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Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute!

Looking for fundraising ideas for kids? Bring your kid fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using GoFundMe. Sign up for free and start fundraising for kids today!
Looking for fundraising ideas for kids? Whether you and your child are raising money for their school, sports team, club, volunteer project, tuition, or more - it can't get any easier than an online fundraising website from GoFundMe! Free to set up, customizable, and ready to go in minutes, GoFundMe allows you to receive donations online through your own personal fundraising website. No more bake sales, no more door-to-door catalogue sales, and no more car washes.
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$3 Billion Raised!
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Let's face it - most fundraising ideas for kids get little bang for their buck (including the amount of time you have to put into them)!

Grandma and the neighbor across the street might just appreciate donating to your fundraiser rather than buying any more candy or wrapping paper! And you might just appreciate not having to bake dozens of cookies, escort your child door-to-door around the neighborhood, or sell wrapping paper to your coworkers.

GoFundMe solves your search for fundraising ideas in the simplest way possible. Customize you and your child's fundraising website with photos, descriptions, choose the color and share it with everyone you know using GoFundMe's built-in sharing tools via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

You and your child can attract additional donors using the "Update" feature, and watch donations fill up your Goal Thermometer. You can embed your GoFundMe page in your school, team, or club's website and even list specific items that donors can contribute to (new uniforms, trophies, team trip to the tournament, etc.)! Stop looking for traditional fundraising ideas for kids and start raising money online now with GoFundMe!
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