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Jaylen Claudio was born October 14th, 2007. She was a beautiful baby. On December 4th, 2007 my fiance and I had just left my mother's house when we got the call that changed our world. J... more


Updated posted by Sarah Garner 20 months ago

We are at 15.63% of our goal! We have already made more progress then we have expected! We want to Thank the people again who have donated and we are greatful for the help!


Updated posted by Sarah Garner 21 months ago

we want to Thank Bryan and Lindsey again for their kind and generous donation. Thank you for putting us closer to our goal and helping get Jaylen's headstone.


Created by Sarah Garner on July 30, 2012

Jaylen Claudio was born October 14th, 2007. She was a beautiful baby. On December 4th, 2007 my fiance and I had just left my mother's house when we got the call that changed our world. John was told his daughter had stopped breathing and he needed to meet them at the hospital. We rushed to the hospital. When we got there he got the news that brought his world crashing down. Baby Jaylen had passed away. the family was able to give her a proper burial. But sadly Jaylen has no headstone. The cemetery has taken away her grave marker. Due to our financial situation we have not been able to afford it. We have 6 other children to provide for. She has gone too long without a headstone and we are asking for any help we can get. Every little bit will help. We just want to give her what she deserves and thats to have a headstone where she was laid to rest. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless.


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Evelyn Birdsall

20 months ago


I am making this small donation in honor my son who would be turning 16 this August 16th - we said hello & goodbye on his birthday - being able to purchase a headstone for him was important to me & I hope & pray that your desiree will be fulfilled - I've posted this request on my facebook page & hope it makes a difference



Bryan & Lindsey Case

21 months ago


We hope that this will help toward your goal. God bless your family and you.


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