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THE REALITY i'm forty years of age and in may 2013 my daughter was six. i realise that i potentially will not be able to see my daughter grow into being an independent young woman.... more


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Updated posted by Philip 'dm' Campbell 14 months ago

some great news. marsha got the money she needed to start the secret kitchen properly! - awesome.. this is a reminder/catchup with marsha i shot but i need to do another one soon.


Updated posted by Philip 'dm' Campbell 15 months ago

just noticed that the playlist embed is not working properly on the last post. i am recording an up to date video thou soon about the project. first client who wants to donate instead of paying coming onboard.


Updated posted by Philip 'dm' Campbell 15 months ago

hey there. i was just telling someone about the project today. they looked a bit blown out by it. i think it's because of all the times i've wanted to have an ark, or some kind of temporary dwelling.

what makes me really interested in the spanish land however is the fact that it has planning permission already to go and if it's not that land i'm sure other land is available nearby. waiting to get planning permission in the uk may take longer than i'm willing to wait.

i'll be 40 in six days. i know i have to make real progress on this during this year and that's why i'm making sure all funds from the studio or advocacy work i get goes into 'donationware' into the project so expect payment from me/cellar54 to go into this too.

you will have noticed that i have not had any more donations for a while. this donation has no time scale too it. i'm not actively promoting each day until i have been out to the land in february and put together a proper video i can put on this project.

i have created a youtube playlist for all videos about the project (only one right now) --

thanks to those already donated. it really means a lot to me.. .

i'll be doing videos more regularly now as well because i recently got a gopro3 for videoblogging which will make things a lot easier when i'm over there in feb.

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Created by Philip 'dm' Campbell on November 13, 2012


i'm forty years of age and in may 2013 my daughter was six. i realise that i potentially will not be able to see my daughter grow into being an independent young woman.

our family unit never turned out the way it was meant to and myself and her mother are no longer together. i see my daughter once a week at the moment and i would like that to be more by moving closer to where she is.

for the last three years i have been travelling regularly on the train between nottingham and burton on trent station and very recently been able to finally afford to purchase a car again due to some luck during the olympic games from a random email from the internet. i guess being a social advocate for social media teams does work!



i have a recurring dream about my daughters life when i'm no longer here that involved her walking up over a countryside path towards the dwelling (originally a livingark) the ark was overgrown and the doors dusty -- i leave her a key in my will. she enters the dwelling and finds in front of her a container with a usb stick and some locations on the web where to backups. who knows what the web will look like in the future. will she even have access?

the data/archives contains the memories of now (present day) of herself and her daddy together, documentation regards 'off the grid' learning about sustainability and environmental issues. when she learned to grown her own food and create her own power. the sanctuary she had outside of usual abundance of her usual home and a place to escape too. some level of security, an extra hug from her long gone dad. something to build on.

i want to re-write my mapped out usual dna. i want my habits to not transfer to her, i want her pure soul to have unadulterated chances and give her something that she can remember about her dad, that she was worth all the sacrifices and that leaving something prepared, something of stability and familiarity would help her in her hours of need of wondering who to turn too.

since my daughters birth in 2007 i have kept an intensive collection of pictures, audio and video -- as a videoblogger from early 2005 i realised the potential of transmedia, i registered a domain called in that year and later sold it to the team from twitter in 2012 which enabled me to realise some of my potential.

i have improved my potential chances to earn additional money remotely from the web with our popup social media studio here in nottingham in the hope to train the next generation of social media advocates in and around the city. the studio is a challenge to pay for each month. working together with friends we have made it this far.

but i can't do it all.

while i'm concentrating on this i simply cannot take a leap of faith to find land, buy a container, put it there and fit it out. not without your help, your help is crucial because i believe this project talks to the very core of a relationship of a father and his child.

once activated we want to use the land to invite people out for breaks, creative pursuits and to do tedx style events on the land while also cultivating the land/growing crops etc.

i want to leave a legacy both digital and analog that my daughter can be transported back to happier times and so she can see how much i loved her when i'm gone. that she completed me and made me finally understand what unconditional love was unlike no other.

i have some funds. but i need supporters and faces in the remote crowd supporting me to lift me up and my energy to make this a reality. we often talk (as i have) for years about these realities but put our lives on hold to actually make these happen. i have bumped into a lot of negative energy over the years holding me back and am never wanting to repeat ever going back to those times.

my intention once we have built out the shipping container, insulated it. made it safe and secure is to document our live together during those years. putting out social media about our relationship in the forest together learning bushcraft skills, reading books together, learning about the world and the environment.

my visions is to connect the environmental world and the digital technology of optimising moments together. i want her to have a balanced vision of her potential at all times not distorted by the world around her but what she knows in her heart to be true.

with your support and backing behind me i would feel additional confident to make this leap of faith. to explore this new territory, to make time and work hard.

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Usha Mahenthiralingam

16 months ago


What a precious gift - a time capsule of love .... here's to dreams coming true!!! X :-) X



Marios Perrakis

17 months ago



Becky caroe

17 months ago


Go for it, Phil.



Phil Sorrell

17 months ago


You helped me with my dream, so it is only fair I help you with yours! #chasingdreams



Becky McCray

17 months ago


Here's to dreams worth dreaming.



Andy Austin

17 months ago



Nicole S

17 months ago


Best of Luck to you!



Mac McGuckin

17 months ago


Some dreams need to come true. Best of luck matey.



Charlotte Hueso

17 months ago


I feel moved by your honesty and vision Phil. What a dad!



Tim Mammatt

17 months ago


Best of luck!


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