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Created by Kenny Love on August 2, 2013


"Dr. Kenneth Love Wants To Bring BIG JAZZ to Small Towns in America to Save Music Fans Big-City Concert Expenses!"

Kenny Love Jazz is an exciting, high-quality, touring variety Jazz music concert experience performing in small towns and communities across America with the interest of SAVING small-town Jazz music fans fact, saving them a LOT of money! And, up to 90% in $avings! To learn HOW, please continue reading...

FROM: Dr. Kenneth Love (aka Kenny Love)

I would like to, graciously, request your consideration of reading this entire information that follows, as I believe it will readily serve to verify our important and immediate need with you. At the conclusion of your reviewing this information, my sincere hope is that you understand how important this project is for small-town community music fans in enabling them to finally enjoy major high-quality music concerts in their own home locations.

This is in our interest of eliminating excess expenses that are inherent for these particular music fans when they desire to attend music concerts that are, primarily, held in large cities several hours away.

To begin, you yourself, likely enjoy some form, genre, or style of music. And, you probably realize that most LIVE music concerts are held in large cities, with concert tickets costing between $25-$50 minimum.

But are you aware that small-town music fans who live several hours away from any large city that is hosting a music concert, and practically any concert that they desire to attend, must pay up to 10 times the ticket price through additional expenses? And for such additional expenses as transportation, food, overnight lodging, etc.?

Yes, this same $25-$50 ticket price for a single music concert will, almost always, cost a small-town music fan who lives hours away from the concert a MINIMUM of $225! And even if several small-town music fans travel together, the expense is still increased by, at least, 5 times!

You may have never even thought about this, but also on the other hand, for music fans who cannot afford this additional expense of traveling to a city to enjoy a music concert, these extra expenses also create many missed LIVE music opportunities for them to enjoy, especially in today's economy.

Well, we want to change this situation for both of these types of small-town music fans for the better. And if you, too, are a “lover of the arts” and, particularly, a music fan, you can readily relate to and understand why we want to take the same high-quality LIVE music entertainment that is enjoyed by so many people in large metropolitan cities to the under-served and small towns and communities across America that the Music industry, largely and primarily, tends to ignore.

As such, please learn how you can join with us in our cause to help improve this situation and turn it around dramatically for small-town/community music fans by reading further.


Now, I'm not certain how many avid music fans who reside in small towns or communities that are, literally, hours away from any major metropolitan city have ever considered how much money they really spend when and while attending a music concert in a large city, but I certainly have considered as well as analyzed it. And, I have considered and analyzed it a lot.

And, not only have I considered and analyzed it, but I have personally lived it, through my having grown up in a town of 5,000 people or so that was located several hours away from the nearest metropolitan city. We would regularly attend concerts in Houston or Dallas and, for a more detailed review and breakdown of the expensive costs, here is what I mean...


At first glance, a $25 (or so) ticket price is fairly normal in its appearance and, particularly, for people who reside in larger cities such as Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York and who are accustomed to paying higher prices than those considered standard in small towns and communities.

However, for music fans who reside in much smaller towns, counties, or regions with lower prices, and smaller locations that are 2, 3, or even 4 or more hours away from larger cities that host music concerts, this single "normal looking" $25 concert ticket takes on an entirely different appearance and meaning because it represents a much larger expense for them.

And, since this nominal $25 ticket price can easily and quickly translate into hundreds of more dollars in expenses for the small-town music fan who resides at great distance away from the concert city, let's just see how this all adds up (or not), pardon the pun, for the small-town resident who is equally and no less a dedicated music fan. And for this example, let's use the automobile as the mode of transportation, as it is the most common (and likely) mode of transportation that will be used to travel to the music concert.


Now, let's say that the small-town music fan does, indeed, live several hours away and decides to attend the concert. Gasoline costs today for the average vehicle is around $40 to fill up the tank. There is also the advance maintenance expense for the trip, i.e., oil change, transmission fluid check, radiator fluid, mechanical replacements, etc. for, at least, another $20 (or more). And remember...not only will the vehicle's gasoline be used for traveling to the city, but even more of it will also be used while driving through and around the city.

Then for the return trip home, almost $40 more will be spent to, once again, fill up the gas tank. Food, depending on where it is purchased during the trip, is likely to be around $50 minimum during the city visit (if not more). Then, after the concert, the fan will likely rent a motel room for the night at an additional $50 minimum (but probably at a higher room rate).

Now, let's do the math in just this scenario addition to the initial $25 ticket price, the small-town music fan's costs have increased by an additional $200 to a total of $225 for this single particular concert, at the very least, and this detailed breakdown has not included any concert merchandise purchases. Ouch! See what I mean?

As you see, that's a LOT of expense for a single music concert!

And, all while another music fan who resides in the same city where the concert will be held, likely, will pay little more for the concert experience than its ticket price, some gasoline to get to the concert and, perhaps, some music merchandise purchases at the concert.

In essence, the small-town music fan has paid approximately 10 times the amount to enjoy the same concert. Wow! Once more, even if several small-town music fans travel together, the expense level can still remain, at least, 5 times higher! Again, I wonder how many diehard music fans who live in small towns in America have looked at it from this detailed angle?


Corporate major record labels (as opposed to independent artist owned and operated record labels such as ours) invest and spend an incredible amount of money on their recording artists, which is first recouped from any future income (known as royalties) to their artists.

As such, there is the initial recording budget, followed by an even greater amount of money spent on promoting and publicizing the recording once its production is complete, as well as the expenses incurred with distributing the recording to retailers for sale.

Therefore, most corporate labels require their artists to tour and perform after each music release in order to inspire and encourage sales of their music from fans that will, hopefully, return enough income to pay expenses as well as make a profit.

By the same token, artists also need to tour in order to have a regular income on which to survive, because the record companies only pay royalties to their artists 3 to 4 times per year (if that). And unless these artists are already in a wealthy superstar status, as a result of their having a significant and long career, or have composed the music and are receiving a decent income from radio airplay royalties and music licensing, they find it difficult and even practically impossible to survive on royalties alone that are only paid by their record labels several times per year.

So with the need for musical artists to tour and perform, again, for both the label to earn back its expenses and make a profit, as well as for artists to have income to survive daily, artists MUST go on tour to perform as much as possible after the recording has been released.

Now, here's why major record labels select large cities for their artists to perform in...

In order to maximize their profits and bring in the most money with the least amount of effort or work, record labels select the largest and most populated cities for their artists to perform in that will maximize audience attendance.

At the same time, they assume that any dedicated music fans from small towns will simply be willing to drive in to the concert city, while the labels never even give consideration to how small-town fans' expenses will dramatically increase. They, instead, see small-town music fans as their proverbial "icing on the cake," so to speak, in terms of their profit margin.

And in many (if not most) cases, the labels are correct to a degree in assuming so, because these dedicated small-town music fans will, indeed, do just that, but ONLY from their NOT having any other choice.

Consequently, each of these particular dedicated small-town music fans will incur the above referenced expenses. If small-town music fans could, otherwise, get the same high-quality concerts in their own home towns, we do not believe they would venture several hours away to a larger city to incur much greater expense.


Here's How WE Want To, Alternatively, Reverse This Process (While Providing the Same Level of Enjoyable High-Quality Professional Music Entertainment) for Small-Town Fans In Order To Save Them a LOT Of Money and EXPEN$E!

Our organization (ABANA Music) would like to reverse this expensive process for small-town music fans and, thereby, SAVE them an incredible amount of money while enabling them to enjoy an amazing, exciting, and entertaining music variety night to remember.

In other words, we want to bring our Jazz music show band to small towns and communities all across America for their enjoyment while dramatically reducing their fact, reducing MOST of their costs. In turn, we believe that these small-town music fans will also recognize our appreciation and consideration of them and their expense by bringing our professional, highly polished, and exciting multi-event entertainment night TO them where THEY live.

As such, these particular music fans are likely to fill any venue in their local area to near-full capacity, if not full capacity. Add to these factors, our concerts will go beyond the typical music performance by including the following as standard elements; 3 bands, comedians, emcees, food, door prizes, and much more in order to present an extremely interesting and memorable evening for our music concert attendees.

Also, in addition to our marketing, promoting, publicizing, and advertising through the small-town/community media (such as local television stations, radio stations, newspapers, etc.), we will tie in and conjoin several towns that are "triangular" in their proximity to each other (approximately 20 miles apart or so) in order that as many people in the area (but who reside within a reasonable drive time of a half-hour to an hour) may learn about as well as experience these wonderful concert events.

Likewise, even more positive aspects of our concerts include our provision of employment opportunities for LOCAL services, such as local sound companies for our music performances, local lighting services, local food vendors, as well as opportunities for LOCAL businesses to advertise their services in our music concert directories that will be distributed to our concert attendees.

While it is true that small-town residents have online access and can listen to radio music stations worldwide, what they CANNOT do and DO NOT have the opportunity to experience is the "missing link"...that is, to experience high-quality and large production music concerts directly LIVE in their own home towns and communities from musical artists they have discovered on radio and have, as a result, become fans of these musical artists. Again, we want to REVERSE this process for their citizens' financial benefit.


You may review my JAZZ music website at and my music may also be purchased at Various songs from my "cAsE sEnSiTiVe" CD release have been (and continue to be) aired on over 250 radio stations worldwide.

At, you will be able to review various aspects of my Arts & Entertainment career. However, more pointedly, to review what fans, and radio station music directors and programmers, and deejays say about my most recent music release titled "cAsE sEnSiTiVe," please go to

Our own in-house public relations firm that is responsible for our marketing and its advertising, promotion, and publicity services may be directly accessed by going to 1 Way Public Relations' website at

Further, I have also been a professional writer/author for over 20 years as well, and you may review some of my literary works at


While I have been a professional musician, recording artist, studio producer, composer, lyricist, and vocalist for over 30 years, worked as a producer and co-host at several broadcast radio stations, and served as a music journalist for a number of years as well, additionally for over 20 years (1990-2010), I served as an international radio/video promoter and media publicist representing numerous fellow musicians and recording artists as clients.

As such, I was directly responsible for a number of my fellow musicians and recording artists' music also receiving music airplay on radio stations around the world as well as their receiving news coverage via press releases in newspapers and magazines.


As confirmation, you may review a few of what my clients say about my skills, background, credentials, and work ethic. I am presenting these clients' comments so that you will readily understand that should you decide to donate to and support this project, you can and will be assured that my team and I have the background, formal education, professional business skills, and experience to extensively promote and publicize these variety concert events at the highest level possible in order to maximize attention to them as well as maximize concert attendance.

* * * But most importantly, we have the ethics to ensure that every aspect is followed through successfully and timely. Likewise, we will always update you as to any developments of the concerts' process. To review a few of my clients' testimonials and comments, please go to


Additionally, in terms of my own education, I hold college degrees in the following capacities; Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Master of Business Administration in Business Marketing, and Ph.D./Doctorate in Business Marketing. I have also held a number of management and supervisory positions in both the Music industry and industries unrelated to music that, as a result, establish my assurance to you of my ability to oversee a well managed, efficient, and professional organization.

As a side note, a couple of unrelated supervisory positions have included my public service as a city police officer and my military service as a United States Army sergeant. Again, in terms of our organization's business practices, our concert campaigns will present the highest levels of marketing proactivity in promotion, publicity, and advertising that result in a well received service and serves as evidence through our music concert presentations as our project's grand finale.

As further confirmation of my Music industry experience, knowledge, and background, please review my past related links at
(this presents one of my past biographies)
and at (a number of my Music industry articles), respectively. My updated and most recent biography may be viewed at

At (our public relations firm), you may learn even more details about our business and educational credentials by clicking on the "Principal Bios" link.

We, Graciously, Request Your Assistance Because We Need YOU To Help Us Bring Small-Town Residents (((((LIVE))))) Musical Enjoyment While Saving Them Undue & Unnecessary Expense!

If you have ever resided in a small town, or currently reside in a small town and may have had similar experiences to my own personal experience, and can relate to the example that I described above, you can bear firsthand witness to my testimony that I am correct in my assessment of the severe limitations of large-scale entertainment in small towns and communities. And, if you do not reside in a small town but have relatives or friends who do, when you visit them, you know that life can, at times, almost come to a crawl compared to the ever hustle and bustle of daily (and nightly) city life.

WHY We Need Your Help!

While our caliber of music performances will bring a distinct brand of a unique entertainment experience and much pleasure to small-town area citizens that is certain to be memorable, as expected, it is not without expense in order to do so efficiently and successfully.

As such, we will incur the following expenses for which we, again, graciously request your financial assistance of meeting our required combined $15,000 operational, production, and promotional budget:

* Performance Building Rental

* Sound Engineer Salaries
* Lighting Engineer Salaries
* Musician Salaries
* Band Transportation
* Food
* Lodging
* Concert Area Television Promotion
* Concert Area Radio Promotion
* Concert Area Newspaper Publicity
* Concert Area Magazine Publicity
* Online Social Promotion & Publicity
* Concert Area Television Advertising
* Concert Area Radio Advertising
* Concert Area Newspaper Advertising
* Concert Area Magazine Advertising
* Online Social Advertising

NOTE: As you may be aware, this $15,000 expense budget is, relatively, nominal when compared to the much larger operational, production, and promotional budgets required of major record labels for their artists' concert productions.


* We have some GREAT Donor "Appreciation" Rewards (10 Levels to choose from) for you in exchange for your donation and financial support, which you may review above this information.

* * Other than DIGITAL music song files, postal mailing addresses are required in order to receive physical appreciation rewards, i.e., CD "hard copy," novel, certificates, plaques, etc.

* * * If you have not yet done so, please also be sure to review our informative video at the TOP of this page, whereby, I am interviewed and provide more insight and details regarding my background.

In advance, and again, thank you very much for reviewing this information as well as for your consideration of financially supporting and donating to what we believe you will agree is a very worthwhile cause.


Dr. Kenneth Love (aka Kenny Love)

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