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When the Baltimore shelter got in these three kittens in awful condition today, they knew who to call! Animal Control had responded to a hoarding situation in Baltimore, Maryland wher... more


Updated posted by Feline Rescue Association 8 months ago

The "3 Blind Mice" kittens are doing great but all still in need of forever homes! Please don't flinch at the idea of a kitty who can't see or see well.. They navigate very well, use the litter box, find their food/water.. They adapt and cope with ease. If you are interested in possibly adopting any of these special girls please visit to submit an application!


Updated posted by Feline Rescue Association 9 months ago

All three of the "Blind Mice" kittens are available for adoption!

Puddle -
Paige -
Posey -


Updated posted by Feline Rescue Association 10 months ago

Check out the latest glamour shots of the "three blind mice" kittens -- Posey, Paige & Puddle! Two of the three are almost ready for adoption :)


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Created by Feline Rescue Association on May 18, 2013

When the Baltimore shelter got in these three kittens in awful condition today, they knew who to call!

Animal Control had responded to a hoarding situation in Baltimore, Maryland where well over 20 cats were living in deplorable conditions. These three kittens needed urgent care for severe eye infections and required immediate rescue. A shelter employee notified FRA and fortunately Diana went charging to the rescue and got them to our vet.

Little Blind Mouse #1 - Puddle. The smallest is a brown tabby girl whose left eye has already ruptured. Her right eye also maybe non-functioning at this point. She is about 5 weeks old and is very underweight and dehydrated.

Little Blind Mouse # 2 is Paige -- a black and white tuxedo whose left eye is ruptured. There is also severe inflammation in the right eye, but we are hoping it can be saved. She is also underweight and is about 7 - 8 weeks old.

The third Little Blind "Mouse" is Posey, a black female. She also has severe inflammation in her right eye which will probably heal but have some scarring. Her left eye is also inflammed and she is around 7 - 8 weeks as well.

All three kittens were seen at the Animal Hospital at Southgate who were so kind to accomodate us on a very busy Saturday at short notice. All three kittens are receiving antibiotics, eye ointment, other medications and high calorie food as well as plenty of TLC from their foster mom (who also fostered Coraline, our last blind kitten!)

The Feline Rescue Association is very hand-to-mouth and it is only through the generosity of people like you that we can help kitties like the Three Blind Mice. Please give what you can -- these poor girls have a long road ahead!

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What a great example of getting people to help the helpless. GoFundMe is reaching people like you and me to keep these kittens alive and safe. An example of social networking used for good instead of the ridiculous.

posted by Beth Trestrail 10 months ago

Sadly I cannot donate but I would if I could...I hope they continue to heal and find loving homes.

posted by Cat Filmord 10 months ago

Can you please save this poor little one too? They are going to kill her just because of her eye - I am helping raise funds through Nashville Neglects to help your three - please help this little one too .php?fbid=10152857410295193&se t=o.341753095919266&type=1&the ater

posted by Shelley Blessing 11 months ago

Contact Blind Cat Rescue in North Carolina...they may have have resources in your area. I will be donating also!!

posted by Annie Markichevich 11 months ago

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Best wishes to you sweet little babies.



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Good luck, sweet little kitties!



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