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PA Inc. is your one point of contact for everyday tasks,Errands and Chores. We strive to offer jobs to the middle class by assisting those who lack time in their busy schedules!... more


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We just updated our Campaign with some of our Risks and challenges with being on!


Created by Norman Loyd Kinsey III on August 2, 2012

PA Inc. is your one point of contact for everyday tasks,Errands and Chores. We strive to offer jobs to the middle class by assisting those who lack time in their busy schedules!

Personal Assistants Inc. "PA Inc." is developing a corporate structure within the domestic industry.

Through the use of technology for automation of respective tasks paired with talented individuals, we are helping those that have money in this down economy yet no time.

We are sourcing jobs back to middle class Americans that need them most! Those without time will be more productive and less stressed saving time by having a personal assistant and middle class Americans will have jobs once again.

Personal assistants will work full time with benefits, and peace of mind in a company that is not only helping them get a paycheck, but supportive in other dimensions of their lives.

Through your contribution, Personal Assistants Inc. will have the financial flexibility to further improve the efficiency of our technology and bring greater quality of life for thousands of Americans, both customers and employees.


 Risks and challenges

The risk we face is that we have to stop what we have been working so hard on and our challenges are that we need to finish our design with our packages on the web site and build our App, to make Personal Assistants Inc. more understandable, desirable and easier for users to get the help they need! To overcome our problems we intend to build a stronger family of educated individual to come together and finish what we started and work around the clock with the team we already have establish!


Your Contributions Will Go Towards


  • ´╗┐Marketing and advertising.
  • New design of our website.
  • Mobile app for your devices.
  • Office computers and supplies.
  • Land line with 1-800 number.
  • Custom insurance policy.
  • Bonding all personal assistants.
  • Hybrid vehicles for transportation.
  • Smartphone's, tablets, uniforms, and background checks for all personal assistants.


Incentive For Donations´╗┐

´╗┐Each level of donation will have cumulative incentives. The highest donation level will include all incentives of the lower ones.

  • Love, appreciation and a big Thank You!
  • Free Registration on
  • Exclusive first download of the PA Inc. app
  • PA Inc. Stickers
  • PA Inc. Pen
  • PA Inc. Notepad
  • PA Inc. T-Shirt
  • Discount PA Inc. Services
  • PA Inc. Cash

Personal Assistants Inc. is valuable to you because with your contribution you will be helping to give jobs to people with diverse backgrounds and helping them connect with society in a positive economic way while at the same time commercializing the domestic industry.

"The PA Inc. Project"

A great way to see the effects of your contributions is to follow our reality YouTube series. We record the everyday events and growth of Personal Assistants Inc. It takes you behind the scenes and into the PA Inc. office and vehicle. You will get to meet the PA Inc. family of PAs, interns, customers, and some friends.

Here is the link to the first episode of "The PA Inc. Project"


Other Ways You Can Help If You Cannot Make A Donation

You can check out our website and feel free to make an account for updates and more

Follow us on Twitter at

Like us on Facebook at

Watch us on YouTube

Share our pages with your friends and family!


Disclaimer: Incentives will be received and delivered to you 30 days after this campaign is over. You will also have 30 days to claim your discounted services, free services, and PA Inc. Cash. Free services are only good for errands to go services and with PA Inc. cash you must have an account and a package of service with us.



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I feels so great to get Personal Assistants Inc. out there for everyone to see and to be a part of! Have a great day!

posted by Norman Kinsey III 18 months ago

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