Orphans of Tu Bong need our help

$34,080 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 201 people in 30 months
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Tuong Lai Foundation

I am a 53 year old Australian who has been living in Vietnam for two years. Through my business in Vietnam we do charity each month with a particular focus on feeding orphans.

Tinh Xa Ngoc Van is a Vietnamese Budhist temple that has built an amazing orphanage for 200 children at Tu Bong. It has recently opened but needs funding to take care of the children. There is a vision of education (particularly English) for the future and for the local children but at the moment they desperately need formula, nappies and mainly carers for the babies.

I have decided to come and live in the orphanage to help with the babies and to start teaching English to the monks and local children. Now they really need assistance, they are not getting a lot of funding and are struggling.

They have nine babies at the moment. They just received two more last week. They range in age from 14 days old to 17 months old. They also have two four year old children and a 10 year old boy.

Tai, Trung and Duc are the youngest babies. Tài, Trung và Đức là những em bé nhỏ nhất ở đây.

Duc has just turned one month old and Tai is two weeks old.
Đức vừa tròn một tháng tuổi và Tài được hai tuần tuổi.

Nghia and Trung are four month old twins who were one day old when left at the temple.
Nghĩa và Trung cặp sinh đôi được đưa vào chùa khi chỉ mới một ngày tuổi nay đã được bốn tháng.

Hien is five months old.
Hiền năm tháng tuổi.

Hau is seven months old.

Hieu is the only girl and is eight months old. She has just had the first operation in the series to close her cleft palate.
Hiếu tám tháng tuổi và là bé gái duy nhất vừa được phẩu thuật hàm ếch.

Phuc is seventeen months old and has mental and physical disabilities. He is unable to crawl and lift his head.
Phúc được tám tháng tuổi bị khuyết tật bẩm sinh, Phúc không thể tự bò và ngẩng đầu lên được.

We need to raise funds so they can take care of the children. The carers that they have are a wonderful group of ladies who smile and laugh and love the babies. They have a genuine love for their job.

What your money will buy:

3 000 000 VND ($185 Aus) wages for one carer a month

1 188 000 VND ($74 Aus) formula for baby aged under one month for a month

737 500 VND ($46 Aus) formula for a baby aged 6 - 12 months for a month

470 000 VND ($29 Aus) formula for a baby aged 12 plus months for a month

 There is a cost involved in having a go fund me page with a little under 10% of your donation going to go fund me.

We really need your help.

I will be updating pictures and stories as I go.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Xin chào!
Tôi năm nay 53 tuổi, tôi đến từ Úc và đã sống ở Việt Nam được 2 năm. Xuyên suốt quá trình kinh doanh ở Việt Nam mỗi tháng hai vợ chồng tôi đều làm từ thiện thông qua việc hỗ trợ cho trẻ mồ côi. 
Tịnh xá Ngọc Vạn, ngôi chùa Việt Nam đã xây dựng trại trẻ mồ côi có sức chứa 200 trẻ tại thị trấnTu Bông. Hiện tại chùa đã hoạt động nhưng cần sự hỗ trợ để có thể chăm sóc tốt hơn cho những đứa trẻ. Tôi quyết định đến và sống tại đây để giúp đỡ trẻ sơ sinh, dạy tiếng anh cho sư thầy và trẻ em tại địa phương. Và bây giờ chùa rất cần sự giúp đỡ, các trẻ mồ côi, khuyết tật ở chùa
vẫn chưa nhận được sự hỗ trợ nên thực sự rất khó khăn. 

Chúng tôi cần nhiều hơn những tấm lòng hảo tâm để chúng tôi có thể chăm sóc các em bé tốt hơn.

Những người chăm sóc là một nhóm những người
phụ nữ tuyệt vời cô luôn mỉm cười và yêu thương với
các em. Các cô có tình yêu chân thành với công việc này.

Số tiền từ lòng hảo tâm của quý ông (bà), anh (chị), em sẽ được dùng cho:
3 000 000 VND ($185 Aus) tiền lương mỗi tháng cho người chăm sóc.

1 188 000 VND ($74 Aus) vật phẩm cần thiết cho những đứa bé dưới một tháng tuổi mỗi tháng.

737 500 VND ($46 Aus) vật phẩm cần thiết cho trẻ từ 6-12 tháng tuổi mỗi tháng. 

470 000 VND ($ 29 Aus) vật phẩm cần thiết cho trẻ trên 12 tháng tuổi mỗi tháng. 

Số tiền mà tôi nhận được từ quý ông (bà), anh (chị), em
thông qua trang web này sẽ phải trừ đi 10% phí quản trị website, nơi tôi đang cập nhật tin tức từng ngày.

Chúng tôi thật sự rất cần sự giúp đỡ của bạn.

Tôi sẽ cập nhật sớm những câu chuyện và hình ảnh khi tôi ở đây.

Cám ơn sự giúp đỡ của tất cả mọi người.
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Janny and I went up to the Orphanage on Thursday and stayed overnight and came back on Friday. We had lots of things to do getting ready for a group that are coming over soon but I haven’t been to the orphanage for nearly 8 weeks (way too long and I missed them like crazy).

The older children are back at school at the moment (they are trying to get a teacher for the orphanage but that isn’t working at the moment) so we spent time with the younger children who have all grown so much. Bao is nearly walking, Thiên is so big and chubby, the Tim Tams are running around and young Phuoc is ruling the younger children, Tho and Loc are still shy, I spent quite a bit of time with Phuc, doing exercises and facial massage stimulation. Hoa (youngest baby just slept) and Nhan seems to be able to sit a bit by herself and seems to have more strength in her legs (all very exciting).

I went to pick the older children up from school at 5pm (a very long day but normal for Vietnam) and they came running when they saw me with lots of kisses and hugs all round much to the amusement of the teachers and other parents who were there. We spent a hectic couple of hours running and playing before bedtime. We had bought all the ladies jumpers in preparation for the cold and in celebration for woman’s day (which I was in Australia for), we got the children to give the presents to their carers whichthey loved

The next morning Janny and I washed, defleaed and deloused Dingos 5 new puppies, one of them just cried and cried until one of the monks came running out see what the problem was (the puppies are very cute but dirty and lots of fleas and tics ) I had bought back a special comb for this from Australia.

Thank you very much Janny for coming up and helping me. It was a wonderful trip.
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Expenses for October 2018

This month I have been in Australia, back home visiting my family so Janny (my assistant) is helping me take care of everything for the Orphanage.

This month we have some lovely young visitors go up to the Orphanage. The older children went to kindergarten for one month, however Thuy is hiring a teacher to teach them so they will no longer be going. The teacher is staying at the orphanage with her daughter so is easy for her and she don’t have to travel anywhere.

All the children have been sick but they are all getting better now.The old carer, who looked after Tam and Thanh when they were younger has come back to work at the orphanage for a month so far and she doing well.

The extention has been basically finished, thank you so much to “Rotary of Thurangowa” and “Artists for Orphans”, so the children now have a very big playground to play with when the rainy season comes. Soon we will have some projects to do for the new playground making it look better with some interactive playground equipment being built.

The weather in Tu Bong has change so quickly it is very windy and it makes the children easy to get sick. We have some regurlar donations every month from Lanterns Restaurant , Pure Viet Nam Beauty and Spa, Kidcastlevietnam, Bec, Malcolm and Kate Angell thank you all very much as well as the extra donations from my family and friends who have given me money whilst I have been in Australia. We have also received some private donations from the Joseph family and some visitors who have came up.

Thank you very much for all of you to continuting support for our ophanage and helping the children have a better life in the future.

The expenses of the month are:

Formula Step 1 (12 X 300) = 3,600,000 vnd

Formula Step 2 (8 X 290) = 2,320,000 vnd

Formula Step 3 (8 x 230) = 1,840,000 vnd

Phuc special formula fresh milk (1 x 330) = 330,000 vnd

Phuc special formula (1 x 360) = 360,000 vnd

Wages (4 ladies x 3000) = 12,000,000 vnd

Garbage bill = 1,200,000 vnd

Total : 21, 650, 000 VND
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Joe recently got back from the US and he wanted to see the children so Janny took him up to the orphanage on Friday by motorbike. It was a bit of a difficult journey because it is very windy in Tu Bong at the moment.

The children were very happy to see Joe, with most of the boys climbing all over him and loving it when he picked them up and held them up high. Joe was chasing them around and they were laughing and giggling together, running away from him.

All the children are getting better now, the older children don’t go to school any more because Thuy is going to hire a teacher to teach them at the orphanage so the children don’t need to travel anywhere. Because of the high winds the astro turf is blowing away and the shade cloth had to be taken down or else it would get torn.
Thank you Joe and Janny very much for going up, Joe also gave us Vitamins for the children which will come in very handy getting over illnesses.
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Janny went to the orphanage on Saturday with some lovely people called Nik Cerutti and Emma McDonald by bus. Nik and Emma are friends of Sinead Aggarwal and Vicky who recently went up to the orphanage.

Unfortunately, the children are sick at the moment, they all have runny noses, coughs and fevers however they are still playing well. Nik enjoyed playing with the older children, especially with Trung and Nghia (the twins). Thanh and Tam wanted to play with Emma and they fought with each other to see who would sit on Emma’s lap and of couse Tam won. Thanh always gives in to Tam and Tinh.

The special news about the twins, Trung and Nghia is that they now know how to ride the bicycle and ride very well, Janny was very surprised. The extension has been basically finished, thank you very much to Rotary of Thurangowa, Australia and Artists for Orphans for donating the money for this project, so the children have a very big playground to play in when the rainy season comes. Soon we will be doing some projects in this new playground.

Janny, Emma and Nik also had Phuc outside in the new playground in the bouncer that the Reece family bought him and he seemed really happy. Janny took Nik and Emma for a walk around the temple grounds. It was a great visit that seemed to go by very quickly.

Thank you Janny, Nik and Emma very much for going up and spending time with the children.
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Barb Garrett
7 months ago

Great Job on Phuc's splints !!!

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$34,080 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 201 people in 30 months
Created May 31, 2016
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RD and DH Flemin
7 days ago (Offline Donation)
Max and Tina
7 days ago (Offline Donation)
Alan Cookson
13 days ago

Jess Grace drew my attention to this worthy cause. Thank you for your wonderful work.

Lyn Griffen
17 days ago (Offline Donation)

Thank you very much Lyn for your generous donation.

Yvonne Cerutti
18 days ago

In lieu of a Birthday Gift to my son Nik Cerutti as I know he loved the short time he spent with children xxx

Joshep Ho
3 months ago (Offline Donation)

Thank you very much for your continuing suport

Mal and Kate Angel
4 months ago (Offline Donation)
Joshep Ho
4 months ago (Offline Donation)
Sadie Burt
5 months ago (Offline Donation)

Thank you very much Sadie Burt and the Woopi Singers. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet and visit the orphanage while you were here BUT next time you come back we will do it for sure :) Thank you all very much for your lovely donation

Barb Garrett
7 months ago

Great Job on Phuc's splints !!!

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