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Hi, my name is Trinity Penelope and I am 11 years old. My interests include sleeping, bird watching and cuddling. I live in a loving home with my mom, however; due to recent medical issu... more


Updated posted by Toni Arrowsmith 21 months ago

A big thank you to everyone that has already helped out Trinity. She had an eye appointment on Friday and received good news that her corneal ulcers have healed up and her glaucoma is under control with her medication. Hoping to get her back into the vet soon to figure out what's going on inside that little tummy of hers. Thanks again for helping me help out Lil' T!


Created by Toni Arrowsmith on June 20, 2012

Hi, my name is Trinity Penelope and I am 11 years old. My interests include sleeping, bird watching and cuddling. I live in a loving home with my mom, however; due to recent medical issues we need your help.

During a visit with my vet in February, he noticed some abnormalities with my eyes and put me on a diet to shed a few pounds. He referred me to an eye doctor, who diagnosed me with glaucoma, an eye disease that I would have to be treated for for the rest of my life. Three months later I had follow-ups. The vet said I was losing weight at a healthy rate and was clear of any diseases such as diabetes. With daily use of eye drops, the eye doctor was seeing improvements. 

Then in June, I was admitted to the hospital for anorexia and vomiting. I stayed overnight, where they hydrated me with IV fluids and ran a series of expensive tests. During this visit, I developed corneal ulcers, which may be a result of my chronic eye disease. With the exception of signs of arthritis in my spine, all of the other tests came back normal and I was sent home with pain medication, eye drops and medicine to help boost my appetite. 

Since I came home I started to get my appetite back and I'm feeling a little better, but there are still unanswered questions as to how I ended up in the hospital. If my condition doesn't start to improve, the next step would be to run an ultrasound. I also need to continue with frequent follow-ups with my eye doctor.

Ongoing checkups and hospitalizations are very expensive and are becoming a financial hardship for my mom. Over the past few years she has overcome a number of challenges, but through all of this, she has managed to provide me with a loving home, the best food and medical care. I am a happy kitty and I love my home. Any help, no matter how big or how small, will ensure that I continue my ongoing healthcare and I know that my mom would be so appreciative.


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My 14 year old cat Soul had a similar random problem arise suddenly a few years ago. After x-rays, blood tests and an ultrasound they figured out he has IBD. Maybe years of sorting out treatment for him he's doing well on some good food (high protein and mostly wet food) and some great medical care. I go to Dr. Hilmoe at The Family Pet and she is awesome. Soul is on a mix of pepcid for his tummy ulcers, and steroids for his IBD and it has helped immensely. Good luck! Hopefully this little bit helps reach your goal. :)

posted by Annie StClair 22 months ago

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Hope you feel better Trinity.




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feel better trinity!!




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This is more of a bribe than a donation, Trinity. Stop terrorizing my dog.




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Hope your kitty feels better!



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I'm only donating this money because Trinity's mom is hot!



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