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It is now public record.  The attorney/client of NELSON TANG who threatened to sue him for $300,000 in a jury trial has NOW FILED SUIT.  King County, Cause # 12-2-21734-3-SEA.  Look up t... more


Updated posted by Gary Fong 19 months ago

I filed a formal complaint with the Washington State Bar Association, attaching the letter. A copy of my complaint is at this link, as well as their first response.

The Bar responded that they wish to defer their investigation of this matter until the end of litigation. Unfortunately, this will encourage the attorney to delay the case for as long as possible. There has been no discovery requests served to Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang is now indexing and cataloging his exhibits with the help of my attorney. This will save tremendously on costs as this case progresses.

I have asked the Bar to go forward with their investigation since delaying it will prejudice Mr. Tang. The attorney can then, someday into the far future, (when Mr. Tang thinks this is behind him), will get pounded with a lot of discovery requests, and wouldn't be ready for his defense. As of this moment, we are preparing interrogatories and requests for admission to serve on the plaintiff. The steps are: 1) organize your evidence, 2) catalog it for fast retrieval as exhibits and 3) drafting the first set of interrogatories so they can be served to the plaintiff.


Updated posted by Gary Fong 20 months ago

Do you know why I'm so passionate about this Nelson Tang thing? I have been embroiled in at least one lawsuit or another (right now, I'm in two) for the past nineteen years. Usually it's a really bad attorney thinking they can get money from us with huge threats like the one Nelson is receiving. Because I have excellent lawyers, they work with me as a team to make sure that we take our story to court and not settle unfair claims. To me that's extortion.

One attorney who sent me about as bogus as a letter as the one Nelson received got a sanction of about $19,000 because it infuriated a Federal Judge. (personal sanction - not covered by malpractice). The lawyer sent me the check in the mail from his personal account.

I have another lawsuit where the plaintiff out of the blue blurted out testimony (without even being asked) that he was adding 12.5% to my credit card charges, and giving 10% in cash to my ex-VP. Nobody asked, he just puffed this out like it was nothing. This gave us an instant countersuit, and they were both reported the the U.S. Department of Justice for embezzling us out of an estimated $180,000


Updated posted by Gary Fong 20 months ago

Had a long discussion with Nelson Tang yesterday. Nelson, through his counsel, has answered the lawsuit with denials for every count. This lawsuit is live.

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Created by Gary Fong on August 4, 2012

It is now public record.  The attorney/client of NELSON TANG who threatened to sue him for $300,000 in a jury trial has NOW FILED SUIT.  King County, Cause # 12-2-21734-3-SEA.  Look up the court files and you will find the name of the plaintiff - it is public record now.

I (GARY FONG) have seen the images shot by Tang and they are of excellent quality, skill and content.  I am planning on testifying as an expert witness as to the industry standard for work quality, contracts and agreements.

As you may know from media outlets around the world, The Plaintiff's husband (his name should be on court record) wrote a brutally traumatizing threatening letter to NELSON TANG saying that if TANG doesn't pay the lawyer, his "reputation will be ruined,... livelihood destroyed... and your life will be miserable..."  He is threatening a $300,000 jury trial and claims that he will win the trial and the jury may award him more.   He also said, "this lawsuit will be a public record.  EVERYONE will see it... I will invite anyone else who has been unsatisfied with your work to join this lawsuit, and I will represent them as well..."

is a vietnamese lawyer, in a single-person law office specializing in real estate.  He used to work for my 2nd cousin, Ambassador to China, Former Governor of Washington and Cabinet member of the Obama Administration.  I have written to Ambassador Locke, forwarding my copy of the threat letter.  

It is very important that NELSON TANG win this case.  If the bully succeeds at getting the $300,000 from the photographer (who did nothing wrong to deserve this!!!) then brides everywhere will attempt this on photographers everywhere.

Plus, the Plaintiff's bully tactics are not seen as admirable by the MANY MANY members of the WSBA that I have shown the letter to.  And as you all know, the Daily News of London is waiting to pick up this story as soon as the plaintiff is named, and that should be soon as the story is filed and goes public.

Please donate what you can to this legal defense fund.  Every dollar will be accounted for, any unspent dollars will be repaid in the ratio of your donation.  (e.g., if you sent $10, but only 30% was used, we'll send you back your difference - less this website's commission.

I am volunteering my time to help Nelson.  Without me, he'd be a victim of a big-shot, big-talking immigrant lawyer who really can't spell and has awful grammar.  But he's dead set on one thing - getting $300,000 from the wedding photographer.

The married couple have a baby registry listed, so maybe that's why they need to sue sweet, innocent people.

Please contribute.  I am.

Gary Fong


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Can you post a clearer photo of the entire letter sent to Nelson? I know there is a petition as well, but only snippets are shown on there.

posted by Nick Leung 5 months ago

Any updates on this?

posted by Mike LaGrange 10 months ago

Hi there, Is there a link to see the photos taken at the wedding, or is there no release for that. I would be curious to see what he sees what this client is calling grounds for this.

posted by Leslie Orr McCann 10 months ago

I know this isn't much but if everyone just gave a dollar in the photography community he would have more than enough. So the fact that I can't give a lot isn't going to stop me from giving a little. Can the donation minimal be changed to a 1.00? I think a lot more people would do it and a lot of people giving a dollar would add up fast. A dollar or 2 isn't much to ask for from one person but could really add up fast in big groups like this. I had my form filled out and it wouldnt let me give anything under 5. I would hate to think that we could be missing out on a lot of smaller donations just because the system simply wont let you. I feel so bad for him and don't want this to happen to anyone else. Weddings are hard work.

posted by Robyn McIsaac 20 months ago

I read the article and i offer my moral support as I am financially unable to contribute and money. However i will post a link to this site for those who visit my facebook pages to offer support.

posted by Nigel Murch 20 months ago

Is there a way to donate via paypal ? What is this lawyer's name ?

posted by Scottie Hong Nguyen 20 months ago

Gary, thank you dor doing this. The implications of this bully attorney winning this law suit are terrible for the photography industry! We support this cause and we already donated to help Nelson Tang. I hope we all learn valuable lessons from this experience and that Nelson Tang wins.

posted by Veronica Salazar 20 months ago

I would like to find the claimant's name and the name of his law firm. I have found the King County 'public record search' but am unable to locate any documentation. Gary, would you please post a link to the proper search page? Thank you for doing all of this - it truly needs to be done.

posted by Reed Mangino 20 months ago

This is absolutely reprehensible. This lawyer should be arrested for extortion. His tactics should be posted publicly for everyone to see what a horrible person he is.

posted by Mark Brooks 20 months ago

I am Vietnamese myself. I hope the fact that one person; the lawyer whom is suing is Vietnamese, does not change the way everybody sees the rest of us. I will be donating.

posted by Evad El 20 months ago

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Jamie Corpus

3 months ago


I wish I was able to contribute more but my eldest son passed away a few weeks ago after being in ICU for almost 2 months and it set us back quite a bit financially. I even had to sell most of my gear. So for now my biz is on hold bit slowly i will rebuild. However that being said I understand the devastation of loss and it is my hope that enough of us in our photography community will stand with you and Gary and fight for what is right here. I have faith in people and the power we can create when we come together.




3 months ago




5 months ago


I hope my donation helps a little with the success of this case! I still can't believe that this attorney is willing to ruin his career over his pride! Honesty, Humility and Sincerity will prevail for the photographer! My prayers for strength and positive outcome are with you! May the supporters (especially the pro photography community) continue to show support for this cause! Slow and Steady wins the race!




5 months ago



Debrah Woods

5 months ago


This is outrageous! This attorney needs to learn a lesson in ethics. I hope he gets exposed and punished for his evil deeds. I wish I could donate more, but every little bit helps.



Brian Marcus

5 months ago


Good luck - I believe in what you're doing.



Paul Silverman

5 months ago


I am not a professional photographer but am tired of frivolous lawsuits by bullying lawyers.



Di Zhang

9 months ago


Hey Gary, I just watched your video and I am furious, terrified, and hopeful. I am furious to know that a man who sworn to defend the law can abuse his power by writing such a terrifying letter. How is that different from say a gang member threatening a person or else..... Criminals who use the law to their own advantages are the worst! I am terrified because I would not want this to happen to me. For all the passionate wedding photographers out there, please take precaution, PROTECT the work you love to do NO MATTER how awesome or great your clients or your opportunities are. I am hopeful because it is so great to know that there is someone at the top of our industry who is willing to stand up for a fellow photographer! Take care and happy shooting! Di ~



Aaron Tsai

14 months ago


Hang in there buddy.



Patrick Sherman

16 months ago


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