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So a few friends interested in helping have asked me to update my gofundme page, so here goes!!! First off I want to tell every person reading this how incredibly grateful I am for all... more


Updated posted by Jenny LeCompte 28 days ago

Just an update for those who are following my journey... My surgery to take out the stimulator was postponed due to an asthma attack. After seeing my PCP and even the ER on several occasions my symptoms only seemed to get worse. I was admitted to the hospital Tuesday of this week and was finally released late tonight (Friday). I am ultimately SO thankful that my surgery was delayed as many of you know I do believe things happen for a reason and I honestly can not imagine if I had had the surgery and was left trying to struggle to breath, which is of course causing a bad, hacking cough (i'm sure you can imagine that would only make having just had a craniotomy feel even worse)... Just wanted to thank you all for your support and understanding while the road through this life hits yet another bump...


Updated posted by Jenny LeCompte 1 month ago

Just wanted to let those of you following my journey know about todays 'adventure' - I headed up to Portland to do my pre-op appointment and ended up leaving in tears as they decided to cancel my surgery for tomorrow as I've been having an asthma attack for a few days now that I just haven't been able to get under control... So tomorrow I need to get to go see my PCP here and get set up with new types of asthma medications (most likely) then I'll be calling to reschedule my surgery! All positive thoughts and prayers, good vibes are appreciated... hoping to get it taken care of sooner than later to just get it out and not have to have my son 'wondering' when it'll be happening... Again thank you to ALL the folks out there who support me...
And again, if you're willing to share my story and/or my page- it's VERY appreciated!
Thank you!


Updated posted by Jenny LeCompte 1 month ago

Thank you SO much to those of you who have made a donation!!! And to all those who took part in the pizza fundraiser yesterday! I really appreciate it! Thank you, Thank you!

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Created by Jenny LeCompte on August 2, 2012

So a few friends interested in helping have asked me to update my gofundme page, so here goes!!!

First off I want to tell every person reading this how incredibly grateful I am for all the help, support, and love from friends, family and most of all the kind strangers who have come out of no where last year to help myself and my son.

As many of you know in August 2012 I had a third brain surgery for my Trigeminal Neuralgia. The surgery did not go as planned and I lost my job, and then my health insurance as well. For well over the past year I've made a lot of progress working on my speech. Of course just as unpredictable as TN is, now so is my speech. It's not as often as it was after the surgery but I still can be mid-conversation and end up slurring and stuttering or loosing my ability to pronounce words at all.

My TN has progressed to the point where I'm honestly afraid to walk out my door, whether the weather is sunny, rain, wind- they can all end me up in an attack that has me in bed for days. We wont even mention these freezing blasts we've been having!  I'm not entirely sure how much longer ill be able to drive as when attacks hit (luckily I've always been very close to where I can pull over) there is nothing you can do but focus on breathing and hope for it to pass quicker than any of the last ones. 

Right now I'm still struggling with adapting to this life of full time pain... I'm working with my pain doctor to learn neuroplasisty and I am VERY excited and hopeful that it could put me into a remission.  It is alot of work, hard work.  But things in life worth having are worth working hard for, right?  (Yes, in this case I am right ;) 

Any-who, I'm off in just three weeks to have my 4th brain surgery to have my stimulator removed from my brain and the battery taken out of my chest... I'm very nervous for this surgery I think more so than the previous ones because the previous surgerys gave me the HOPE that I would be able to wake up and hopefully be in much LESS Trigeminal Neuralgia pain and then on my way to living an amazing life.... and regardless of the fact that my life WILL be amazing, it's scary to be cut into, have yet another whole cut into my skull and there isn't any realistic chance that I'm going to end up with no TN pain, or even lessened pain.  
So while a friend of mine is helping to brainstorm ways to help me raise the extra funds I'm going to need for this surgery I figured this is as good a place to start as any.... 

So..... whether you can help with $5, $10 or even just sharing this page and a bit of my story - I thank you!
Honestly, both Connor & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

This was written when I created the page last year (and is really still quite relavent so thought I'd leave it):

In August 2012 I had brain surgery to help alleviate my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain (a.k.a. The Suicide Disease). The surgery didn't work and actually ended up having some major side effects that have left me disabled. I am unable to be upright more than 4 hours at a time without having major vertigo issues that make it to where I have to lay down at a 90 degree angle... I now have strange sensations in the left half of my face/mouth/throat so it's very difficult to chew and swallow foods and I can't feel to swallow my medications so have to do so with applesauce or pudding so it doesn't get 'lost' in my mouth. Since my tongue is also affected my speech comes and goes from fine to slurred and stuttered, it hurts to speak at all and my tongue often feels as if I'm licking an electrial outlet. My vision has been distorted to where it's very hard for me to look at someone shaking their head for instance, it's very hard to focus on anything visually and if I look at things that are moving to quickly it often triggers TN attacks in my eye/forhead area.

Since I wasn't able to return to work after my short term disability and none of my doctors know if I'll be able to return to work at all I was terminated from my job- 12 years down the drain. I also lost my health insurance and currently have no income thus no way to pay my bills or mortgage. I'm hoping to raise some money through fundraisers with the help of friends and through this site.

I will eventually be having another brain surgery, although I have to have insurance at that point and the doctor wants me to wait at least a year from my last surgery. I want to have the stimulator removed from my brain so it doesn't cause any issues in the future, it can be a scary surgery as they don't know how it will go until they actually open my skull and see how much scar tissue I have from the orginal surgery.

If you're able to contribute to help me thank you so very much! If you can't contribute financially please remember there are many ways you can help! Even sharing my page with others helps!!!

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Jenny as a chronic suffer of Suicide Headaches please let me applaud you for you strength and will to WIN your battle in life!!! I admire you so are an inspiration to me :)

posted by Anita Boyne 14 months ago

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A gift from one of my high school classmates who wants to help.




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Wishing you the very best in your upcoming surgery! You are an inspiration to so many of us with TN!




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