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Hi! My name is Lyndse and I'm an art student. I created this donation pool to help me purchase a high-powered laptop with enough processing power to run high-end image editing/manipula... more


Created by Lyndse Gwaelin on July 1, 2012

Hi!  My name is Lyndse and I'm an art student.  I created this donation pool to help me purchase a high-powered laptop with enough processing power to run high-end image editing/manipulation software as well as music editing software.

Why I'm asking for help:

1. I live on a full-time student's income.  After buying books, paying rent, bills, for groceries, etc there usually isn't much left over for buying things like laptops.  I plan to pay for $200 - $300 of the expected $700 - $800 cost of the laptop myself, but that's really all I can afford right now.

2. I am currently using a Dell Inspiron desktop PC that I purchased in 2001.

Here are the specs of my current computer:

    Microsoft Windows XP
    Home Edition
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 3

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz
1.80 GHz, 768 MB of RAM

I've done some modification to the computer since purchasing it: I've installed a Wireless Card in it (the antenna is currently broken, so it rarely gets a good signal from the modem these days... it's about as fast as dial-up and I'm only about 30 ft. away from the modem).  I've also installed more RAM than it came with, and I removed the 3.5 Floppy drive to install an extra 60G hard drive.  That brings total hard drive space to 100 gigs.

The machine is very old and often takes several minutes to respond to any one command.  It also uses USB 1.0, so it takes a while to transfer things to and from flash drives and other external media.  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

The LCD monitor that came with the rig is a first-generation LCD monitor: the color on it is permanently dark, and no amount of raising the contrast helps.  It is completely useless for producing true-to-color visual artwork, or even watching movies (it is so dark nothing can really be seen).

I don't have a Facebook page so I'm apparently not able to complete my page!  Visit me at or, and please feel free to ask questions if you'd like to know more!



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