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Please take 5 mins to read our story. We are very proud parents to 3 Beautiful girls, Rebecca 6 years old, Isabella 2 years old and Sophia 11 months. We live with grandma in her hous... more


Updated posted by Jolene Hale 12 days ago

Thank you to everyone that donated to make Blackpool happen xx



Updated posted by Jolene Hale 12 days ago

Please note there have been other pages set up by other people in Isabella's name where the money collected in wasn't paid to Isabella, this is the only page where donations go direct to Isabella and little lions den so please if you would like to donate to help Isabella live life to the full whilst still here please donate in this page only, this page is also connected to her Facebook page Isabella Coomber & little lions den. Money raised and donated go towards building memories and living life, whilst supporting the holiday home for children with cancer under 3 & their siblings xx


Updated posted by Jolene Hale 1 month ago

firstly I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to follow Isabella's journey and found it in their hearts to donate.
As many know it is my wish to take Isabella along with her sisters to Blackpool, I have booked a haven site for 31st march for a week of fun, as Isabella loves the wind if anyone has ever seen the wind blow on her face you would remember the giggle and laughter from Isabella ringing through your ears, then comes the but and now I find myself asking those that have supported and follow Isabella's journey for help, this is hard to ask for help after the text message I received but I cant do this without your help this time, I need to raise the funds to hire a car to get us up there and back for the week, I would also like to take Isabella to the pleasure beach, a ride on the horses and cart, Blackpool zoo and on the tram this all mounts up and has me worried so if anyone would like to help and donate towards the trip donations would be gratefully received.
Thank you all for your support, building a rainbow of memories xxx
This is my wish as a Isabella's mum to take her to Blackpool as I took Isabella's older sister when she was younger and always thought I'd take Isabella but with time running out I don't have time to save for a trip and admit I need all the help I can get.
thank you to everyone for all your support xxx

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Created by Jolene Hale on July 27, 2012

Please take 5 mins to read our story.

We are very proud parents to 3 Beautiful girls, Rebecca 6 years old, Isabella 2 years old and Sophia 11 months. We live with grandma in her house in plumstead, royal borough of Greenwich. London.

This is Isabella's story...........
When Isabella was 9 months old we was worried about Isabella as she was not sitting up, the doctors told us to take her home and wait for her to develop.
When Isabella was 10 months old she still wasn’t sitting up and had no balance as any mother knows this is not right at at this age it really is a worry so after another visit to the doctors she was referred to the royal London hospital to see if she had clicky hip. Isabella passed all these tests and x-rays showed nothing.
So after going straight back to the doctors she was then referred to Kings college hospital. After ringing every day we finally got an appointment, think they had had enough of the phone calls by then.
After 3 months we see a paediatrician and she thought from Isabella’s signs she had cerebral palsy, she we had to wait for another appointment for a brain scan.
On the 16th Dec 2011 we went for Isabella’s mri scan to be told while she was still under so they could take more pictures that they had found a very large brain tumour, 7cm big. This was the Friday
we was told that we would have to take her in the following Wednesday for them to operate on Thursday. Also being told we would not be home for xmas. We then went home and had xmas with all the family on the sunday, had xmas really come early???
After waiting over 8 hours for Isabella to come back from brain surgery we was told we still couldn’t see her while they made her stable. After a long day and so many hours we finally got to see our princess.
Then to be told they couldn’t remove it all as it had wrapped itself around one of the main blood vessels in the brain and we would have lost her if they had tried. We were just so grateful that they had looked after our princess and brought her back to us a life.
We was in kings for 9 days while Isabella recovered and while we waited the results of what sort of tumour it was.
On the 30th December we was told the tumour was cancerous and would need to meet the dr from the royal marsden he was coming the next day.
After meeting her cancer doctor the first thing he told us was that most children with this tumour do not survive, i added that was until he had meet mine, she was given 60 % chance of beating it, but 50% chance of it coming back at a later date once it was beaten. Only 1 in every 900,000 children get this, we was told she had a high grade tumour, which meant it grows fast. And her treatment plan. 12 months of chemo followed by more brain surgery, they were hoping with chemo it would shrink the tumour back from the blood vessel.
in January 2012 Isabella had to have a shunt and drain fitted which she would have for life because the tumour had cause damage to the fluid chamber and block it, which means the brain fluid cannot drain itself and collects, hence the bump that comes up and down on the side of her head.
this in turn put the chemo treatment off till a later date.
In February after a short illness Isabella was fitted with a portacath which is a line that runs straight to the heart, for blood to be drawn or for chemo and medication to be given.
In Febuary after a lot of worry and some complications we started her chemo treatment at the royal marsden in sutton, we have 6 different types of chemo, every 3 weeks.
we was also told of some of the size effects these including kidney damage, hearing loss, hair loss sickness weight loss and the treatment Isabella is having can cause leukaemia later in life. There is more but we can’t be worrying about all of them at once.
When we got to the ward at the royal marsden Isabella was the youngest they don’t normally have children of her ages and this tells as they have a brilliant play room there but no toys for Isabella’s age so we now take lots and lots of her own.

Isabella has been so brave battling through having chemo, being separated from family days sometimes weeks at a time.

The worst case was mother’s day 2012, Sophia only being 5 days old, Isabella was rushed to hospital by ambulance because she was fitting. The paramedic had to take over Isabella’s breathing on the way. The managed to stabilise Isabella and she spent the next 7 days in king’s college hospital getting better all caused by a common viral infection. These are very common in children suffering with cancer but what a scary time for everyone in the family including Rebecca who was 5 at the time watching from the side lines. The siblings often are forgotten when a family has a sick child, so we try and keep our days normal building lots of memories of fun times. Our family enjoy spending time together laughing and having fun.

On the !4th January 2013 Isabella completed her 12 months of chemo. The last mri scan showed that the chemo has only worked to the extent of keeping the tumour stable and had not done what the doctors at kings or the royal Marsden has planned would happen. In turn this means the tumour is still in-operable.

On Monday 11th February we was given 3 options of which way to go next, all 3 options being life threatening to Isabella and all treatment plans ending in radiotherapy. Isabella’s chances of survival have now gone down to 50%.

Firstly we have to get Isabella to 3 years old to be able to have radiotherapy as the brain is not fully developed until then.

If Isabella has the standard radiotherapy in the uk this will leave her with very poor quality of life effecting her long and short term memory leaving her with none, she will not have any iq meaning she will never become an independent adult. It will also affect her speech her motor skills and mobility.

We have chosen to try oral chemo which is not intense like she was having before, the doctors have warned us that the tumour is likely to grow, but as parents we feel it’s the best option we have at giving Isabella time. Time to get to 3 years old for proton beam treatment.

Isabella has just learnt to walk at the age of 28 months. But treatment will take this away from her.

We have found Proton beam therapy is available in the United States but it would come at a cost which we would have to cover, the cost being £150,000. Isabella does not qualify for NHS funding.

As a family we are trying to fund raise to raise the amount needed to give our little girl some quality of live.

We have had a Christmas ball, valentines disco. We have a funday, photo shoots, jumble sales and a ladies night all planned but really need some help.

If there is anything you can do to help raise some funds towards Isabella’s treatment we would be very grateful. Or if you have anything you could donate towards raffles we hold at each and every event as we found these great money makers to help boost funds then please get in touch with us.

Isabella’s story can be found on Facebook Isabella Coomber & little lion's den (Isabella’s story).
Thank you for taking the time to read our daughter story

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I just read the recent update and the sad news. I am in tears and can only imagine how you are mustering the strength each day to bring joy to your little princess as you think of the moment that she will leave this earth. I am so deeply sorry that your family has to struggle with this daily and I wish there was someway that a miracle could spare your little angel from this unforgiving disease. My prayers go out to you and especially Isabella. ISA, you are strong beyond measure and we all here pray that you prove the doctors wrong and can outlive us all.

posted by Sandy Trueba-Reguera 1 month ago

We never lose hope either. I read the news with a heavy heart. It sank. God bless your family and I pray for him to give you strength and peace.

posted by Yeni Lozano 1 month ago

So sorry to read such sad news. You are and inspiration, the strength and fight you have all given. Hope there are many great memories to be made for your hearts to hold. God bless u little angel xx

posted by Rayanne Stevens 1 month ago

I have been praying for isabella and felt compelled to talk to you about IP-6 it can be found at natural health stores and found online. I urge you to look into it for your daughter. It has been used to shrink tumors and used to stop cancers while building up her immune system. My aunt used this after stopping chemo treatments and now has been in remission for 5 yrs. I pray that you will read this and look into this for your daughter. I will keep praying for your daughter, but please look into this as I would love to have the same miracle happen for your daughter that did for my aunt as doctors believed nothing more could be done for her either. Thank you for your time and sharing isabella s story.

posted by Jonathan Clements 4 months ago

Here in the united states there's a hospital called Saint Judes. /index.jsp?vgnextoid=f87d4c2a7 1fca210VgnVCM1000001e0215acRCR D&moboveride=y They specialize in cancer treatment for children. From what I know you don't pay and you cannot be turned down. Also consider medical marijuana, in pill for, oil, humidifier, etc... there are many options. A young girl was dying of seizures but her mother tried marijuana. Her seizures diminished.

posted by Yeni Lozano 4 months ago

Look into high concentration vitamin C treatment. I heard about a clinic in Mexico ran by american doctors that are doing miracles on cancer patients that were told they only had a few months to live. Vitamin C via intravenous can kill cancer. i am very touched by your story. i hope that all she wishes for come true.

posted by Mary Sayegh 4 months ago

Please read this blog to see how this girl recovered from brain cancer by using theis method in the USA .uk/us-treatment Good luck to little Isabella, I hope that she gets to go to Disney but, more importantly, that she survives xxx

posted by Linda Jee 4 months ago

Could you have a good read of this website....can you try bitter almonds treatment, B17.... You have nothing to loose. Wish you all best!

posted by IE Kimiuk 4 months ago

Have you tried the Make-A-Wish foundation? Or trying to call hotels around Disney asking if they can donate a room?

posted by Michelle Rennoldson 4 months ago

A cure has been found for cancer. It works by blocking a protein called CD47. In March 2013, the Weissmans group received a $20 million dollar grant to move their research from mouse to human safety testing. 2013/03/27/scientists-find-tre atment-to-kill-every-kind-canc er-tumor/

posted by Lisa Gagnon Zackowski 4 months ago

Please look into this as a treatment for your daughter. Now that the doctors have said there is nothing more they can do, it won't hurt to give this a shot, right? articles/2013/01/07/medical-ma rijuana-is-safe-for-children

posted by Meghan Roark 4 months ago

Best of luck, my prayers are with you and your family :)

posted by Ashley Canales-Lanigan 4 months ago

Hello I saw an article on daily mail on line which really touched me.. I work for a children's cancer charity NC TLC Trust and have been trying to reach the reporter all morning to see if we can make contact with you and help to send Isabella to Disney .. Have you tried Rays of sunshine?? They specifically grant children's wishes you can contact them on 0207782 1171 or if you need other support please contact us on om

posted by Victoria Mifsud 4 months ago

the number 1 trustworthy website on safe, affordable and effective alternate cancer treatments would be (non-profit) - just search for the specific cancer at the website.

posted by Fook Mee Lo 4 months ago

Please Check: If link not clickable, copy & paste into browser. The info in this will give your little one a fighting chance.Please Chea out!

posted by Jennifer Grinberg 4 months ago

I hope your little girl gets better, and her wish comes true. I just wanted to link you to this site, just in case you didnt know of it. For the form wishes/how-do-i-refer-a-child/

posted by Sleighter Rorwan 4 months ago

I would try the USA. Medicine is much better over here. She deserves the best chance. Contact the two centers in this article or go to the Mayo Clinic. I'd take their word over a NHS consultant. http://scienceblog.cancerresea erapy-is-coming-to-the-uk-but- what-does-it-mean-for-patients /

posted by Steven Goodwin 4 months ago

proton beam treatment is available in Liverpool. my dad has just had it.

posted by Claire Burrow 4 months ago

I urge the parents of this little girl to research cannabis treatments. There is scientific research supporting the fact that cannabis helps aid the recovery of many types of cancer. Please research into this. I have heard of a five year old boy with a cancerous brain tumor that was saved due to cannabis oil treatment, there are many stories like this. Hope this message reaches you. I know many will find this controversial but please research this information before you discard it due to dis-information of past media coverage of this medicinal plant. All the best.

posted by Rebekah Wilson 4 months ago

I hope this little girl gets to go see micky mouse my prayers are with u all this is such a sad story x

posted by Paula Newton 4 months ago

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Isabella be strong, we pray for you



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