Working on a Dream for a Forever

24 589 € of 300k € goal

Raised by 355 people in 23 months
Susan Dawson  HD9 5LZ
Working on a Dream of a Forever Finca for 112 Carlota Galgos - Our objective is to raise funds to purchase a Forever Finca.  Towards the end of last year Charlotte received notification from their landlord that he wanted to move back to the property.  Charlotte with her family have now moved to a nearby finca.  This was a very time consuming and expensive move.  The current finca is on a rental agreement.  However, the landlord would be willing to sell to Charlotte and her family.  It is not possible to obtain a mortgage on the current finca due to the land with it.  A mortgage cannot be approved for arable land.  The rental agreement is for only a number of years which will mean another move in the future. 
The best option if possible would be to purchase the current finca.  I believe with everyones support we can achieve this.
We are hoping you will all join us to work on this dream of a Forever Finca.  We know the amount we need will not take weeks or months, but maybe years.  Please stay with us on this journey and together we can make this dream come true.

You can  donate €10 to purchase one virtual brick,
You can donate €100 to purchase a row of virtual bricks, and if you can donate €1000 this will purchase a virtual brick wall.  In return for your donation you will receive a certificate of thanks as below with your brick numbers purchased.
We will also be adding on rewards for all donations.

About 112 Carlota Galgos - We are based in Malaga, Spain.  Charlotte founded 112 Carlota Galgos in 2006 when she started to publish about the plight of the galgos, later on becoming an association which rescues as many galgos as possible, caring for them on a personal basis and socialising traumatised cases in order to be adopted.  112 Carlota Galgos is a voluntary organisation which rely on donations and money raised from various fundraising projects.  All help received is voluntary.

Message from Charlotte del Rio, founder of 112 Carlota Galgos entitled a Forever Finca - A Forever Finca is a dream of mine.  It's burnt in my soul to create a place of harmony and peace.  A sanctuary for the galgos and a retreat for the people who come to visit us.  To see and learn how we rehabilitate the galgos, and how love is the burning desire which pulls the galgos through their darkest times, and into the light. Alongside peoples hearts who also need hope.
We're a small family run association.  Let me introduce you!
Dioni, my husband has a full time job aside working constantly in his spare time at the new finca.  He goes on rescues and transports on his days off, or through the night whenevers needed he will go.  One day for sure I'd love him to work with me at the finca full time, for full time maintenance is paramount here, and at the drop of a hat he will down tools for a galgo's rescue.  Finish a long shift and drive off to a rescue.
Once the gates open for children to officially be greeted here, someone aside myself will be needed here in order for the children to feel the spirit of the galgos and our love for life.  One day maybe! Meanwhile, he does the best he can.
Sebastian our eldest son, 19 years old, has a way with the galgos of calmness, but a knowledge and soul which shines through when he works with them.  His phenomenal and I'm very proud of him.
Sofia, our daughter 13 years old.  A girl with a pure soul of love.  A fighter for life herself and a winner.  She has hands which heal and a love so pure it bounces round the finca grounds and she works with me on many a raw damaged case.  All the way to their salvation.
Neizan (Nathan) our 9 year old son.  Talented and a builder at heart.  He will think nothing of knocking screws into fences where needed, he has an energy so pure it shines.
Me, well I'm a humble person.  I do my absolute best for the galgos and work via my heart, and instinct.  I work solely from a feeling, a spirit, and desire to individually know each galgo in the orchard grounds.
The galgos who we receive here, can be referrals for rehabilitation from others who need help for a particular case, and our own rescues.  We create a peace at the finca and work on the foundation of love. Positive energy, and despite working in a pack environment each galgo is worked with and known personally.  A healing is found here so profound many tell me they have felt saved themselves from visiting and seeing how we work and the feelings created.
Some galgos come to us balanced, these are the minority.  The main cases we take are trauma cases referred to us by others, so stay a long, long time.  Rescues also come in with mass fractures and issues, again in for the long haul.
I take my time with each member here and only when they are ready, are they placed into adoption.  They for the first time in their lives are dedicated to, day and night.
It's not easy and there is a lot which can weigh one down, but to heal hearts is my life's desire.  Galgos and humans alike.  For humans have created the damage, yet humans can make the change.  Swimming with the galgos creates their physiotherapy when needed and also a bonding they never understood.
A forever finca, gosh, what it would mean to me.  Well.....everything.  Heaven and earth combined into one.  An answered pray I never knew for me would ever think possible.  I'm used to hard work and always believe in love for others.  Taking on the challenges other souls face and then healing their pain.  Setting them free.
For me, a Forever Finca is a haven.  It's a place which secures our work.  Takes economic pressure away enabling total concentration where its needed, the galgos need us.  Our guests need us.  The children facing difficulties need us, combined it makes a strength for change.  A safety net for those who need us.
It would mean the absolute world.  More than I could ever imagine possible.  It would mean a security of a lifes work and dedication driven by my soul to help others.  It means a Forever where love never fails.
In galgo affection, and gratitude, always.

The Plight of the Galgo - Galgos are used in Spain for hunting hares, and when it is not the season, many wander the streets abandoned.  Left to their own luck hanged, dropped in rubbish bins, wells, burnt, anything to rid the trace of having had a galgo.  Unless in the hands of an association, they are doomed from birth.  Hunters from 2 months will be training, and from birth will be picked out good or bad.  From one litter of ten only ONE may make a hunting dog.  The rest, surplus to requirements.  Overbreeding leads to mass abandonement of galgos and these numbers reach way over 50,000.  The figures for those not rescued are far in excess of this.

Please help us to achieve our Dream of a Forever for the galgos at 112 Carlota Galgos, buying just one brick will help our Dream become Reality.
This track from Bruce Springsteen sums up many of our aspirations. 
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Update 419
Posted by Susan Dawson
2 days ago
Charl's words: The night was long, and the lil one shook in the corner. The freezing harsh night just wouldnt let up against the delicate skin enveloping the skeleton of this soul. Teeth chattering, in their severals. For many of these souls huddled together. But this solitary soul could get no comfort, not even huddled to the others. Members of the squaller shared this space and the stench was high. The hunger reigned on.. and on.
Quietly as night progressed the wise soul spoke to the youngster, both doing their best in bravery to exist.
Son, the wise old galgo began, "curl up" he said, get as close as you can. For the warmth of one another will help you.
He raises an eye, this lil soul. A boy of just 4 months old. Unsure.
The wise old galgo knows full well what can happen to bodies left fighting for life. For the survival of the fittest means those who fade.. will be eaten, to stay alive themselves.
This wise old galgo has never needed this extremity for he empowers respect from all who reside in the chamber of death. Long ago were they remembered. He knows though, one slant of his strength and the others will bring him down. Just for their own survival.
He sees hope in this young boys eyes. A spark. Something.. hope maybe for those to come. A voice. For those gone bye and he is sure he will be one of them. " I must fill this child with all i know if he is to survive" he thinks to himself.
Come child.. come. He is indeed " pack leader" but his climb can be his fall and he is older now. And he knows his body fails.
While the chattering of teeth continue the night is long. Longer than long. Theres a mere crack where the moon shines through and a few stars shine.
Thats where we go he tells the child. Thats where all of us go. He talks to this young one of joyous fields of green, as if hed known them at some point. He talks of a voice so soft and gentle and kind its to make you fall over on your back and your legs in the air and kick them about crazily. " really?" Says lil one. With a raised eyebrow. That truly exists ??????
Ohhhh my child but of course. The hand of a child on top of your skin caressing your body is bliss. The voice of those who call your name... name? Whats that? This lil creature asks. Well my boy this is when your loved one christens you with a word. Something meaningful to "just you" noone else. This is when youre to answer them. Attend them. Love them. Ohhh my and they will make sure your bowls full daily. Your skin is clean and all those freerider critters on your back they will be no more. They will play with you hug you and love you.
Whats love Old man? Well sunshine boy.. this is something youve yet to learn, Im not too surenof it myself. But i had a special friend once, and wed be released to go find the hares. Bless their souls, and she got left behind. Later one day she was out walking the plains with her "mama" her loved one, she was not valued by our master sr galguero. But when I was taken out in our box on wheels Id see her in the distance as Id run all i was worth for the master. When i could Id turn to look. Id see her there with this lady a kind face. Id see her well and happy. Thats love.
Ohhh myyy he says to the old wise soul .. I never knew that existed.
Wise galgo think phew Ive given him something to cling to.
They both clung to one anothers words that night. As they crouched down like so many nights before.
Dawn came not a moment too soon for the hungry flock of souls.
Oiiiiii as the sr.galguero steps into the hovel with mouldy bread. Wise galgo gets first bids and hands some to young child.
The day passes.. heat rises, the stench is sickening. And some vomit. Some eat the poop of others... that is all there is.
Old galgo dreams of his galga happy now. And his heart sighs.
Suddenly the sounds of voices are heard, voices soft. Gentle. The voice of the unknown. But it sure sounds sweet. Sugary.
She walks in, on icepegs, but he csn hear her voice but not an ounce of fear. Solid. Whole. Sure. He thinks to himself this childs moment has come if he can get him into her sight. Into the limelight.
To his surprise she beelines towards him. She reaches out and for the first time child galgo sees this soul cower. Ohhhh nooóo my love she says, for you my love are coming home. Your days are done here as she lowers her head in shame at this human race so greedy of exploitation of others. Shamed to be human herself.
He looks up. Yes you she said
You. And baby. And while he thinks he is safe in "offering his useless stock" hes not. His time is up.
She touches the heads of those she quickly places nooses over. Encourages them out and into the van.. no box on wheels here, placed carefully into protection, she returns. Voices heard andblil galgos scared. Wise galgo says its going to be ok sunshine boy... remember the moon and stars that lit up the night sky.. they sent help. They sent someone. A kind hand. The hand of courage to come for us. Those fallen ones sent help. And we will be forever safe.
To all waiting freedom... hold on. Hold on
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Update 418
Posted by Susan Dawson
4 days ago
Charl's words: These souls wait for noone even when you're not well. But today is a special day its "Majestics day.. his revision day with his specialist" fingers x. Lights on candles burn bright for Majestic and good news. Dioni will be taking him today for me.
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Update 417
Posted by Susan Dawson
6 days ago
Charl's words: Into the eyes of the soul.. I see you there Elfie. I see you. This sleek body of elegance and love knocks me down with a feather every time I look at her. The mystical way she manouvers through the orchard, yet sometime ago arrived in the boot of a car begs to reason as to the worth of these souls to some. To us.. theyre everything wed fight for. Love. Be with every moment of time.. and then some.
Their hearts and souls so pure theyd give your their all and more. Yet at times this goes missed. Unseen.
Love is
... Elfie
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Update 416
Posted by Susan Dawson
9 days ago
Charl's words: Morning World
So todays Saturday.. my favourite day of the week. But somehow this week the days have blended and blurred. And I wake with a headache. The 4 musketeers all landed yesterday safe ans sound at home. Rainbow last but not least arrived late. But well. And there he is on the chair championing his forever. How strange for me it is when these souls have impacted mine so much, they leave, I attend their bays and theyre not there. I can still add their breakfasts and still call them to their bays .. and when they dont come I remember. But never sad, for there is happiness in these moments of time when forevers csll. And these are the moments I live and fight for.
Somehow Ill continue this walk. This run. This pace. The ups downs and all arounds are quite literally an emotional roller coaster. But we do this together. One for all and all for one.
My eternal thankyous to their new parents. To these souls lifeline parents for it is you who have helped me care for these souls while they are here. And I thankyou for being lifesavers.
So whatever you do today enjoy it. Live it. Play with it. Have fun with it. Keep fighting and winning and never lose sight of your dream and goal for you never know just how close you are to getting there.

Happy Saturday x
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Read a Previous Update
Debra Valente
11 months ago

Sent donation for dear Azor. Prayers and paws crossed. Hang in baby boy, a lot of people are praying for you to gt better

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Debra Valente
12 months ago

Charlotte, what a amazing wonderful, fantastic gift from Simon!! The loving gift he gave to you will stay in your heart forever. So many things that need done first, but you will get it all figured out. Bless you Simon. Thank you for supporting Charlotte's Dream!!!

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24 589 € of 300k € goal

Raised by 355 people in 23 months
Created March 29, 2015
50 €
Janice Harris
40 mins ago

In memory of Baby Piano

250 €
Laura Summers
15 hours ago
10 €
Kathleen Carey
3 days ago
10 €
Denise MacGregor
4 days ago

From Scarlet Holly MacGregor (fb) with lots of love to your dogs xxx

10 €
Joanne Scriven
5 days ago

A Valentines Day brick xx

10 €
Sylvia Wredden
10 days ago
10 €
Susanne Steffen
11 days ago
12 €
Yvonne Ronaldson-Games
16 days ago

Thank you for the love and care you give these wonderful hounds

150 €
Alicia Richards
17 days ago
10 €
Alicia Carr
19 days ago

Love your work x

Debra Valente
11 months ago

Sent donation for dear Azor. Prayers and paws crossed. Hang in baby boy, a lot of people are praying for you to gt better

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Debra Valente
12 months ago

Charlotte, what a amazing wonderful, fantastic gift from Simon!! The loving gift he gave to you will stay in your heart forever. So many things that need done first, but you will get it all figured out. Bless you Simon. Thank you for supporting Charlotte's Dream!!!

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