Let's shut down the WHO

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Let’s shut down the WHO

The 60 day hunger strike I have concluded last week in Rome showed us that secular and religious authorities cooperate in genocide and that they are not responding to peaceful methods of persuasion even though they are grossly outside the law by poisoning us into sterility and morbidity for the sake of controlling population growth.

We are within our legal and moral rights to use all force necessary to protect ourselves and the time has come to do just that. I have given our political leaders an ultimatum to change course or else:

A Message to World Leaders: Stop the Depopulation Genocide

I have informed the people of what is to come and have made clear why this is the time to stand up and be counted and that we must all establish a public record as to which side we have chosen since there is no neutrality in this battle for our very lives and the survival of our genetic lineages:

Statement: We are now officially at war

And I have provided all the evidence one needs to realize what is happening and to understand what is at stake. This is but the latest and most concise summary of the facts:

15 Essential Global Depopulation Points

The time to act is now. Every day we waste our governments bring us a step closer to extinction.

As soon as enough funds have been donated, a legal team is assembled, and civil society promises its unmitigated support I will go Geneva and physically shut down the offices of the World Health Organization and put its Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan, on a plane to China, where she comes from.

The WHO is pivotal to the depopulation lobby, which has been empowered by the hypocrites in charge of the Church to commit genocide under the pretext of healing disease. Armed with this immoral permission to commit mass murder the WHO has turned medicine and public health into handmaidens of genocide.

Vaccines, drugs, endocrine disruptors and man-made pandemics are used to sterilize and sicken us so as to prevent births and increase deaths and in this fashion tackle the population problem at both ends of life, the front and the back.

Already a quarter of all genetic lineages in the developed world have been shut out of procreation and therefore for all intents and purposes terminated. More than half of the population is chronically ill due to being subjected to depopulation poisons for at least two generations. And one in ten people across the developed world and increasingly also across the developing world has been rendered basically dysfunctional.

By shutting down the WHO and kicking Dr. Margaret Chan out of Europe we will force the authorities to act, for either they will allow me to put an end the WHO or they will arrest me. If the former, we will have scored an easy victory. If the latter, we will force the Swiss legal system to confront the issue of covert depopulation in court.

I expect the latter will happen and that I will be arrested and tried on various charges, which is why I need to be well funded and backed up by a legal team as well as by civil society.

We have two months to get ready. 

Now is the time to show your support and stand by me as we go to war against those who commit genocide and who govern our nations and control the international system.

Now is the time for civil society to unite in purpose.

Now is the time. For it is now or never.
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Face off with the WHO in court

At the end of November I have to travel to Geneva, Switzerland, to defend myself against trespass charges brought against me by the WHO when I attempted to arrest Dr. Margaret Chan, its Director-General, for engineering pandemics throughout the developing world as a front for sterilization by vaccination and by malaria prophylaxis.

If found guilty I will have to pay a fine of 50 Swiss Francs a day for twenty days (thus 1000 Francs plus court costs) or go to prison for 20 to 30 days.

That means I need at least 1500 Swiss Francs for the fine and some 500 Swiss Francs to fly to Geneva and stay there for a few days.

I suspect the authorities will drop the charges or the court will find me not-guilty since the charge is manufactured. In any case I have to be prepared and I have to show up to defend myself.

This may even trigger court scrutiny of WHO's genocidal actions, which was my intention all along.

Judging by the fact that the court refuses to provide full disclosure and to communicate with me, it is clear that they are setting up this case for dismissal on the grounds of non-disclosure so the crimes committed by the WHO are not exposed in a court of law and make it into the court transcripts.

I describe my case here:

The government has attempted to interfere with the judiciary as evidenced by this letter:

And the judge in charge of the case has shut down all communication with me, which indicates political interference and violation of due process:

Your financial help will enable me to win this fight to. I will represent myself in court and I will kick their asses like they have never been kicked before. But I need to be able to travel to Geneva.

Thank you for your help!

Operating Strategies of Depopulation
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WHO vs. Galalae
Some of you will remember that in July 2016 I went to Geneva, Switzerland, to shut down the World Health Organization and arrest its Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan.
As expected, I was arrested and charged with trespassing. Last month I received a summon to appear in court in November 2017 to face the criminal charges the WHO filed against me.
The prosecutor is asking for a fine of 50 Swiss Francs a day for 20 days plus court costs, and if convicted the court costs could amount to several thousand Swiss Francs. Since I cannot pay a fine of 1500 to 5000 Swiss Francs, I will have to serve several months in prison. It would be the ninth time I will do jail time to save mankind from genocide.
This is my response to the court:
"28 June 2017
Dear Judge Monney,
Re: P/14128/2016 6 ICK OPOP
I confirm receipt of the disclosure you mailed me on 18 May 2017. Thank you kindly.
Having finally had a chance to read the disclosure file in its entirety I discovered that there are at least two crucial documents missing from the file, namely:
1. the police report from 27 July 2016 filed after the police talked with Mr. Olivier Sibut-Pinote, the plaintiff; and
2. the police report from 28 July 2016 filed after the police talked with the WHO staff on duty that day who stopped the defendant from entering the premises.
I cannot prepare a proper answer and defense unless I know what the allegations against the defendant are, how they were worded, who made them, and who recorded them and when.
Request number 1:
I therefore request these two police reports without delay both in the original French language and in English translation.
Request number 2:
I request that the entire disclosure file is translated into English and sent to me without delay. There are 20 documents I have received in French only and that I also need to have in English translation.
I have only received 6 documents in English.
In addition, the disclosure file I have received contains the defendant’s Rejection of the Penalty Order, dated 2 August 2016, eight pages long, plus six exhibits.
Request number 3:
I also seek clarification on the four criminal record databases listed on the criminal record page attached to the file and labeled: PCN 1821120037 35, No de requête 6223534. They all show “no hit”, which indicates that the defendant has no criminal record.
Having not yet had the opportunity to read the disclosure in English and in full (given that at least two police reports are missing) I can only make a provisional request for evidence at this point.
Request number 4:
I therefore request the following material evidence:
1. The video footage of the WHO surveillance cameras from 27 July 2016, the day Mr. Olivier Sibut-Pinote, the plaintiff, asserts in his Notification d’une Interdiction d’Entrée, that the defendant made a “scandal” and “threatened staff”, which are blatant lies that will be revealed as perjury as soon as we look at the video footage.
2. The video footage of the WHO surveillance cameras from 28 July 2016, which will show that I never entered the building on that day and that my behavior was once again peaceful and civilized;
3. Any and all communications, between Danielle Wertmüller (of Département fédéral des affaires étrangères DFAE) and Lydie Cardot, Monney Patrick or any other representative of the Swiss justice system. I am particularly interested in the response Ms. Wertmüller received following her email dated 9 May 2017, and the three questions she asked, namely:
- If the WHO can withdraw the criminal charges against the defendant
- If the WHO cannot appear in court on 27 November 2017 because it does not wish that its representatives confront Mr. Galalae
- What recourse options Mr. Galalae has following the court’s judgement
4. Any and all communications between any WHO staff and the Swiss criminal justice system with respect to the defendant;
5. The full employment file of Danielle Wertmüller from the Département fédéral des affaires étrangères DFAE;
6. Any and all communications between the WHO and any entity of the Swiss government, including the Département fédéral des affaires étrangères DFAE, with respect to the defendant;
7. The internal file the WHO has on Mr. Galalae;
8. All WHO internal communications with respect to the defendant.
Request number 5:
My initial request for witnesses is as follows:
1. Dr. Margaret Chan
2. Mr. Olivier Sibut-Pinote
3. All security guards on duty on 27 and 28 July who came into contact with the defendant.
4. Danielle Wertmüller, to establish the level of political interference in this matter and what pressures the Swiss government is under to burry this case.
5. Alexandra Sigrist, to establish the level of political interference and why she did not look at the WHO video surveillance footage from July 27 and 28 and chose instead to convict the defendant on the perjurious statements of Olivier Sibut-Pinote who, furthermore, appears to have had no contact whatsoever with the defendant on the days of the alleged offense or at any other time before and after and who therefore could have at best transmitted hearsay.
6. M. Hochstrasse
7. Philippe Ehrenström
8. Sbr. Caruso
9. Br. Cgr. Frankhauser
10. Plt. Christophe Eberlin
11. M. Hermann, Commissaire de police
12. App. Blagojevic
13. Cpl. Nelli
14. Jolliet Erika
Request number 6:
I request that the trial proceedings on 27 November 2017 are filmed in full and that I receive a copy of the footage as soon as the trial ends and irrespective of the outcome. This is necessary to prevent any foul play and preempt the temptation to deviate from the letter and spirit of the law due to political pressures, which are inevitable in such a case and have already started as evidenced by the Ms. Wertmüller’s email.
Request number 7:
I request that at least one representative of the media is present at the trial and allowed to film the proceedings.
Request number 8:
I request permission to film the trial proceedings on 27 November 2017 and for the presence of a video camera operator.
Request number 9:
I need to know if the WHO is entitled to any diplomatic immunity, as asserted by Danielle Wertmüller, given that this case is now in the hands of the Swiss criminal justice system. And if the WHO is entitled to diplomatic immunity what privileges this immunity entitles the WHO to have in a criminal justice case?
Request number 10:
Last but not least, I would like confirmation that you, Judge Monney, are the judge assigned to this case. If not I would like to know who is the judge assigned to this case and whether or not the defense has a say as to who should be the judge assigned to this case and whether or not the defense has the right to object on the grounds of lack of credibility or political influence.
In conclusion, I would like to inform you that unless the WHO withdraws its charges and pays appropriate compensation to the defendant in an out of court settlement, I intend to take this case all the way to the Supreme Court and ultimately all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, as well as start civil proceedings against the WHO, so I ask for utmost due diligence on your part and full compliance with the rules of procedure because this case will be scrutinized and analyzed for years to come and will certainly set precedent.
I look forward to hearing from you.
I am preparing for court and prison
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Update 4 (19 July 2016)

The report that Dr. Margaret Chan retired a year ahead of the end of her second term turns out to be false. This was confirmed yesterday by Dr. Ian Smith, who is the Executive Director of the WHO Director General's office. You will find the false report in question here:


This brings me back to square zero, thus to the original plan of shutting down the WHO and putting Dr. Chan on a plane to China.

I spent the better part of yesterday preparing the ground for my arrival in Geneva on July 26. I wrote to the Chief of the Geneva Police, Monica Bonfanti, and asked for a meeting with her on July 27 as well as for police escort and support to shut down the WHO and arrest Dr. Margaret Chan.

I wrote to the 7 Federal Council Members of the Swiss Confederation and to the 3 Executive Members, the 94 Deputies and the 18 Supplementary Deputies of the Geneva Grand Council to scold them for failing to fulfil their legal duties and to give them a heads up and tell them that should anyone wish to speak to me in person they can do so upon my arrival in Geneva or forever hold their tongues.

Last but not least, I wrote to Walter Turnherr, Switzerland’s Federal Chancellor, to relay to him the same information his counterparts at the regional level have received. And I gave all of them a digital copy of my article “Restoring the Rule of Law: Legal Implications of Covert Population Control Measures”, lest anyone dare say that I am outside the law, that I did not give proper warning, and that I am not forced by their inaction and negligence to do their job.


Today, I will also write to the UN Human Rights Council and ask for their assistance. The first thing I will do when I arrive in Geneva is to meet with its members and give them my evidence of genocide. Last year I met with one of its members and the evidence I gave him and his colleagues has resulted in Whistleblower Protection.

All pieces are now in place to successfully complete this unprecedented action. The last such piece fell into place yesterday when I finally received word from the editors of “Malaria Control & Elimination” that my article “Behind the Mask: Malaria Eradication and Involuntary Sterilization” is now published.

The importance of this article cannot be overstated, as it exposes the latest and largest program devised by the WHO to involuntarily sterilize 2.3 billion people in 86 countries under the cover of medicine and public health.

In addition to my two previous articles published by peer-reviewed medical journals, I now have the endorsement of the global medical community, unassailable credibility, sufficient evidence and the financial support to reengage the rule of law and shut down the WHO without shedding a single drop of blood, peacefully and elegantly. We will make history in Geneva.

The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives

Turning Nature Against Man: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth

Behind the Mask: Malaria Eradication and Involuntary Sterilization

And as has always been the case, you have donated just enough money at the last minute to get me to Geneva and chop off the right arm of the global depopulation program. Thank you for your trust and support and rest assured that I will get the job done, as I always do.

Let the action begin!
Protect not Poison
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I have not even arrived in Geneva and have already accomplished my first goal, namely getting rid of Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the WHO. She was fired a few days ago.

The only remaining goal I have for Geneva is to force the WHO to stop using medicine and public health as fronts for attacking our fertility and longevity by undermining our reproductive and immune systems with drugs, vaccines and protocols that are designed to stop population growth and have little or nothing to do with our health. And I will accomplish this goal too.

As the world’s primary enablers of genocide the WHO is the right arm of the depopulation lobby and for the past ten years also Bill Gate’s most effective way to pour his billions into depopulating the planet.

I arrive in Geneva on June 26. The flight to Geneva and three days in a hotel are already booked and paid for, but that is not enough time. I need at least a week in Geneva and I also need to be able to get back to Romania, where I am currently located.

If you want me to succeed in Geneva rather than get stuck there with no means to get back then this is the time to donate a few dollars.

Thank you!
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Paul Hennig
38 months ago

This is all a nightmare too great to be comprehended, but it is real and true. We must wake up to stop it.

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$3,248 of $5,000 goal

Raised by 81 people in 38 months
Created June 16, 2016
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Hope this helps Kevin.

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You've got this!

Paul Hennig
38 months ago

This is all a nightmare too great to be comprehended, but it is real and true. We must wake up to stop it.

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