--South Sudan has the resources to pay its own way--they just need to get them out of the hands of the current corrupt regime. South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and his minions must step down now. Help us get the word out! Click on the donate button and give them a chance.
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Southern Sudan Project's Bol Gai Deng and Nazar Suliman are back safe and sound from their East African trip and are awed by the welcome they received. Bol reports:

Nazar Suliman, my security director, and I landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia then flew to Uganda and Kenya before heading back to the United States. We spent 9 days in East Africa, meeting with Team leaders from the refugee camps in all three countries as well as South Sudan, South Sudanese student group leaders from universities across the region, and heads of churches both from South Sudan, the marginalized areas of Sudan and refugee camps. We also met with countless refugees who came, on their own, to tell me of their struggles and desire to return home to live in peace and
resume their lives.

The people of South Sudan are very clear now on what they want: a humanitarian leader who believes in a country of just laws, equally applied, with the power in the hands of the people. Women, victims of brutal rape, want to be protected and allowed to fulfill their own potential.

I know this because leaders of all the various groups gave me results of polls of their communities--90% want Salva Kiir to step down. I was especially interested in talking with South Sudanese women from universities in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan--women who hold not only college degrees, but MASTERS degrees. They told me of going home and applying for jobs and would-be employers tossing their degrees aside saying "I don't care about this, I am only interested in your going to bed with me."

So many of the people we met were starving. Many walked hours, taking their lives in their hands to meet with us. Many hadn't eaten in days--and all they wanted was for us to listen to their concerns. They were in danger being there, as were Nazar and I.

Two 'security men' from South Sudan were there from the time we left the airport in Ethiopia headed for Uganda. These 'security men' were on the plane with us, even after we changed flights to avoid them.

In Uganda, hotel staff alerted Nazar that the Director of South Sudan's National Security Agency, General Akol Koor (who is also President Salva Kiir's brother-in-law) had arrived at our hotel with several of his men, and had leased the entire floor above our rooms.

They followed us from location to location and while Nazar and our security team had closed off entry to unauthorized people, they would stand across the street from the entrance, racking their guns, trying to intimidate my people. General Koor himself went to the manager of one hotel where an event was planned and ordered him to shut it down. When he refused, Koor then went to the police chief who came and ordered the event cancelled.

The trip cost was higher because so many who came had not eaten so we provided food and water. Some events had to be cancelled because of security concerns or South Sudanese government intervention. Our people have been heard and that will continue. We will not stop our campaign to bring peace, democracy and prosperity to South Sudan and our demand that President Kiir and his regime step down NOW. Thank you for all your support. We need your help to press the people's case both at the United Nations and in South Sudan. Please join us and donate whatever you can to save the starving people of South Sudan.
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Today's Facebook post from Don Blake:

This news is not known in the United States. It's as if Black African Lives Don't Matter. Millions of Sudanese people are dying and the United States, the United Nations, the African Union and IGAD sit on their hands. In Syria people are gassed by someone (?) and the US, Great Britain and France immediately send missiles. The men, women and children of South Sudan are dying of starvation at the rate of 100, 000 a Month. Some 4,000,000 are living in refugee camps. The president is killing people. The vice president is killing people.
What is it about Black Africans that the United Nations, the United States, Great Britain and France won't intervene?
Perhaps the Kush Democrat Majority Party leader, Bol Gai Deng , has an answer.
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$603 of $83,000 goal

Raised by 14 people in 19 months
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