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Over $560M raised for inspiring campaigns by incredible people.

NOVEMEBER 10, 2014 (3:40)
Victim’s Family, Adoption
OCTOBER 27, 2014 (4:07)
Wheelchair Lift, IVF, Disney Wish
OCTOBER 20, 2014 (3:14)
Ebola Patient, Cancer Fighter, Teacher
Arson victims receive help starting over
Erica and Mark are a married couple who were living in a New Orleans apartment. On November 6th, an arson set fire to the building. Luckily they escaped alive, but the fire claimed all of their belongings and their beloved pet cat. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help cover some of their losses.
Student paper saved by donors
The Daily Free Press is Boston University's long-running student newspaper, and is a staple in the campus culture. When they started getting into too much debt to handle, the paper's staff turned to GoFundMe to ask for help from students and alumni alike.
Comic book fans lend a helping hand
Jeremy Dale, a celebrated and accomplished comic book author and illustrator, passed away suddenly at the young age of 34 in early November of 2014. Friends and fans alike came together on a GoFundMe campaign to help out his wife Kelly during this difficult time.
Students rally for beloved custodian
72-year-old Ollie has been a custodian at Parkway West High School for many years and always brings a smile to everyone's face. Unfortunately he is now battling cancer, and his wife is in the hospital. Students and teachers alike came together to raise money for Ollie and his wife's medical bills.
Donations for young cancer fighter
Jordan was diagnosed with Leukemia at just 13 years old after unexpected swelling occurred during a routine dental appointment. A family friend wanted to help ease their burdens and created this GoFundMe campaign to collect donations from anyone wishing to help.
Volunteers offer Thanksgiving to everyone
Project SHARE has been hosting annual Thanksgiving dinners for those in need for 25 years. In 2014, they were expecting 700 hungry guests at the event, and so they took to GoFundMe to help raise money from the community for food, supplies, and space.
Chairlifts for WWII navy veteran
95-year-old Lenny Miller is wheelchair-bound, and he and his wife are in need of two wheelchair lifts for their home. As they spent most of their life savings repairing the damage left by Hurricane Sandy, a family friend created this GoFundMe campaign with the hopes of helping them out.
National support for fugitive lookalike
James Tully walks five miles to work each way. When a high profile fugitive was suspected to be on the loose in his area, James found himself the target of frequent police stops due to a resemblance between James and the fugitive. This campaign was started to buy James a car so that he could safely get to work.
Cancer fighter scores baseball tickets
6-year-old Noah was diagnosed with a rare spinal cancer. Despite the difficult time he was having, Noah spent his energy in the hospital trying to help other sick kids. A family friend started this GoFundMe campaign to send Noah to the 2014 World Series to watch his favorite team, the Kansas City Royals.
Breast cancer patient has family support
Shauna was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when she was just 37 years old. To show support, her mother created a GoFundMe campaign and vowed to let Shauna shave her head if they reached their goal.
Support for nurse fighting Ebola
Nina Pham was treating an Ebola patient in a Dallas hospital, when she unfortunately contracted the disease. She then began treatment herself in the same hospital where she works. A close friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help offset any medical costs associated with Nina's treatment.
Community rallies for Coach Calip
Bryant Calip, a beloved high school football coach, was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer in early September of 2014. His community came together to offer support to him and his family as he began his journey through treatment.
Mother's surprise for her daughter
10-year-old Julie has been insulin dependent since she was 7 years old due to Type 1 Diabetes. Julie's mother wanted to surprise her with an insulin pump for her 11th birthday so she could have a well-deserved break from the daily shots and pokes. Friends and family came together to make that gift happen.
Street magician helps homeless vet
Rob, a street magician, met Alan while performing a magic trick that ended up going viral online. Rob learned that Alan was a homeless veteran, and wanted to help. He started this GoFundMe campaign to help raise enough money to get Alan back on his feet and find a place to live.
Support for brave young cancer fighter
Malachi was diagnosed with cancer just before his 7th birthday. With a lack of insurance, Malachi's family worried about paying for all of his surgeries and treatments. They started this GoFundMe campaign to ask for support from their friends and family.
Toddler gets chance to walk
15-month-old Tyrus was born with a rare condition that makes his bones extremely prone to breaking. His parents created this GoFundMe campaign with the hopes of raising enough money to get him a leg surgery that would prevent further fractures and deformity.
Young teacher's dream trip saved
As Amanda was packing the car to head to the airport for a dream teaching gig in China, someone stole her tickets and passport right outside of her home, halting her trip in its tracks. Her mother created this GoFundMe campaign to help cover the expenses of paying for the trip all over again.
Inseparable dogs get new home together
Ares and Zeus became best friends when they met in an Orange County animal shelter. Ronda fell in love with the dogs when she saw them online, and rescued them. She used GoFundMe to raise enough money to cover their necessary medical expenses.
Miracle reunion for dog and owners
Bailey, a pet Yorkie, escaped from his family's home in Austin, Texas when he was 4 years old - they thought they'd never see him again. 6 years later, he turned up at a shelter in Indianapolis and was identified by his microchip. This campaign was created to help his owners reunite with him and take him back home.
Police officer helps teen attend college
Sergeant Chris Cognac met Yanet when she was 15 years old and living in a motel in dismal conditions. Her kind spirit inspired Sgt. Chris, and she eventually became his intern at the Police Department. He started this campaign to help Yanet achieve her dreams and attend college like she always dreamed of.
Community aids scorched animal rescue
On September 7th, a barn caught fire at the Second Chance Ranch, burning their entire stock of hay. Luckily, neither the ranch's owner nor the animals were harmed, but they were left without any feed for the rescued animals. In just 24 hours, $3K was raised to help the ranch get back on its feet.
Mother's greatest wish fulfilled
Despite the fact that Savannah was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she decided to put all her efforts into fulfilling her greatest wish: to take her daughter to Disney World. Hundreds of people donated to her GoFundMe campaign and were able to help Savannah exceed her goal.
Marching band saved from disaster
The Normal West Marching Band's trailer was totaled in an unfortunate accident. Luckily, no one was hurt. However, the band suddenly had no means of transportation. In just a few days, hundreds of people helped them meet their goal and made it possible for them to buy a new vehicle.
Infant's family seeks heart surgery
Leonardo was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at just 9 days old. A group of cardiologists gave baby Leo a small chance of survival, unless he could get a surgery to combat his heart defect. They found the surgeons willing to do it, and now all they need to do is raise enough money in time.
Support for heroic retired military dog
Kay, a retired military dog, was deployed along with U.S. troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan - it is estimated that he saved thousands of lives. Now, Kay is the one who needs help to remove a tumor from his heart. Thousands of dollars were raised in a matter of days to help get Kay this necessary surgery.
Baseball fan receives cancer support
Tim Grimes was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma at just 28 years old. His boss started this GoFundMe campaign to collect donations toward Tim's treatment. Hundreds of friends and family members stepped up to show Tim that he's not alone in his fight.
Injured dog receives surgery funding
One-year-old Bear suffered a broken leg that healed badly, and the operation required to fix it was very complicated. This campaign was created to raise enough money to transport Bear to a veterinarian that could help her.
Cyclist recovering after car collision
While riding with a group of cyclists in San Diego, Juan Carlos was suddenly struck by a car that plowed into the group. He was taken to a local hospital where he began treatment for multiple wounds, surrounded by his family. Thousands of people came together to donate toward his recovery.
Woman reunited with dog after 8 years
When Shena's English Bulldog 'Fatcat' was stolen from her backyard, she was devastated. 8 years later, she received a call from a shelter saying they had identified the dog by her microchip - Fatcat had been found! She created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for her much-needed vet visits.
Animal lover attempts to save pig's life
Katie, a 23-year-old college student, was horrified when she heard about a local school fundraiser that involved raffling of a live pig for slaughter. Determined to save the pig's life, she started this GoFundMe campaign to buy as many raffle tickets as possible so she'd have the best chance at saving the pig's life.
Diabetes alert dog for 7-year-old boy
Adam was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 2 and has been insulin-dependent ever since. His parents decided to raise money to get Adam a medical alert dog, which could someday save his life in case of emergency.
Help for elderly grocery store clerk
When some workers at Market Basket grocery stores quit in protest of a personnel change, the stores began to cut hours for some employees. One of those employees was 94-year-old Arthur St. John, who had worked at the store for 22 years. GoFundMe was used to raise money to help Arthur get by until things calmed down.
Cancer survivor invents chemo backpack
Kylie is an 11-year-old cancer survivor and inventor. She turned her experience with chemo into an amazing invention for kids receiving the treatment - a portable IV backpack. She was able to raise enough money on GoFundMe to create a working prototype.
Firefighter recovering after hard fall
Firefighter Chad Larivee was repairing a roof when he fell to the ground, injuring his neck and spinal cord in the process. After being airlifted to a local hospital, he underwent 9 hours of surgery. This GoFundMe campaign raised thousands of dollars to aid him in his recovery.
Ear surgery for 9-year-old orphan
A mission trip team met 9-year-old Marce while she was living in a Mexican orphanage. When the team discovered that Marce was deaf, they decided to raise money so that she could come to the U.S. and receive cochlear implants.
Donations pour in for soon-to-be mom
Just days after Amanda and her husband Chris found out they were expecting their first baby, Amanda was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable degenerative disease. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign in order to help them buy a wheelchair van, and to cover any future medical costs associated with Amanda's care.
JULY 2014
Support for fallen officer's family
During a traffic stop, Minnesota police officer Scott Patrick was fatally injured. This GoFundMe campaign was created by local members of the Chive network to raised money for Officer Patrick's surviving wife and two teenage children.
Support pours in for widowed father
Sarah Harkins tragically passed away after she was stung by bees in her backyard - the stress of the incident caused her to have a brain aneurysm. This campaign was created to support Sarah's widowed husband, and their four young children.
Unforgettable birthday for 5-year-old boy
When 5-year-old Daniel went to the doctor for some vision problems, it was discovered that he had an inoperable brain tumor. His GoFundMe campaign attracted thousands of dollars for his treatment, along with thousands of cards for his birthday.
Hero dog receives medical support
Ezio, the heroic Yorkie, stepped between his family's 3-year-old son and a violent neighborhood dog, saving the child's life. Unfortunately, Ezio was hurt in the process. This GoFundMe campaign was set up to help raise money for his surgeries and medical care.
Boy raises money to protect police officers
Jacen's only wish is that police officers won't get killed. When his father lost a friend in the line of duty, Jacen decided to start this GoFundMe campaign to raise money for better protective gear for the local police officers.
Donations pour in for tragedy survivor
15-year-old Cassidy's mother, father, and four siblings were taken from her in an act of terrible violence. Luckily, she survived the attack and was able to make a full recovery. This campaign was created to raise funds for Cassidy's future.
Young double amputee takes first steps
Kayden was born with deformities in his legs and feet, and ultimately had to have a double amputation. A video of him taking his first steps with his prosthetic legs went viral, and his GoFundMe campaign attracted thousands of donors.
Student’s academic future saved
Just three weeks before Cassie was supposed to start college, her mother passed away. Due to complications, Cassie no longer qualified for financial aid and her academic future looked bleak. Thousands were touched by her story, and donated enough money to help keep Cassie in school.
Mom healing, thanks to help
Early in the morning on July 4th, wife and mother of two, Heidi Crouch, unexpectedly collapsed to the ground after an aneurysm. She was rushed to the hospital where she began treatment, and started the recovery process. Hundreds of people pitched in to help with the costs of medical bills.
Boy’s service dog wish granted
Everett was born with Spina Bifida, a condition which makes it difficult for him to do everyday tasks on his own. His parents started a GoFundMe campaign to help get Everett a service dog to aid him in these activities. Thanks to many peoples’ generosity, Everett will be able to get his furry friend.
JUNE 2014
Disabled girl receives funds for therapy
12-year-old McKenzie suffers from a life-threatening disease which leaves her unable to walk. Alternative therapies seem to help her best, and so her parents started this GoFundMe campaign to help raise enough money to help McKenzie continue on with those treatments.
Home makeover dream comes true
24-year-old Michael is wheelchair-bound due to a rare disease, and his home is not handicap accessible. Thousands of people were inspired by his amazing attitude, and with the help of The Chive community, he was able to raise enough money to make the necessary renovations to his home.
Woman feeds local homeless
Once a week, Kasonja spends her entire lunch break handing out food and care packages to the homeless people in her community. She started this GoFundMe campaign to try and raise enough money to hand out food for an entire year.
Thousands thank school shooting hero
On June 5th 2014, Jon Meis saved countless lives by disarming a shooter at Seattle Pacific University. This GoFundMe campaign was set up as a wedding gift for Jon and his fiancée to thank him for his bravery.
Community support for shark victim
While on a boating tube in the ocean, a shark bit Jessica Vaughn's leg. Her friends were able to get her to the hospital safely where she began the recovery process. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help cover medical costs.
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