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Cancer Fundraising

Personal Fundraising Websites to Raise Money for Cancer Online

Looking for fundraising ideas for cancer? Bring your cancer fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using GoFundMe. Sign up for free and start fundraising for cancer today.
Are you looking for a way to raise money for cancer? If you or someone you love is battling cancer, it can be an emotionally difficult time as well as financially straining. Medical bills and expenses can pile up quickly and become overwhelming. GoFundMe can help you raise funds to assist with these medical bills through online fundraisers that are far less complicated and require less investment than traditional fundraising ideas.

GoFundMe has a better idea for cancer fundraising: a customizable online fundraising website that is free to create, easy to set up, and ready to use in minutes! Signing Up, creating and sharing your campaign is free. A small 5% fee will be automatically deducted from each donation you receive. With GoFundMe, you can raise money for cancer by setting up a webpage where people can donate funds to help you with your medical bills. GoFundMe works largely through people sharing your campaign through built-in social media and sharing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, email and more.
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$2 Billion Raised!
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Friends, Family & Even Strangers Can Send Their Love & Support to You with GoFundMe!

GoFundMe is also a great way to keep friends, family and loved-ones informed with our easy-to-use Update feature. Not only is it easy to share fresh information with the people around you, but your GoFundMe page also serves as a place for your support system to gather online and share encouraging comments.

Spread the word about your cancer fundraiser by using GoFundMe's built-in sharing tools via email, and social media. You can even embed your fundraiser on other websites! All donations to your cancer drive are securely processed by our payment partners and are available immediately. Compare GoFundMe's 5% fee with the amount charged by other traditional oncology bill fundraisers, and subtract the amount of time that you're going to save!

Stop searching for new fundraising ideas for medical bills and start raising money for cancer in minutes with GoFundMe.
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