Kraaft Shaak on the GO!

$1,395 of $1,000 goal

Raised by 31 people in 25 months
**UPDATED 12-28-2017**
This program has been very beneficial to our adventure but we are going a different way!
Stay tuned to the Kraaft Shaak website for all the updates and more news coming in 2018!
The bottom line - 
*We got the motorhome! as seen in our main photo
*We are moving into it FULL TIME by the end of September!
*We are outfitting for a mobile set up for LIVE shows
*We have sold all our household items and totally downsized.
*We are doing all of this while we are both working our other jobs too!
*The ART KONCERT idea is more than an idea - it is becoming a reality and we plan to begin our first leg of the US TOUR in Spring of 2018!
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has donated to our adventure and who has made this dream a reality - please join us on the website for the next move and all the details!

NOW - about us....

The Kraaft Shaak
is an online interactive community for all sorts of kraafty artsy fun for all levels of all abilities. We learn, explore and grow in creativity TOGETHER! It started as a personal hobby and has become a family of Kraafters all over the world! You can read the full story here: About the Kraaft Shaak!

Currently, what we do at the Kraaft Shaak is limited to to the internet. As we meet new people online and venture into new areas of art and creativity, it is becoming clear to us that we do better IN PERSON and LIVE with people in the audience with us! Often, when we do a live show, we get requests to go on location. Some have asked, “When are you coming to my hometown?”  Some have said, “I want to be part of the audience” and “I want to kraaft live with you on the show.”

We have been blessed to give it a try and we loved it! Watch this ON LOCATION episode...Gelli Plate Tuesday on location!
We intend to take this show on the road, forming a new sub title - Kraaft Shaak on the GO! We want to get a bit more professional with our setup too. We intend to not just travel with a small tripod and a laptop to my Gram's; like we did in that episode. Rather, we want to outfit a traveling rig that will accommodate a full -on location- studio that we can produce a fun and interactive live broadcast to the world from a city near you with YOU in the audience!

What we currently offer:
~Watercolor, mixed media, Gelli® Plating, art journaling, and more! instructional videos, blog posts and design team work.
~Kraaft It LIVE - a free weekly 1 hour broadcast available live and recorded.
~This & That Thursday - a quick, sped up video showing a technique or project for easy consumption.
~Monday Meanderings - a monthly LIVE and interactive chat.
~Exclusive hangouts, sketches, videos and prints for the Patreon supporters.
~Online instructional courses, such as Learn To Draw, at affordable prices under the Simple & Basic title.
~The Kraafters Kommunity, a virtual community for everyone who wants a safe space to learn and grow in the arts.

With Kraaft Shaak on the GO! We want to offer all that and…
~travel across the United States, visiting the fine folks on our map.
~produce the weekly live broadcast with a live studio audience seating 10-12 people who will reserve their seat by using our online booking system. We call it an ART KONCERT!!!!
~travel and teach at local scrapbooking, hobby & crafting stores that desire an in house group function for their employees and customers.
~meet each and every supporter we are capable of meeting.
~share our passion and heartfelt message - all were CREATED by the CREATOR to be CREATIVE!
~hand deliver original artwork to those who order it. we see it unfold.

We firmly believe that everyone was born with God given talents and creative abilities, but not everyone has the opportunity to develop these talents and abilities. It is our hope that God will use Kraaft Shaak on the GO! to bring the opportunity to everyone.

Kraaft Shaak on the GO! is an adventure we want you to be a part of and come along with us. We will use the funds raised here to travel the road and fulfill the lists above bringing an ART KONCERT to you!

It has been my own personal dream to come to a city near our followers, hangout with them in person, see their art journals and works of heART they create. To chat with each person, look them in the eye and tell them how important they have been to this endeavor, this would be a dream come true for me. It is also a passion of my husband’s to drive the big rig, travel the country and meet folks all over. This has been a family decision to downsize and set out on the road. We have decided to sell all our belongings and put all that towards the purchases. We still need your help though to get it fully funded!

PLEASE CONSIDER sharing this campaign!
Sharing this story with family and friends will get our message out there...we want to be the first in the industry to bring the studio to the people who can not attend otherwise. We want to be the first to make it accessible to all people of all abilities and financial levels.

If you believe in this cause and want to see dreams come true, please know that every penny you give will be used to share positive and creative experiences with people all over the country.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in an official sponsorship, please visit our Sponsorship Program Page  to receive the sponsorship package designed to promote your business’ generosity while we travel all over the road.

Our final request - if you would - please pray for this adventure and our safe travels. There is more about that on our website  as well...if you desire.

Thank you - from the Kraaft Shaak team (and the family of Kraafters all over the world!)
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We're making changes!

Hey there donors - we have lots of changes going on and one of them is a big change in our fundraising.

We will be opening a new membership program on our website in the new year.
But first a few things will change...
* In order to simplify everything we do here at the Kraaft Shaak we are going to cancel our Patreon support page.
* We will no longer be actively seeking funding through this GoFundMe page.
* all promotions of Patreon and GoFundMeare ending
Look for all of this to change in the next few days!

Look for the new membership program that has TONS of goodies and extras for everyone to love and some surprises too!

Thank you so much for making all our dreams come true as we are getting ready to hit the road in 2018!!!!!!

The Kraafter Family!
just a sneak of something coming soon
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Hello super fans!
I am so excited to share so much BIG news with you!!!

First - you might have missed it, but we are moved 100% into the motor home and have been living in it - myself, Mr. Kraafter and Tdawgg - for about 6 weeks now! We sold off just about every single thing we could (there are a few boxes left for our oldest to yard sale when the weather turns good again) with the exception of 3 totes filled with pictures and other memorabilia. I have just a few small boxes left of items I am to find a spot for in the storage bays underneath and we will be ready to hit the road!

Second - Mr. Kraafter has put in his two week notice and our move date has been set! In just 2 weeks from now, we will make our way south to Arizona! We are most excited about this because the weather has been quite rough and is looking to drop our final 10 days here! It's not easy to stay warm in a motor home, so we are ready for warmer climates!

Third - we have our very first Kraaft It LIVE! Art Koncert scheduled!!! This is super exciting as we just can not wait to bring this a live audience! I would love for you to attend if you are in Montana and take advantage of this FREE event!
The date is Saturday November 11, 2017. Doors open at 10:00 am Mountain time and the pre-show will begin at 11.
For those unable to attend the live event, we will be airing the Kraaft It LIVE! show on our YouTube channel and that is also FREE! Anyone can watch worldwide!
Here are the links to sign up for the live event:
to watch live on YouTube:

Fourth - We will be doing events in Arizona over the coming months - stay tuned for details on those events.

Fifth - our website and newsletter is under construction but should be looking really good very soon. I hope to have it going 100% before Christmas...STAY TUNED!

Sixth - and finally -
We know there are several folks who have said - "How can I help?" so we are putting this out there...we are looking for donations to help us get the filming and editing equipment needed to bring you more videos. It seems we still need a few things that do cost a pretty penny and selling all of our stuff only brought us about half of what we expected. Mr. Kraafter is going to work while we are stationed in Arizona for several months in order to help us gain the funds we were hoping our sale would have brought in. That will help but take a while, so if you are so inclined to is a list of what your gift will help us get:
~ a new laptop to help us run the show and edit videos
~editing software
~ a camera for Tdawgg to take photos, of art, of guests at live events, of behind the scenes moments
~a printer, paper and ink to print images for live events
~cameras, lights and sound system for the live events
~banner, backdrops, and signage for KIL art koncerts
~advertising funds
~operating funds to reserve banquet rooms and rent equipment until we can buy our own
~ticketing software for website

If this GoFundMe could be shared and fully funded we would be able to do everything on our list and be able to take the show to a city near you.

Become a donor and get a special invite to attend a special meet and greet lunch when we are in YOUR area!

If you can not give a monetary gift, we understand! It would help us out just as much if you would share and spread the word.

We are also looking for prayer warriors who will keep us lifted up during these stressful transitional times. We appreciate this the most!!!

Thank you for being a part of the journey. We can not wait to meet each of you IN PERSON! It is getting so close!!!

Kraaft It LIVE! Art Koncert Krew
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Hello Donors and Fans!
I am very pleased to share that we had a live session today where we explained where we are with this endeavor and how the adventure is going.

It has been happening so fast!
We are doing all the work we can as quickly as we can to get back to a normal routine, but we are also learning what normal looks like from here on out is NOT NORMAL AT ALL!

Anyway, enjoy the replay and all the news and let us know if you have any questions we didn't answer .
Thanks for believing in this dream!!!
-The Kraafters!
Heather Gregg and Tdawgg
A live Q&A with Mr. Kraafter
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We are moving - AGAIN!

Well - this update is LONG overdue.
It has been a crazy CRAZY couple of months here at the Kraaft Shaak and I keep promising a video explanation but then something else changes! SO - quick! Sit down, let's chat - before something new comes along, huh?

As you may know, we began teaching classes at Hobby Lobby stores in Montana and Idaho in June and July. It was an excellent learning experience for the Kraaft Shaak team.
We quickly found a groove, each of the three of us. Mr. Kraafter an excellent driver over long distances and planning the trips with hotel coordination, finding parks for live streaming and the set up of the classes - he was like a machine! I just needed to get out of his way!
Tdawgg found himself very comfortably behind the camera and soon was directing me just where to do what...and his help with loading and unloading and packing and unpacking was so good that when Mr. K and I chose to go a weekend without him, he was sorely missed!!!
I found a groove too - realizing the first weekend, I had too much stuff and not enough focus. I dialed in a very good mixed media kit to be used for every class and was able to streamline a very productive and fun class.

We became a well oiled machine that could set up & tear down in a matter of minutes. We looked like a mule train of the wild west packing in our shopping carts through the stores to the classroom in the back each weekend. We met some awesome folks and had some great lessons in advertising, marketing and PR. All of this, we believe, was God's way of gearing us up for what is to come.
We know now we CAN do this. We all believe we are able to scale up as we grow. We found we worked well together and really enjoyed doing this as a family.
There were set backs too...
traveling in the small car for such long distances made for some medical issues for me. Tdawgg was not a fan of the lonely backseat, and the constant pack it in, pack it out, sleep in hotel, go home...he wanted more adventure! We all did! Mr. Kraafter was a trooper. Working 40 hours at his job all week then driving us all over the two states on his days off...constantly being the column of support when we had empty classroom after empty classroom.
The real disappointment was actually the success story for me - we had 3 students. Now most people will say, "Oh I'm sorry!" and I would reply... "NO! It's great! We had THREE students!!!"
You see, I feel very firmly that if we are there for ONLY ONE PERSON - it was worth it! That ONE person matters just as much as a packed room! I learned so much doing all of this that nothing was a waste - not one minute!

Which brings us to our announcement of MOVING!

On our last and final scheduled weekend of classes, we went to Kalispell, Montana. It was just Mr. K and I this time. We knew no one would be coming to the classes, we even talked about canceling...but we went. As we pulled into town we saw an RV dealership with several used motorhomes parked right up front. We decided we should probably stop by there and look in between the two classes on Saturday.
On Saturday, we sat in the empty classroom and discussed the schedule for the day including looking at those units at the dealership. We also made up our minds that we would likely not continue the class tour until we made some changes. Time of year, vehicle, advertising abilities and so on were big factors.
We took our break in between the two scheduled classes and popped over to look and have lunch.

That is when we were first introduced to what we now refer to as The Adventure Mobile!

It is a fantastic story of a really good deal on something that we are truly blessed to have. I will save that part for another day. For now - I am letting you know where we are in this GoFundMe stuff!

We bought the motorhome...on time. Payments are pretty low, and that was truly a blessing to get! Insurance was a tish higher than we were hoping, but the registration was much lower so once again, GOD IS GOOD!
We still have some MAJOR expenses we are looking at though...
1. we need a trailer to pull behind. We need to take our car with us when we head south. (more details coming) We also need just a bit more space to haul tables and equipment needed for setting up for the next stage of Kraaft Shaak on the GO!

2. We need equipment...the gear stated above as well as computers and wifi hookups and sound gear and will be so surprised to hear what is coming if we get these items!

3. Living, not just existing! We want to bring the show to YOU and in order to do that it will cost a bit in fuel. We are not looking for a handout, just being transparent with the expenses. This one is the BULK of what we will spend money on. Each donation you give or your share brings in, adds tot he gas tank and gets us closer to you!!!

Our fund account gets a boost every now and then (even if you don't see the meter moving) because we are selling everything we own. We sold a couple large items, and about 2/3 of our personal belongings so far.
We have another yard sale scheduled and then a final - please come take it - sale, all before the end of September!
we plan to be in the motorhome FULL TIME as of October 1!

That is all for now - I think I gave you plenty to mull over. Just wanted to update you and say THANK YOU for giving us the courage to step in faith and go where we are being led to go. YOU are a part of this journey and we are grateful to you for being here!

much love, the Kraafters...and now the Adventure Mobile too!
the tour wrap up....
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$1,395 of $1,000 goal

Raised by 31 people in 25 months
Created July 28, 2016
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12 months ago
Liz Kelch-Bush
12 months ago (Offline Donation)

Just a small amount for all you do for us on YouTube. I have learned so much. Thanks and keep going. Love in Christ, Liz

Carol Labuski
13 months ago

Best of luck! Looking forward to seeing you in my home state soon!

Sue M.
14 months ago (Offline Donation)
Russ Worthington
16 months ago

a little toward your dream

Jaime Drumm
16 months ago

What a wonderful concept! So impressed that you came up with it, and that you are working on it to make it a reality. Sure to help so many people and enrich so many lives.

Lila L
18 months ago (Offline Donation)

I hope this helps you get on the road!

tabatha smith
19 months ago

Heather, I hope you meet your goal! Would love to see you bring the "Shaak" to Washington :)

Kenna Bynum
19 months ago

I really enjoyed your Abstract Watercolor- Pouring technique. But my favorite video is the mixed media cross you did. I've learned so much and am going to shop for supplies to do my own piece. Thank you for sharing your talent because it is giving me the confidence to do some of my own artistic exploring!

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