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On Monday July 9, 2012 my nephew Kaleb was swimming in the Caloosahatchee River when he was attacked by an alligator. He lost his right arm a little below the elbow. He is doing really w... more


Updated posted by LaDawn Pelham Hayes 20 months ago

Kaleb is doing GREAT!! He was able to try out a prosthetic arm the other day and the doctors were amazed at his ability to control it. He goes back to the doctor next week and will be casted for an arm. He should have a basic arm before school starts.


Updated posted by LaDawn Pelham Hayes 21 months ago

Kaleb went to the doctor yesterday and she was very happy with how the healing process is going, she took out half of his stitches. He will go back to the doctor next week to get the rest of the stitches out and then on to another doctor to start the prep for his prosthetic.

Thank you ALL for your continued prayers and support!!!!


Updated posted by LaDawn Pelham Hayes 21 months ago

Just wanted to let everyone know that Kaleb got to come home from the hospital today! We are very appreciative of all the support everyone has shown Thank You all. I have been receiving e-mails requesting information on where checks could be mailed. A fund has been set up at our local bank and checks/money orders can be sent to:

Kaleb Langdale Fund
First Bank of Clewiston
300 E Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support!!!!

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Created by LaDawn Pelham Hayes on July 11, 2012

On Monday July 9, 2012 my nephew Kaleb was swimming in the Caloosahatchee River when he was attacked by an alligator. He lost his right arm a little below the elbow. He is doing really well and has a VERY positive attitude! He is 17 years old and has his whole life ahead of him. He LOVES to go airboating, hunting and has a passion for welding, he was planning on a career as a Instrumental Electrician. This fund is being set up to help him get a prosthetic arm. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

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posted by Tammy Lewis 21 months ago

Hi Kaieb Fred Langdale My E-Mail Is wposlusny@yahoo.com

posted by Wilhelm A Poslusny 21 months ago

If you've never heard of him, you should google Aron Ralstein. He's proof it takes more to stop someone from being great than losing an arm. I really hope you get a cool prosthesis and get to go swimming again soon!!

posted by Becky Coppa 21 months ago

Fred, Best wishes to you and your family, so very proud of you and what you have come through, you are in our thoughts and prayers always.

posted by Nancy Carey 21 months ago

George Zimmerman collected $200,000 for his "defense" and this kid losses an arm and so far has received $15,000. Something is wrong in this USA!

posted by Mary McDonald 21 months ago

Hi kaleb Fred Langdale You Get Will From Wilhelm Aaron Poslusny.

posted by Wilhelm A Poslusny 21 months ago

I saw this story on the news and was so impressed by how mature and well spoken you are Kaleb. Such a terrible thing and yet you seem to be in good spirits. You are truly amazing and many people are very inspired by your bravery. We will continue to pray for your recovery, and know that God has bigger plans for your future.

posted by Alisa Maul 21 months ago

Can't donate at this time, but you are in my prayers. You are a remarkable young man and an inspiration to all. God Bless.

posted by Judith Strong-Clinton 21 months ago

We are praying for Kaleb's recovery. I want Kaleb to stay in touch with us. He sounds like someone who would be a great motivational speaker. I am a speech and English teacher, and am always looking for real life heroes to use when I am trying to motivate my students. Hang in there Kaleb and know a lot of people are wanting you to recover and show us more of what an amazing young man you are.

posted by Sheree Crites 21 months ago

I wish a quick recovery for kaleb. I lost my right leg 3.5 years ago at 22, and want kaleb to know there is nothing a good attitude cant cure. There are some great programs out there for amputee's to connect with others and share their experiences, and boy does kaleb have a story. He sounds like a tough kid, and there's no doubt in my mind he will recover and be a strong, productive individual. God gives his best students the hardest lessons

posted by Daniel Honeybaked Hamm 21 months ago

I saw Kaleb's story on ABC news and was very impressed by this strong young man and the family who raised him. I am sending prayers and cheers. God left you here, Kaleb, with your "airboating" arm for a purpose. May your life be full and happy.

posted by Mary Boone 21 months ago

May God keep blessing and protecting you!

posted by Mary McDonald 21 months ago

My prayers go out to Kaleb and his family!!!!

posted by Vicki Drowatzky 21 months ago

Praying for Kaleb and his family

posted by Melissa Moss 21 months ago

Shared this link on Facebook !!!

posted by Rebecca Smith 21 months ago

I almost cried when I read the story of Kaleb's fight against both the gator, and then bleeding. How he used anything he could to stop the bleeding, including spiderwebs he found along the river, and that was a BRILLIANT idea, because spiderwebs are strong & probably helped a lot. I lost my own boy when he was 15 and maybe that's why it choked me up so much. Wish I could donate a little more, bless you much Kaleb, you are in my thoughts and prayers; although you are one tough kid loll I know you'll do well.

posted by Rebecca Smith 21 months ago

bless you kaleb and your family..i have 2 sons myself and can only imagine how your parents feel...stay strong and you are the hero, i hate aligatos soooo much

posted by Elly Serrano 21 months ago

kaleb, you are amazing!!! your story--along with your beautiful smile--is such an inspiration, and you're definitely one of my new heroes. i know you've got a bright future ahead of you, and i am praying for the very best!!! stay strong, sweetie!!! ")

posted by Sarah Pegues 21 months ago

This young man is quite extraordinary. What a great attitude, and his love of life, tenacity and support from friend and family will take him far. I pray for continued health and healing and for assistance with the medical care.

posted by Eileyn Sobeck Bador 21 months ago

So sorry to hear this happened to Kaleb. I do not know him but my prayers are with him and his family and friends .

posted by Jackie McDavid 21 months ago

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Lori Neff

20 months ago


You are totally brave man, kept your wits and took on a Gator. Now keep the faith, nothing you can't accomplish and your family loves you.




20 months ago




20 months ago




20 months ago



Traci and Larry Roberts

20 months ago



motaz ramadan

20 months ago


Thank god your alive ,and remember couldved been worse so be grateful .get well soon .



Doc Merrick

20 months ago


Great team work you and the Lord had going there Kaleb. I've had some significant experience and time spent with amputees and attitude is paramount for optimal outcome ..from the sounds of it you could be a poster boy for traumatic amputation and prosthetic rehab! God speed



Cindy Rutherford

20 months ago


Good luck and get well soon! Keep up the positive attitude!




20 months ago




21 months ago


Wishing you a speedy recovery. God Bless!


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