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Please Help me  Get Back Into  my Home!

I've been bullied out of my home. I need your help to move back in! The Boulder City Council embezzles and creates a "chummy" relationship with the courts by feeding residents to judges and attorneys as chow. 

How it Expired

In the spring of 2014, my upstairs neighbor, Dan Schubert, changed our building as in the authorized engineering plans at the Wimbledon II Condominiums. He removed the underlayment and insulation to install engineered hardwood. He gained direct access into my unit. Air flows freely between units. 

Sound Transmission Between Units, Thermal Transmission Between Units and Air/Odor Transmission Between Units are some the building codes that would force the Schuberts to hire an architect or an engineer to bring the building back to current code. 

The Schuberts have psoriasis. They exude gasses incessantly. The smell, much like the Schuberts themselves, is straight out of Mordor. I've breathed their toxic sulfurs and ammonia excretions for five years now. I can't heat my unit as hot air flows upstairs. For the first three years the Schuberts have heated up my unit to a steady and stenchy 48 degrees.

Emilia Schubert, living upstairs, did everything in her power to bully me out of my home. She only seems to leave her unit once or twice a year for a few hours on high holidays. She doesn't seem to work or study. She gives the impression of being mentally ill, at the level of a four year old. It can't be easy growing up with a sadist. 

Emilia would stomp at all hours of the day and night. She hurled furniture around. She dislocated my ceiling lights and the blower wheel on my bathroom fan. She would crouch above me to pass airs, following me around the house, etc.

The Boulder City Building Code Enforcement Team has no written registration of complaints and no disclosure to residents as to the methods of correction. 

3 Builders tell me that City Inspectors take bribes on new construction. Moving buildings? Bad Eifes work? Leaky windows? These could all be signs that a City Inspector got wealthy.

 I first contacted Jon Bergling from the City two years ago. He ignored me for three weeks until I mentioned that I spoke to Jen from Rental Licensing. Then he did call back and did come for an inspection. He told me that flooring is mere cosmetics - there are no building codes for flooring. He then proceeded to ask the Schuberts to install a new furnace and lay out a single layer of carpets to make it possible to keep the unit at 62 degrees, as per rental licensing requirements... 

City Council 

I spoke before the Council. They flatly ignored me.

That evening they were busy with the request of a developer. The development was unsustainable. An instant NO vote was expected. But they tried for hours to vote YES. At the sight of two rooms packed with angry Boulderites, they went into a cryptic discussion which they hoped the highly educated audience would not understand. 

Applebaum suggested that they would need new legislation. Burton was brazenly hillbillish. Morzel refused to recuse herself. She wanted to vote NO. She disclosed that the developer is a campaign donor. The next year the council passed a law forcing residents to pay for developers' private infrastructure expenses. Parking lot expenses may be coming soon.... The city is expected to go into debt due to mismanagement. 

A Second Attempt

When I discovered that Jon Bergling was leading me on I returned. Boulder follows relevant international building codes. The City can also adapt building codes per need, so there is no excuse. 

 I contacted Jen Ross, who flagrantly refused to enforce. She says Sound Transmission Between Units refers to loud parties, call the police. I contacted Meghan Pfanstiel, a BARHA advocate, to speak to the Council again, for no avail. 

I met with a supervisor, LaDonna Eubanks. She suggested I make an open records request for my authorized engineering plans. The Pd&s Records Department searched records based on year (not based on development name) using the wrong year. Surprisingly, they could find no building plans.....

Before I could get a response, I received an email from the Assistant to the City Attorney. She made illegal and out-of-jurisdiction threats to prosecute me for "harassment." I knew this was Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Color of Authority. However, I am familiar with this Cease and Desist Court Scam.


Cease and Desist Court Scams

The Cease and Desist Scam is designed to skip the checks and balances of the executive branch. Here's how it works:

When I first contacted Dan Schubert, back in 2015, requesting that he fix the Building Code Violations, he sent me a warning email, ordering me to cease and desist from harassing him by email. 

Now, it is the law that one must warn a party before commencing on a civil law suit. Additionally, anyone can electronically filter any email they receive. There are no Colorado Statutes regarding "email harassment." There is no such thing. But a motivated DA can wrestle police deputies into issuing a police ticket based on such a "Warning: Cease and Desist" communication. The police officer could end up in prison for refusing. In fact, judges can incarcerate any sheriff using fraudulent contempt of court proceedings.

The police ticket I received listed no charges. I read it several times. But it mentioned a court date. At court the DA offered me a plea deal. I felt that Dan Schubert and the courts could continue imposing false misdemeanor charges using the same method indefinitely. I could end up a felon. 

Judge Moore warned me that she'd be looking at a maximum sentence of six months incarceration. I had no choice but to ask for a jury trial. I knew that at trials judges prevent innocent parties from being heard and can maneuver a jury any way they want.

It was at this point that the judge listed the "charges" on the Register of Record of my file. Anyone can get free copies of their Register of Action to follow up on their case. To my astonishment, the "charges" had nothing to do with "email harassment." Instead, I was charged with a standard list of fraudulent misdemeanor charges matching lies and false rumors made up and propagated by the perpetrator.

Judge Moore carefully crafted the charges to appear like a mistake: innocent enough to mislead a person into believing they can clear it up with a little effort; yet serious enough to warrant spending money on an attorney.

I'm familiar with the court system. I knew that an attorney would immediately plead guilty to all charges. I would have no way of communicating with the judge, since only an Attorney of Record can impress the Register of Action. My attorney would enjoy three months of expensive litigation. Regardless of whether they get paid out of private or public funds, their fees include the financial incentives Judge Moore would be looking for.

Being familiar with the courts, I had already filed several Position Statements with my case. I established myself as a forever-pro-se party; I established a not-guilty pleading; I asked the judge not to introduce other legal entities into my case who would then double up as my attorneys without my knowledge, etc. Judge Moore made several false entries into the Register of Action indicating "an Appearance" but without details for any particular attorney who would be "representing" me.

I now filed a Motion to Stay Case for an Appeal. I mentioned that I was in a position to file a Motion for a Mistrial Investigation. I knew enough not to waste money on a filing fee with the Appeals Courts. They are in cahoots and the appeals get denied illegally and without an explanation unless funding comes through attorney fees. Judge Moore failed to notice that no real appeal had been filed. She responded the way judges at the lower court level typically respond to appeal notices: she "scheduled" a hearing with her.

If, after filing a Motion for an Appeal, one engages with the lower court in any way, that moots their appeal. Judge Moore jotted the "order" for a hearing on my own pleading - she didn't enter it into the Register of Action. I didn't show up for my "hearing." She was in a position to issue an illegal arrest warrant for failure to show. If a clerk signs it, typically the judge's own clerk, the police usually follow through.

Instead of an arrest warrant I got a letter from the DA indicating that my case had been dropped in the "interest of justice." From jail it is incredibly hard to file anything. Indigent inmates get pencil tips and two pieces of paper twice a month. But this was enough to deter Judge Moore and the DA.

If a Motion for Mistrial Investigation is filed, a judge can moot an investigation against her, as well as the publicity involved, by retiring. I had previously forced Judge Angela Arkin into retirement by filing a similar Motion. Thankfully, Judge Moore chose to keep her job and let one slip by. Not so the Building Code Enforcement Team in Boulder




Attorneys offer a 10% kickback to HOA managers who start litigation.  Following a five year Sunshine Report conducted by attorneys, the Colorado Capitol proceeded to "regulate" HOA managers. The newly regulated managers, however, are still allowed to charge the Association undisclosed fees, such as kickbacks from vendors, insurance claims, attorneys, etc.

I was a member and an ambassador at the Community Association Institute for years. I followed the Sunshine Report and naively awaited the new HOA manager regulations. I remained on the Board of Directors to keep my hand on the Association's financial pulse until the new legislation passes.

When the legislation failed it was just a question of time before the managers approach the board for "collaboration." I decided to confront the issue head on.

I let the Directors, headed by Dan Schubert, then president of the HOA, know that there are openings for embezzlement. I urged them to take to self-management. I argued that a licensed HOA manager, a disinterested third party, would have an interest in increasing our expenses for kickbacks. They would entice the Board of Directors with offers of embezzlement. Typically, Board Member don't pay their HOA fees, the HOA pays for their private utility bills, private gardening and renovation projects, etc. Gail Black, who was on the Boulder City Water Board, once presented an $8,000 receipt for tree trimming that she got from the City. The HOA manager reimbursed the money out of HOA funds. 

Dan Schubert and the Board objected to self-management. Shortly after, they lied about the use of $500. Two insurance claims were suddenly secretly filed that were previously voted against. Someone repeatedly tackled with the electric board, indicating that we were possibly paying electric bills for the board.

Our buildings lie on an elevation. During the flood of 2013 the extremities sank, creating fractures in the structure and altering the grading of landscape. We may be wicking water into the building. The Board tampered with the minute orders, garnering membership support.

I tried to get Members involved. They all either sold or joined in. I let the Board and Management know that the building had been altered and that I'm unable to heat up my house. I was ignored.

A couple of years later Classic Property Management encased our mailboxes where there was previously a beautifully designed open space. Initially the Postal Workers couldn't access the boxes. CPM came back twice more to dismantle what they built. Finally, we could get our mail again.

More significantly, CPM installed bright round-the-clock lights above the mailboxes. A new light, a new sprinkler, a new sump-pump - these are all signs that an Association may be paying a new utility bill for its Board. I asked CPM to audit our finances. I mentioned that the Department of Regulative Agencies (staffed with attorneys) is supposed to impose a $1,000 fine if a manager refuses to disclose paperwork. CPM flatly refused. Managers have free access to legal and illegal advice from an Association's attorney. They can typically also enjoy free lunches and other perks from attorney firms. All it takes is a judge who wants to cash in to make CPM above the law. Self-regulation means that attorneys don't have to represent anyone's interest and judges don't have to enforce the law.


Bullied out of my Home


In the fall of 2016 Emilia Schubert had a blondie Schubert come to visit and bless her with gaseous excretions in regular intervals. She used air fresheners liberally and discovered that they bothered me.

I have always used organic cosmetics. I avoid harmful chemicals. Air fresheners, diffusers, candles, cosmetics and other products emit their frangrances using plastic solvents which are illegal in Israel. The saponates, also illegal, attack the membranes of every cell, including bacteria and viruses. My tail bone is tilted from the deniable domestic assault of 10/11/13 by my husband, Harlan Leigh Stein. The tailbone drags the lymph system around and it is unable to respond to these harsh chemical.

Emilia started spraying around the clock.  On colder days Emilia would park outside my window and have her car run for an hour or two.

At first I developed a cough. Then I would convulse and throw up upon entering the unit. Then followed weeks of nausea. It became hard to walk outside, as the sulfates in the sprays made it hard for me to bear the sulfur dioxide emissions from cars. I lost my job. 

One Sunday at Church I noticed that although my environment was good - I still couldn't breath. My lungs became an inflamed blob - they couldn't contract, they couldn't expand. I had no oxygen. It was hard to walk. It was hard to talk. On coming back from Church I moved into my car. I later moved in with friends and family. I can't quite recover all the way because I don't have a place of my own to recover in. I was forced to move all of my personal effects into storage to protect my home from looters. 


An Insurance Claim


While I was away the Schuberts maliciously put down area rugs. For the first time in four years they were no longer heating up my home. Perhaps it was no longer fun without me breathing their filth. As predicted, my pipes froze. I let CPM know before even one drop of water spilled. Although our water bill and pipes are shared, CPM illegally refused to send a plumber.

They maliciously let the water flow for at least 72 hours to ensure mold before calling the police break into the home. They had my phone number.
Two more units were affected by water damage and CPM generated a handsome bill from a restoration company. Next they tried to subrogate damages against my insurance, but I had timely opted out of insurance. Two insurance companies sent me "subrogation bills" on which they can't collect. Multiple attorney firms want me to settle out of court, while admitting that they have no intention of going to court. 


Why a Civil Law Suit Won't Help


The law is predictable. If judges enforced the law no one would litigate. Judges must stay unpredictable to generate revenues. The most common practice is abuse of discretion. An abuse of discretion is the misapplication of one part of the law to another. In my case the judge could, without stating so directly, designate the Schuberts as a protected minority. As a protected minority they would be immune from granting me quiet enjoyment of my home.

Civil attorneys don't discuss the misapplication of laws on appeals. What the party hears in court is vastly different than the fraudulent written record as in the Register of Action. Appeals by pro-se parties are denied illegally and without explanations. 

Selling an illegal unit that can't be heated up or lived in isn't an option. Also, I'm still married after 6 years in divorce.

Virginia Fraser Able, the illegally appointed guardian ad litem is triple paid. Once by the state, $27k. Once by my husband on behalf of Judge Angela Arkin, $27k and once by the poorer party.

The poorer party is told they can attend a meeting at which some stolen property will be returned to them. They think they are meeting the state paid/husband paid guardian ad litem. But the GAL has already been dismissed from the case. They are now meeting their own attorney. They will be billed on behalf of the chief judge and justices. In my case $27k.

I didn't show up to the meeting Warren Marshal of G&G Guns in Lakewood has had my gun for years and won't return it unless I sign divorce agreements and pay the chief judge and justices. My Wimbledon II Condo is premarital. If I sell it it becomes marital property. I couldn't even if I wanted to. 

As I write this, the three board members, Dan Schubert and 5 other Schuberts, Steven Rasmussen with 5 or more family members and Rami and Tamar Boneh with their nerdy son are stalking me 24/7. 

Please Call/write the City for me? 

 I can't ask you to call t he Boulder  City Building Code Compliance  team at 303-441-3239 because the Assistant to the City Attorney threatened me with illegal prosecution. Will you call Mayor Jones Office for me? Ask her to enforce engineering codes for everyone. It is 720-633-7388 or write her at joness@bouldercolorado.gov. Council woman Marry Young is at 303-501-2439  youngm@bouldercolorado.gov. Lisa Morzel is at 303-815-6723 or morzell@bouldercolorado.gov. Aaron Brockett is at 720-984-1863 or  brocketta@bouldercolorado.gov. Sam Weaver is at 303-416-6130 or WeaverS@bouldercolorado.gov. Jil Adler  Grano is at 303-917-6810 or granoj@bouldercolorado.gov. Bob Yates is at 720-310-5829 or yatesb@bouldercolorado.gov. Cindy Carlisle is at 303-434-1456 or carlislec@bouldercolorado.gov. Mirabai Nagle is at 303-818-4128 or naglem@bouldercolorado.gov

Have 50 Penny to Spare? 

·      A USPS campaign,  a postcard is .50c, asking for resident power to push Mayor Jones to enforce building codes Sound Transmission Between Units against unit B9 at 3460 Colorado Ave, Wimbledon II Condominiums, Dan Schubert. I have already attracted Mayor Jones' attention, but she hasn't made the right move yet. Please help. 

·      A USPS campaign, a postcard is .50c, to explain how Governor Hickenlooper passed legislation that preys on 5,000 homeowners in Colorado through malicious HOA Manager Regulation. The purpose is to replace the current board and management for my HOA.  


Thank you!!!!
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I started attending the Har Hashem Synagogue in the fall of 2009. I heard that in the spring just before, two teachers were fired and bullied out of town. They got pregnant just before being fired.
Online someone read to me some obvious lies against these women, made up by Rabbi Deborah Bronstein.
I also heard that Rabbi Joshua Rose of Har Hashem called the police on the two women. The story made no sense.
Once I understood how the Cease And Desist Court Scams works I started to suspect that Har Hashem engages in all kinds of "connections" with the courts.
Rabbi Deborah Bronstein is definitely NOT a spiritual leader type (although she'll shape-shift under pressure.) and yet, people keep paying.... What are they paying for?
As my campaign takes off, Dan Schubert and his wife and others are stalking me all everywhere, any time of day or night. I wonder whether some of these others are simply insulted that Har Hashem community might get exposure....
Dan Schubert can't make me sell and he can't slow down my campaign. He may be reaching a point of depression, which, with his type, might lead to violence and more "connections" in court.
Please reach out to Mayor Jones today on my behalf. The king's clothes are NOT as gorgeous as they say. I say, the king's new clothes are costing me too much to stay quiet. I'll speak until LaDonna Eubanks enforces all necessary building codes as per authorized engineering plans (I do have copies.... nothing I am able to fabricate.... )
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The Boulder City Council is passing laws by which residents pay developers' infrastructure expenses or their parking lot expenses. In return the developers give campaign donations. These can be used for any personal purpose. They can use an LLC. This is illegal. See here: https://library.municode.com/co/boulder/codes/municipal_code?nodeId=TIT13ELCADI_CH2CAFIDI
However, the Council also passes laws and feed residents to the courts. If at any point there is an investigation, the Supreme Court could pass a new local ordinance that prevents the FBI from interfering. Its what they are doing consistently on every front.
Of course, an LLC protects the "donors". Ask Greg Mollenkopf of Mollenkopf Property Management/Boulder HOA. He's been up to all kinds of ilegal activities. If he needs to, he won't conduct business under this name. That's all. See my posts on Quora.com
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I LOVE you ALL! I got gladed out of a Boulder City Council meeting. But I stayed just long enough to realize that Mayor Jones can pick me out of a crowd. Surely the judicial branch is in a position to prevent her from embezzlement. Surely she has to feed the residents to the courts as chow to create a more "chummy" relationship with them. But surely.... she can make ONE exception? Right?
THANK YOU ALL! Maybe one day she'll agree to one exception to her corruption rule?
Q: How many Schuberts does it take to insulate the flooring above you?
A: 8 or 9. But you have to tuck 'em in tightly.
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I own a rental unit in Gunbarrel, Boulder. Greg Mollenkopf of Mollenkopf Property Management/Boulder HOA uses the same subrogation scams and also a mechanic's lien scam. Read about it on Quora. 6:30am on Rosh Hashana my tenant calls that the fire extinguisher is leaking. We already called Mollenkopf/Boulder HOA timely to prevent it. They lied. Now the emergency crew is saying they are coming to "investigate" the leak - not fix it. I'm not afraid of law suits - because the downstairs neighbor knew about all of these scams and voted for the embezzling board and Mollenkopf/Boulder HOA. Can't tell whether they'll try to minimize damages or increase them. I suspect they are just going for their own 10% cut and trying to create as much expense as possible.
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$500 goal

Campaign created 11 months ago
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