Dreamhaven Park

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Raised by 147 people in 55 months

You and your friends step through the arched gateway and are transported to Dreamhaven – a gamer's realm of adventure-quests and specialty events. From the cobblestone courtyard, you can see village’s handmade & farmer's market to your left. Rising in the distance above the blue Swan Lake is a magnificent castle.

As you speak with a village merchant, you discover that several Quests await intrepid adventurers throughout the park.  Will you and your group stake camp for the weekend, or power through in a valiant day of glory?

Where does your journey begin??

To establish an immersive gaming  park & event venue dedicated to:

--Offering visitors, the public, tourists, groups and clubs a truly interactive and unique landscape to visit and host activties, corporate retreats, e-sports, meetings, workshops, festivals, weddings, parties and more!
--Encourage community and economic growth whilst promoting sustainable green-tech practices.
--To providing a venue for artisans and craftpersons, entertainers, LARPers, Gamers, DIYers, and the general public to showcase their work.
--Creating a space that celebrates and teaches the weird, fun, fantasy, unique, and everything ecclectic.


Dreamhaven Park is a project in the works to build a fully themed, all-season gamer's park & event venue.  Host your event, bring your club, company, group, guild or family and camp and get ready to make your own story!

Stroll through the village and shop at the handmade & farmer’s marketplace, venture through the MagicQuest Forest, enjoy food and drink at the Tavern or join us for a gaming extravaganza in the great hall.

You’ll be able to camp or stay in cabins with your friends and family as you take the weekend to explore the realm.

We are dedicated to community inclusiveness.  Have you ever wanted your own artist shop and living studio in one place?  Be a part of our Handmade Market!  How about tending your very own pea-patch garden?  Get yours as Dreamhaven and sell your produce in our public Farmer’s Market!

Looking for a space to host your own retreat, LARP or tabletop event, wedding or workshop? We can help provide your guests a singular experience in this invigorating setting.

Have you ever wanted to learn alternative artisan crafts such as glass blowing?  Blacksmithing? Pottery?  Participate in our workshops hosted by local and guest artists and craftspeople who have made a success from their passion!  Bring your school class by for a hands on, learning field-trip.

Join us to learn how they “did it in the old days” with soap making, honey harvesting, gardening, and more.  Learn how to integrate urban perma-culture into your own setting and practice sustainable-living, green techniques.

1) This campaign!  You can scroll below to investigate the various modules we are planning for the park.  Pick the one you like, and donate for it.  Alternately, you can make a small monthly contribution, even $1 would be awesome!

Artists and vendors, check out our Live-Work buy-in option below.  If you want to secure yourself a permanent space, you can choose either our 3 or 4 year plan to do so.

2) Buy the Coupon-Fairy Booklet!  Seriously.  If you love cosplay, shopping handmade, supporting vendors, merchants and handmade small businesses, BUY THIS BOOK!  It features savings at almost 200 online stores such as Damsel in this Dress , Fox Jaxon Design , Amy Brown Fantasy Art , Abney Park (steampunk music) , and hundreds more.  

Proceeds from the book support BOTH Dreamhaven and The Black Knight Society , historical re-enactment.

3) Go to the Fairyblossom Festival!  Located in Chehalis , June 20-21, 2015 the Fairyblossom Festival is one of our biggest FUNdraisers!  There will be Knights, Fairy Market shopping, Stone Soup Community Potluck and a Costume Contest.  Games! Prizes! Epic times for the whole family!

Get your tickets right here, right NOW!  You don't want to miss this!

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Read on to learn more...

Similar Project Inspiration: Real-life HogwartsEnchanted Forest (Oregon), Fairytale Town (Sacramento, CA)Camlin Village (WA), Great Wolf Lodge (WA), Evermore Park (Pleasant Grove).

(Caption: Enchanted Forest, Salem Or.  Concept photo)

WHO (am I)?:
My real name is Ammie Hague.  I work as an entertainer  & event producer (:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:), small business owner (The Gilded Quill), and social media specialist.  My professional experience includes almost 20 years in sales, marketing and business administration. 

I have been a member of the PNW convention, renfaire, and gaming community for over 20 years, all the way from volunteering to running large-scale events. It is my hope to be able to use what I have learned to build a place that can benefit the communities I love most.

The forecasted timeline is 3-4 years (~2017/18) from beginning to open and operating.

Washington State.  The exact location will depend on where property is found.  I'll be looking for ~40 acres with the surrounding economy to support the business. By the end of 2014, we have established our best markets will be:
--Snohomish County (just north of greater Seattle)
--Lewis County (just south of Olympia)
--Grant County

I want to create a space that revels and celebrates the arts and imagination, providing opportunity and education in these areas.

The PNW presents a viable market and consumer base for such an endeavor.

(Enchanted Forest, Salem, OR: English Village concept photo)

Our first challenge was to raise the funds necessary for a feasibility study, estimated to be ~$15,295.  In 2014 we have raised enough to secure our firm Coupe Architecture and get the ball rolling!

The goal is to utilize this platform for the duration of the project as a way for the community, fans, supporters and micro-investors (such as vendors) able to opt-in formally, or simply donate to the cause as much as they see fit to offer. 

This GoFundMe Project plan will be updated as a dynamic, living document which provides an overview of the plan, and events on the timeline as they occur.

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May 14, 2015: It has been awhile since our last update but neverfear! We have been diligently working away at producing the Fairyblossom Festival ( http://fairyblossomfestival.com/) set for next month and it has been consuming all our time.

After our meeting with COUPE for the first round of really looking at the bubble diagram layouts and park concept, we've been involved in some back-and-forth as the concept becomes increasingly streamlined.

Last night, I finally sat down to update both our website and this campaign to really reflect the overall park vision much more expansively. I really encourage you to take a look at the updates on both platforms!

Also, our Coupon-Fairy Book is moving in to it's THIRD (woohoo!) incarnation this July and we are nearing on almost 200 participating vendors and online stores. The savings are galore and enormous and it is really a very exciting way for us to help market our beloved artists, benefit our supporters, and raise funds for the park.

As ever, we appreciate any and all buzz you are willing to share and generate - thanks everyone!
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Slightly late on announcing the news, please pardon the delay! Our relationship with the Black Knight Society has been sealed.

This is an exciting partnership that mutually builds our community by donating a portion of our proceeds toward supporting their organization.

The Black Knight Society is an organization developed to foster a love for education and exploration through the field of interactive recreation. Hailing from the Wenatchee Valley in Washington state, they are visible in their community often volunteering or hosting mini-events and fundraisers.

Each year, the Black Knight Society produces the Wenatchee Renaissance & Medieval Faire (#WenRen), which is held at Wenatchee Valley College. 2015 dates are: April 25-26!

They performing and putting on educational panels and workshops that demonstrate various aspects of medieval life, combat, dress & fashion, and more!

A portion of the proceeds from every Coupon-Fairy Booklet goes to support this non-profit organization. This year (2015), you can save $3 off your Gate Ticket by purchasing a copy of our Coupon Booklet!

If you're interested in checking them out more, or looking for information on how to join up, you can find them either on facebook, or contact them directly at: ncwblackknightsociety@gmail.com
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January 21, 2015: In the news this week we've got a little peek from Coupe Architecture. These bubble-diagrams on the left are initial sketches of the park layout, as per our last meeting. A charette is a collaboration where design solutions are brainstormed and then proposed for a project.

It is quite a bit different from our original concept map (which was to be expected), and reflects the overall concept a bit better in regards to the "Fantasy Village" layout. We should be seeing some more formal drawings as time goes on, as well as an updated color map.

We'll be using these sketches to create a large-scale modular map of the park as we move into the phase of collecting relevant business data in order to do our financial analysis.

The coupon-booklet continues to be both a growing success and endeavor. We've already got some excellent names signed up for the next edition like Jasmine Beckett-Griffith!

Our Pinterest Board for the booklet is also another new addition to this version of the book. It conveniently shows which businesses are offering what sort of discounts. It is our hope to develop a phone app for the next incarnation (fingers crossed).

In other news - this week's giveaway comes to us from Herb Leonhard Art! 10 Pairs of Tickets to MythicWorlds in February! Get your entries in and enjoy. :)

Initial Charettes
Page of Coupons
Giveaway from Herb Leonhard Art!
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January 9, 2015: Yes! I am so excited to finally have our 2015 Coupon-Fairy Booklet be live and for sale! In 4Q 2014, we had almost 50 participating vendors/events in the booklet and it was our goal to at least double that for 2015. It's great to say that we have roughly 120 participating businesses now. This incarnation of the booklet includes stores from overseas in the UK and France, the addition of musicians, authors, new events and hundreds of dollars in savings.

If you're not familiar with what how it works, it's like this: the coupon booklet is packed full of coupons from small businesses and events. You buy the booklet and then get to redeem the coupons inside for savings at the participating stores/places. Most of our vendors are online sellers so you can shop from anywhere for the interwebs cover the world!

The awesome part about the booklet is that it not only supports the vendors and small-business commuity, a portion of the proceeds get donated to Dreamhaven Park as well as the Black Knight Society (historical re-enactment & education non-profit). Last year, this stream of our fundraising efforts brought in ~$250 - not bad for a first time effort that only had a couple months to get out there. :)

I cannot possibly say "THANK YOU!" enough to everyone that has jumped on board thus far! We'll of courrse be trying to grow the book even more for the next version, and frequently spotlighting our participating events and vendors because you really should see some of their amazing cosplay, hand-crafted items, indy-published books & music, and geeky, fantasy, beautiful artwork.

If you'd like to buy a copy of the booklet, support Dreamhaven, and save at the same time here's a link (you may also find it at a number of our vendor outlets): https://www.etsy.com/listing/203889029/digital-booklet-for-your-favorite-stores

If you're an author, musician, vendor, artist, event-planner or otherwise interested in participating, you can get more info here:

If you'd just like to donate to Dreamhaven Park you can do that here:

Abney Park
Alexandra Haley Art
Amy Brown Fantasy Art
Aquariann: Art of Kristin Cornell
Art of Deanna Davoli
Art of Jason Gianfriddo
Asspocket Productions
Attention Span Games
Author Debra Brown
Author Jason Andrew Bond
Author Kurtis Bissell
Beasley’s Wonders
Boho Tribal Tent
Brass & Steam Productions
C Kathleen Summers Sculpture
Canterbury Renaissance Faire
Caught in the Net
CCG House.com
Charlotte Summers Art
Charmed Touches Photography
Clean Crops
Crescent Moon Gifts
Damsel in this Dress
DaKara’s Art Creations
Daniel Medina Creations
Dancing Bee Apiary
Deni Marie Classique
Eclectic Butterfly Designs
Elfling Creations
Elysian Pearl
Faeries for Nature
Fairy Cove Silks
Falcorations Odyssey
Fox Jaxon Design
Gargoyles Statuary
Green Fairy Grotto
Half Caff Crochet
Harmonee’s Creations
Her Majesty’s Marketplace
Isles of Day
Kay Marie’s Botique
Kevin E. Cain Illustration
Kreative Kettlecorn
Lady Jewel’s Hair Garlands
Lepidus Plasmatio
Lorellyne’s Enchanted Creations
Maryland Faerie Festival
Mercy Nine Designs
Midnight Dreams
Misty Magic Soap Works
Moddejonge’s Herbals
MonkeySheeps Studio
Oberon’s Tavern
Occams Edge
Oddmall Emporium of the Weird
Off the Cuff Creations
Opal Moon Designs
Oy With The Plushies Already
Party Hardy Balloons
Pretty Things for Little Queens
Priscilla Dawn
PuppyCat Meow
Purple Eggplants Fantasy Art
Queen Mary Tea
Rhododos Nest
Riona’s Cave of Treasures
Rust is Vogue
Scaling Down the Past
Sculpture Soap
Silver Tide Jewelry
Sinister Metalworks
Sleepless Storyteller
Slightly Unbalanced
Solvang Faeriefest
SpoCon Sci-fi / Fantasy Convention
Spokane Renaissance Faire
Stained Glass Butterfly
Stardust Trinkets
Stark Graving Mad
Stellar Goods
Sterling Stiches
Susan Schroder Arts
The Alchemyst
The Art of Herb Leonhard
The Art of Tammy Pryce
The Bloo Pixie
The Dreaming Comics & Games
The Geek, The Bead, and The Shiny
The Gilded Quill
The Kitchen Imp
The Tinker’s Daughter (was Special FX)
The Wicked Griffin
Thyme 2 Dream
Trixzie Art
Weaving Oneness
Wenatchee Renaissance Faire
Willowroot Wands
Yard Birds Indoor Swap
Younique Makeup & Skincare
Zombie Hun

The Dream Lives!
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Chelea Bear
17 months ago

is any of this built yet? Has the land been purchased yet? I was just wondering how far along the project was. please fb messenger me

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$3,367 of $15,300 goal

Raised by 147 people in 55 months
Created May 15, 2014
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Kelsye Carlson
29 months ago

Absolute excitement overwhelms my body!! I can't wait to see this dream realm come true for you all!!

T. Wilson
29 months ago (Offline Donation)

Coupon-Fairy Book 2016 via The Gilded Quill: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gildedquill

29 months ago (Offline Donation)

Coupon-Fairy Book 2016 via The Gilded Quill: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gildedquill

S. Winterhorn
29 months ago (Offline Donation)

Coupon-Fairy Book 2016 via The Gilded Quill: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gildedquill

don hague
29 months ago (Monthly Donation)
don hague
30 months ago (Monthly Donation)
Michael Cowan
31 months ago (Monthly Donation)
don hague
31 months ago (Monthly Donation)
Michael Cowan
32 months ago (Monthly Donation)
don hague
32 months ago (Monthly Donation)
Chelea Bear
17 months ago

is any of this built yet? Has the land been purchased yet? I was just wondering how far along the project was. please fb messenger me

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