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started this crazy endeavor over 3 years ago with the dream of changing the face of outdoor hunting media. I knew what I wanted to say; what I wanted to show and represent. What I n... more


Updated posted by Clay Hayes 23 days ago

Big thanks to all of you that donated. The premiere showing was at the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Rendezvous in Denver on March 22. I’d never received a standing ovation, or so many genuine and heartfelt thanks, before that night – and you all helped make that possible.

The film will go on tour with the “Hunting Film Tour” for the fall of 2014 and summer of 2015, after which, it will be uploaded to the internet and available for all to see. But, don’t fret, for those that donated, I’ll be burning some DVD’s in the next few weeks and sending them your way.

Also, I’ve already started developing ideas for the next project… stay tuned.


Updated posted by Clay Hayes 3 months ago

The original funding goal was five grand, most of which would have gone to flight time (which is out for this project). I’ve lowered that to $1000 to reflect that. If I can make that, it should cover the music and replace that lost tripod. Anything over that would go toward the next project. Huge thanks to those who have contributed so far. I’m grateful.


Updated posted by Clay Hayes 3 months ago

Update (Dec 2013) - I'm done with all the filming and have the rough cut mostly completed. I'll be submitting the rough version to the film tour in late February so I’ll be busy editing until then. After that, it’s on to color grading, effects, etc. The final film will be completed by April. It's really shaping up.

Due to limited funding (probably a lack of salesmanship on my part), I’ve nixed the flight time but it’s no great loss. Maybe next time (I’ve already got some great ideas for the next film). What I still need is really good music. Some of the songs I’m using are licensed under creative commons, some are not. I’ve also been in contact with some great musicians that are letting me use their work free of charge, but I’d still like to make a donation for their work.

Aside from that, the equipment replacement/upgrade still applies. On one of my last trips out I lost my fluid head tripod when it fell out of an unsecured pannier somewhere along an 18 mile cross-country circuit. That was a real bummer.


Created by Clay Hayes on May 5, 2013

started this crazy endeavor over 3 years ago with the dream of changing the face of outdoor hunting media. I knew what I wanted to say; what I wanted to show and represent. What I never expected was the level of interest and support for what I always felt was a minority interest – the simple, honest, and ethical hunt. The kind of hunt where things like woodsmanship, effort, and wildness – as opposed to record book status, and mechanical advantage – take center stage. In other words, I wanted to show what hunting really is, or can be. I wanted this film to be the antithesis of mainstream hook & bullet media.

I’ve been asked dozens of times what this film is about, and I never know exactly what to say. It’s difficult to pin down, to capture in a nice little paragraph. If you’ve ever tried to concisely describe you’re most enduring passion to someone who may or may not share that affinity you’ll know the position I’m in. What I can do is list a few of the guiding principles that have shaped this film.

The most pervasive of these is the idea of “traditional values”. We’ll define this as the guiding light in a true sportsman’s heart, regardless of what we carry in our hands. These values live in the heart of the rifle hunter who knows the difference between the true satisfaction of fair chase and honest hard work, and the misplaced pride in a trophy at any cost. They live in the heart of the flycaster who wades an icy October stream, hoping for a rainbow’s rise amid a backdrop of golden aspen. And live in the heart of the traditional bowhunter who gives up the advantages of modern aids in hopes of somehow getting closer to nature.

A very close second is what Aldo Leopold described as a conservation, or land ethic. The simple idea that we are part of a larger community; that our lives are intertwined with the fate of the land, water and wildlife is something that, in large part, seems to have been forgotten. As hunters, I believe we have a responsibility to the land; to assure, for future generations, a natural world that is as beautiful and diverse as the one that we enjoy.

In addition to the above, this film will lean heavy on the most traditional and aesthetic of weapons – the longbow. I do this, not because I think it makes me a better hunter, but because it’s what I know. Traditional archery is at the very core of why I hunt. It allows me to fill the hunter’s niche that was carved out ten thousand years ago. It forces me to overcome an animal’s senses, to exist within that hypersensitive bubble where game has evolved to detect and evade predators much more skilled than myself. In other words, it means a lot of tag soup, but an unparalleled sense of accomplishment when it all comes together.

This film, entitled “the untamed” will be released in the spring 2014. The duration will be around 20 minutes. I’m considering submitting it to an outdoor film festival, which will show in multiple locations around the country (I don’t yet have the details on this). Once this period is up, the film will be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo where it can be seen by tens of thousands of viewers around the world. These two distribution avenues will, I believe, reach the broadest audience for the film. Up until this time I’ve taken on all costs associated with its making – everything from equipment and software to travel, not to mention the hundreds of hours filming, editing, color grading, etc. The bulk of filming, and a good chunk of editing are done, but there are still several needs that will greatly help the final product. Things like commercially licensed music and helicopter time will eat up most, if not all, funding generated through sponsorships. Any additional funding will be used to promote the film and replace/upgrade editing and camera equipment.

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Dave Sharpe

2 months ago


Hi Clay, Thanks for inspiring me!



Dan and Johanna O'Keefe

2 months ago


Hope this helps a little! Can't wait to see the finished product and think it is great you are going for it!



Will Cardamone

3 months ago



Geoff Hogander

3 months ago



Mike & Linda Herdering

3 months ago


Wonderful trailer-- and the music works well. We are so pleased you are doing this for us, our wildlands and future. Thank you and best of luck with the final product--can't wait. Linda



Steve Osminski

3 months ago


Clay, Appreciate all you do with the Woodsmanship videos for BHA and this looks like it will be excellent. Good work!



Brice and Jenny Crayne

3 months ago


Merry Christmas Clay, this is more than I spent on Jenny ;)



Dustin Newer

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Ron Herman

11 months ago


Saw post on either TradGang, Stickbow or Paleo on the video...thought it looked great as I already was subscribed to your other YouTube items as well. Good luck.


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