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My journey into aviation started in 2006 with the hopes of becoming a professional pilot.  I have had a few setbacks along the way and am still currently trying to fulfill my dream of be... more


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I am trying a different route to my private pilots license. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.


Created by Enock Glidden on July 5, 2012

My journey into aviation started in 2006 with the hopes of becoming a professional pilot.  I have had a few setbacks along the way and am still currently trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a private pilot. 

I took my first lesson with Rich Whicker at Southern Maine Aviation .  From that day on I was hooked on flying.  It was a new found freedom that I have never experienced before or since.  It is amazing the way the world looks from high above.  Everything looks as if it belongs.  When I fly its as if all the things that effect a person while on earth just disappear and the barriers all get broken down. 


When I say barriers it is because I was born with spina bifida and am unable to walk.  I use a wheelchair to get around in my daily life so that has its barriers while on earth.  I am quite active despite this one barrier because I tend to see it as a challenge to find other ways of doing things.  I am a downhill and cross country skier, skydiver, bicyclist, and basic outdoors person.  I am able to do most of these things through organizations like maine adaptive sports and recreation.  They provide the equipment and lessons for free. 


I am starting this page because the only thing I truly want in life is to be able to fly on a regular basis and hopefully at some time in the future get my professional pilots license and be able to give other disabled people the experience of flight.  The first step to this dream is getting my private license and I am very close.  I have finished all the flying time I need thanks to the vocational rehabiliation department of maine.  They were willing to help me with the lessons in the beginning as long as I was able to go to school for the rest of it.  I was accepted to a school and they funded my lessons until I attended school.  Unfortunately a month after I went to the school they informed me that I would not be able to fly their planes even though they said I could when I enrolled.  They said I should try getting private lessons out of pocket at a local place while still paying for school.  The private license would have cost me over $50,000 going that route.  I consequently left that school but without enrollment the state of maine would no longer help me.  Since that time I have not been able to afford paying for it myself.  It seems any time I think I might have the money something comes up that takes the money.  So I am trying this route to hopefully aquire my dream and be able to give back .  I have enrolled in college once again to get my degree in computer information systems to enable to me to get a good job in the future to help pay for further lessons toward my dream of being able to teach other disabled people to fly.  Until then I am going to do what it takes to finish my private license and try to gain hours.  It has been a few years since I have flown as pilot in command so I will probably need some hours just to get soloed again and get back into the rhythm of flying.  I also need to pay for the testing.  That is why I am trying for $2000 to fund the extra flying time and the testing part of my license.  I would greatly appreciate any help that you might give in my flying endeavors.  I hope to be able to post news of my different steps along the way with pictures and possibly give back in some way when I finish.  Who knows maybe I could take you flying someday.  Again thank you greatly in advance and I hope I can show you my success.


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Fly, Enock, fly!



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I have always beleived in you Enock and would love to be a part in your success



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Best of luck Enock!



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