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Tippytoe is our young, beautiful long haired cat with little pink toes (where he got his name). He's got a unique personality, and never takes crap from anyone, which gives him his sassy... more


Updated posted by Sean McNulty 20 months ago

Déjà vu...

Tippytoe had a checkup, and had some legs re-splinted today - this is standard on a weekly basis.

But after bringing him home his front splint slipped entirely off again. AGAIN. Just like last week.

In his final weeks of recovery he has become very mobile (which is good!) but this means he's getting more annoyed by his splints (which is bad!).

After hours, getting this splint replaced costs around $200.

I can't express my gratitude for everybody who has donated thus far. We wouldn't be where we are right now without you all - so close to his recovery.

But this is now our most financially burdening time.

If you've been meaning to donate but just haven't yet - now is the perfect time! It'll get us over these obstacles and to his final surgery.



Updated posted by Sean McNulty 20 months ago

Tippytoe had a bit of a complication last night. I woke up to meows at about 3:30am to find him splintless on his front leg - the most broken one! He managed to get it entirely off.

We could see he was uncomfortable, and we wanted him treated quickly, so we went to a 24 hour clinic and got him re-splinted.

They had to sedate him and keep him to watch for a bit, and they gave us one of those silly cones to prevent him chewing at it, and another round of painkillers.

This was setback cost wise, but we're super grateful we had what we did have to afford it. He got what he needed to feel better, and heal better - which is the most important thing.

We're half way through his recovery. He gets his x-rays and final surgery around the end of August.

We're still struggling for this upcoming cost (estimated $1,500) so please keep the donations coming in, or share this page around any way you can.

We thank everybody who has donated, and we are extremely grateful for your selfless contributions.

Here's how Tippytoe looks now, home from the hospital all clown'd up. He's full of good food, comfortable, and resting - and we're doing everything we can to make this is easy as possible for him.

Again, thank you all.



Updated posted by Sean McNulty 21 months ago

Today is Tippytoe's birthday!

Sorry for the delay in updates. Tippytoe has had his first surgery, as I mentioned, and he has since been at home recovering with us for the past 10 days. He is going to heal for six weeks before going in for his second, and hopefully final surgery.

We thank everybody for their amazing donations, as you have made this all possible.

We got a quote for his final surgery, and I've upped the goal slightly to compensate. I can't believe how generous everybody has been thus far.

For his birthday, he had to go to the vet to get his splints checked - but he had a special surprise when he got home!

Check out the photos to see Tippytoe celebrating his bithday by gorging on a cake and falling into a food coma.

Thanks everybody, and please keep sharing and spreading the word, and keep the donations coming! We've got a long road ahead.


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Created by Sean McNulty on July 7, 2012

Tippytoe is our young, beautiful long haired cat with little pink toes (where he got his name). He's got a unique personality, and never takes crap from anyone, which gives him his sassy-catitude. He is extremely clean, and very particular. Unfortunately, Tippytoe took a very large tumble, and broke a great deal of his tiny pink tippy toes, and the wrist of his front paw.

He has been to the BC SPCA and checked out. Miraculously his injuries were not worse. He is a very strong cat. He has had his x-rays, and currently it appears he is otherwise healthy except for his broken bones. He is splinted and bandaged, and currently with us on pain killers.

We are looking to raise money to help support the surgeries (yes, plural) our Tippy toe is going to need to fix his broken bones. The vets said they will need to pin the bones of his toes in his back paws, and he may need a plate inserted to fix his little wrist. Depending on what we can afford, and what the doctors feel is best, the leg may have to be amputated.

We do not have an exact cost as of this time, but the doctors are estimating around $3000 for the surgeries alone, not including further care and medication afterwards. We are going back in on Monday to get a proper consultation and a more precise estimate.

If we cannot cover the cost of the surgeries, we will have to put our cat down...

This is a great cost, but we are hoping with the loving support of our friends, neighbours, and generous animal lovers, we can help cover it.

We are already finding ways to help support the cost,  and any help we can get from YOU is greatly appreciated.

Any additional cost over his expenses will be donated to the BC SPCA.


Thank you all.


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m/ don't stub your Tippyoe!


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